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  Tap Changing Transformer  Contents ► Introduction ►   Need of tappings ►   Why tap changer is on HT side??? ►   Operation of tap changer ►   Types of tap changer ►  Conclusion  Introduction   A transformer increases or decreases voltage based on the number of coils of wire between the high and low voltage side.  Tap changer is a device used to vary the voltage.  The tap changer adjusts the voltage by changing the point of contact on one of the coils.   Tap changing is done when the incoming voltage varies due to system load and we want to maintain low side voltage constant.  Tappings are always done on HT side but in some conditions it can be done on LT side.  Need of tap changer  To supply a desired voltage to the load.  Due to increase in load the voltage will sag, a tap changer will be required to increase the voltage to desired value.  To overcome the voltage drops due to loads.
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