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Generations United Youth Jumpstart Grants Sponsored by AARP Foundation’s Mentor Up initiative GUIDELINES & APPLICATION
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  Generations United Youth Jumpstart GrantsSponsored by AARP Foundation’s Mentor Up initiativeGUIDEI!ES APPI#A$I%!Dead&ine' %(tober )*+ ,*-) Generations United and Mentor Up are partnering to develop a youth-led intergenerational grant program to address the needs of vulnerable adults aged 50 and over. We believe that by investing in youth-led solutions, our communities will become stronger. he !0 # $ !0 % &outh 'umpstart grants are aimed at providing youth (ages #-!5) an opportunity to ta*e a leadership role in a pro+ect that supports older adults while buildingstrong, healthy intergenerational communities. &outh must partner with an organiation for this grant. 'umpstart grantees will receive grants of  000, along with planning support to organie and implement successful and impactful pro+ects. lthough the grant dollars will go to organiations, the application must be completed by youth and the pro+ect planned and implemented by youth. De.nitions'  /ntergenerational programming is dened here as programs, policies, and practices that increase cooperation, interaction, and e1change between people of di2erent generations, allowing them to share their talents and resources, and support each other in relationships that benet the individuals and their communities. 3or the purpose of this pro+ect, youth refers to young people ages #-!5 and older adults refer tothose who are aged 50 or over. Purpose'  his grant is for youth (ages # $ !5) who would benet from technical assistance and modest nancial support to develop or e1pand intergenerational wor* focused on benetting vulnerable adults aged 50 or over in their communities or beyond.4ro+ects can be centered on providing services to or wor*ing in collaboration with older adults. 4ro+ect possibilities include, but are not limited to ã  &outh developing meaningful social connections with homebound seniors6 ã  &outh and older adults wor*ing together to prevent elder abuse in their communities6 ã  &outh initiating a pro+ect to provide ade7uate and nutritious food to older adults6 ã  &outh leading healthy living classes (i.e. coo*ing or e1ercise) for older adults in their communities6 and ã  &outh and older adults addressing a community challenge facing seniors through an intergenerational advisory board in con+unction to local government or senior services governing bodies.   Grant Spe(i.(s' Up to !0 grants of  ,000 will be awarded along with technical assistance to develop or e1pand youth-led intergenerational pro+ects. 8ach grantee will ã 8stablish goals for and implement an intergenerational program6 ã 9eceive e1pert support through phone calls, webinars, e-mail, and resource materials6 ã ttend a convening in Washington, :; in early !0 % in con+unction with the 94 3oundation Mentor Up initiative. Guide&ines and Re/uirements' ã <rganiations must be located in the United =tates and have a 50 ># or e7uivalent status. &outh development groups, national service grantees, ?olunteer ;enters, @- ! and higher education institutions are eligible to apply for this grant6 ã Grants can only be issued to an organiation, not to individuals6 Grants must be used to support to costs of the intergenerational pro+ect and cannot charge overhead6 ã  he application MUST be completed by at least one youth who will participate in the planning and implementation of the pro+ect. he pro+ect must be youth-led6 ã pplications written by an adult will be automatically removed from consideration. $ime0rame !oti.(ation' pplications are due by <ctober #0, !0 #. =uccessful applicants will be notied in Aovember !0 #. 4ro+ects and planning will begin immediately and will be completed by 'uly , !0 %. Reportin1 Re/uirements' ll grantees will be re7uired to complete a goal setting 7uestionnaire by 'anuary , !0 % as well as complete a nal report for Generations United by 'uly 5, !0 %.  copy of the goal setting 7uestionnaire and the nal report form will be provided. Detai&s 0or Submittin1 App&i(ations' pplicants must respond to the 7uestions outlined below. pplications can be submitted either in writing, through short video (no more than 0 minutes), or other types of multimedia presentations. ã Video/Multimedia applications:  &ou must e-mail your videoBpresentation to by <ctober #0, !0 #. /f the le is too large to send through conventional e-mail (over 5MD), please send it using www.&ou=end/, a free web-based service for e-mailing large les. ã Written applications:  &ou must e-mail the written application to lbradleyCgu.orgby <ctober #0, !0 #. 4lease save as a Microsoft Word document. Written applications should not e1ceed three type-written pages with pt font and inch margins. ã Confrmation:  &ou will receive conrmation that Generations United received yourapplication. /f you do not receive conrmation within !% hours, please email or call !0!-!EF-#FF. !  2uestions'  han* you for your interest in the Generations United &outh 'umpstart Grants.   /f you have any 7uestions, please contact Heah Dradley at or !0!--0 #. About Mentor Up Mentor Up is a new way to make a diference rom AARP Foundation that brings together the younger generation's energy and taents to pursue re!erse mentoring and community ser!ice opportunities that hep peope # and oder$ %naddition& Mentor Up is aso working with organiations rooted in ser!ice and dri!en by socia missions& incuding the ()* +ounci& ,oSomething$org& -enerations United& The %ntergenerationa +enter at Tempe Uni!ersity& Magic .ohnson Foundation and Facebook$ For more inormation about Mentor Up& !isit www$mentorup$org$ About Generations United  Formed in /012& -enerations United is the nationa membership organiation ocused soey on impro!ing the i!es o chidren& youth& and oder peope through intergenerationa strategies& programs& and  pubic poicies$ -enerations United ser!es as a resource or educating poicymakers and the pubic about the economic& socia& and persona imperati!es o intergenerationa cooperation$ For more inormation& !isit www$gu$org$  #  Generations United Youth Jumpstart GrantsSponsored by AARP Foundation’s Mentor Up initiativeAPPI#A$I%! 2UES$I%!SDead&ine' %(tober )*+ ,*-) ll applications must include the following information and respond to the following 7uestions &outh ;ontact /nformation ã ;ontact Aame and ge ã 4hone ã 8mail ã  witter Iandle ã Dest Method of ;ontact (phone, email, te1t, etcJ)4rimary <rganiation ;ontact /nformation ã ;ontact 4erson AameBitle ã <rganiation ã ddress ã ;ityB=tateBKip ã 4hone ã 8-mail ã Web =ite .What is your idea for an intergenerational pro+ect in your communityL (reminder $the pro+ect needs to be where youth are providing a service to vulnerable older adults or a +oint pro+ect between older adults and youth addressing the needs of vulnerable older adults in the community)!.What are the two or three main goals you plan to achieve by the end of the pro+ectL#.Iow will your pro+ect contribute to address the needs of vulnerable adults aged 50 or overL%.Iow will you *now if your pro+ect is a successL5.Iow will you engage other youth (and older adults, if appropriate) in planning and implementing the pro+ectL.What groups serving younger andBor older people will be your partners on this pro+ectL.Why should we select youLE.Iow did you nd out about this grant opportunityL %
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