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  English Language (1) for Computer Students “ENG 126 ”   BY : Dr. Yosry Azzam Unit 4: “ Peripherals ”    1- Starter 1. Input Devices:  Barcode reader  Numeric Keypad  Swipe card reader  Electronic scales 2. Output Devices  Liquid Crystal Display  2- Starter Output   Peripheral   Input   Digital camera   Flower Image   Scanner   Text   Barcode reader   Barcode   Microphone   Voice Swipe card reader   Swipe card   Sound   Loud speaker   Text   Printer   Screen display   Monitor    3- Listening 1 . How do digital cameras differ from conventional cameras? DC store images on memory cards, CC store pictures on a film. In DC you can play back and Edit the images. 2. How do they work? IN DC, images are captured by a CCD. 3. What are their advantages and disadvantages compared to conventional cameras? Adv.: No processing, instant viewing of pictures.
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