Chapter One: You Want Me to What? I couldn't believe that I was sitting across from my best friend of twenty years as he talked about the shit he'd been up to the weekend before. His face was be aming as he talked about all the vile things he'd let someone do to him. It was hard to imagine Emmett, who was a body builder type-of-looking mother fucker, on his knees letting a woman dominate him but I guess whatever floats his boat. S o…let me get this straight? You found out about this group of wo
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  Chapter One: You Want Me to What?I couldn't believe that I was sitting across from my best friend of twenty years as he talked about the shit he'd been up to the weekend before. His face was beaming as he talked about all the vile things he'd let someone do to him. It was hard to imagine Emmett, who was a body builder type-of-looking mother fucker, on his knees letting a woman dominate him but I guess whatever floats his boat. So¼let me get this straight? You found out about this group of women who all have regular jobs and then on weekends they like to moonlight as dominatrix's. They're like the weekend warriors of the kinky persuasion. How long has this been going on? He grinned so fucking wide, I was certain that his dimples would create actual holes in his face. I was a little pissed that he'd been keeping shit from me, but I'm not sure I would tell him something I knew he'd rag on me about. Dude, I've been seeing Rose for the last six months. I know I told you that I've been getting new projects that took up my weekends. But the fact of the matter is, I've been having a really, really good time and trust me, I definitely get worked, he said, wiggling his eyebrows. So you've kept this a secret for the last six months and you decide to meet me for beers and spill your guts? What brought this on? Too many dildos in the ass got you questioning your sexuality? Okay first, fuck you. I never said anything about dildos in my ass, that's not how we roll. And second, fuck you for just being you, he laughed. So here's the deal. I guess one of the girls is losing her sub at the end of the month. He's moving or some shit and she'll be looking to replace him, I'm sure of it, since she is insatiable from what I've heard from Jake. There's no way that she'll stay alone for long. Plus, she's fucking hot. I was going to suggest that you meet with her. She's like literally your dream woman. He was practically rubbing his hands together. Fuck Em, I'm not sure about that. I like taking charge and I don't think that I could just hand the reins over and let some woman have fun humiliating me. You don't get it. Even if they are in control outwardly, you'll have all the control. I'm telling you it's the hottest thing I've ever fucking done. And if you get involved with it and decide it's not for you it's as easy as saying 'I'm out' and she can't stop you. Take some time; research about it a little bit, and then get back to me, okay? If you decide you're down, then I'll let Rose know and she'll talk to Bella. Her name alone intrigued me. I decided that I would at least do some research and check out some sites about male submissive. If Emmett says that she hot then she had to be because his taste in women was pretty fucking good. The idea of a woman in a leather corset and knee high boots was hot but I wasn't too sure about her tying me up and spanking me. Women get spanked, men do the spanking. At least that's how it was in my bedroom. I spent a couple days looking over a ton of sites online. I'm not going to lie; some of the shit that I saw freaked me the fuck out. There was no way I could let anyone use any kind of plastic dick in my ass and the idea of it made me unconsciously clench my ass cheeks together. The thought that Emmett might let Rose do that shit to him made me want to vomit in my mouth a little bit. He said that he didn't get down like that but I wouldn't admit that shit either. Then I found some stuff about the paper work involved. I laughed at the idea of signing a contract about what I would and wouldn't do to get laid by this woman. My mind went to the movie Bedazzled that my ex made me watch. I imagined a hot chick dressed as a sexy devil trying to get me to sign my soul over to her. All-in-all, it sounded kinda hot.  Just the thought that I was almost talked into doing this scared me. I didn't know how hardcore she was but from what Emmett said about Rose she was a normal chick who liked kinky sex and treated him like a slave. I figured, what the hell, and closed my laptop. I pick up my phone and dialed Emmett's' number. It was Thursday so I knew he wouldn't be tied up, pun-fucking-intended. Edward, so did you decide? I hadn't called him since we had beers so he must have been waiting to hear from me. I'm in¼ but I'm only going to meet her, no promises. Great, I'll call Rose. They are having a party at Bella 's on Saturday night and I   m assuming that Bella's sub, Jake, will be there but I   ll see if I can get you an invite. It will be the perfect time to meet with no pressure. Alright man, just let me know what   s going on. After we got off the phone my nerves turned into excitement. This was by far the craziest thing I   d ever done and oddly enough, I was fucking excited. Emmett called the next day to let me know that I had a personal invite to the party courtesy of Rose. She   d seen a picture of me that Emmett had on his Facebook and decided that if Bella wasn   t interest someone might be. I guess there were a few girls that would be there who were in the market, so to speak. Thinking that made me feel cheap and dirty. I knew that these chicks were really girls but I was hoping that I wasn   t going to end up in a cold shower like in The Crying Game. If I did, I hoped that I   d at least do it Jim Carrey style. I got my suit pressed and made sure all my shit was tight. I needed to look good since I   m sure the first impression was all I   d get. As I walked out the door Saturday night I checked the mirror. I had just got a hair cut so it was messy but not out of control. My light grey suit, white shirt, and skinny black tie all looked straight. I had to resist the urge to wink in the mirror like one of those douche bags on The Jersey Shore because I was looking fucking good. I opened my phone and checked the address one more time. This chick definitely had money because it was a Hollywood Hills address. Em and I grew up in a small town in Washington but we decided that UCLA would be the place to head to for college. We both worked our way through school doing the typical jobs of waiters and valets. We both had some money from family and scholarships but we needed beer money. What   s college without a sufficient amount of beer money? A few times people would think we were aspiring models or actors but neither of us was interested. We had a good time partying and hanging out while somehow keeping our grades up. We graduated three years ago, both with degrees in business management. Em currently ran a local auto detailing shop that specialized in customizing, since he also completed an auto program. He   d worked with cars his whole life anyway so he pretty much ended up with his dream job. Now he looked like one of those guys you   d see on the covers of a car magazine. He was ripped and tattooed. The kind of guy chicks in LA fawned over. The tough guy exterior was definitely a show because he was the biggest sap I knew and apparently someone   s bitch in the bedroom. It took me forever, with all the traffic, to get into the Hills from the east side of LA where I stayed. After getting a job writing commercial jingles I had enough of an income to move out of Emmett   s    place. It was nice being on my own and not having to deal with Ems    nasty ass all the time. I swear he lives in filth so I very rarely go to his place anymore. Maybe I should ask Rose to demand him to clean his place.  My GPS told me that her driveway was less than a mile down a windy ass road and when it told me to turn I pulled up to a gate. I looked to see a house but all I could see was tropical trees and plants. I pressed the intercom and a heavily accented voice asked my name. When I told her there was a buzzing sound, and then the gate started to open. As I rounded the corner of the curvy driveway I saw that the entire area in front of the huge house was filled with cars. The house was big but then at the same time it looked more like a bungalow than a mansion. It had a ton of plants and shit so it was hard to see the entire face of the house. The tall trees blocked what looked like a second floor. All the cars that were parked along the driveway were nice, shiny and new. I was glad that the Audi my dad bought me for my graduation present was still in good shape. I was too emotionally connected to the car to buy a new one, even if I had the money to do so. As I walked up the path that led to the front door I could hear the music coming from inside. There was no way that anyone would have heard me knock but I would try anyway, not wanting to just walk into a perfect stranger   s house. The door opened as I lifted my hand to do it. Welcome Mr. Cullen, won   t you come in,  the woman said, stepping off to the side. I could tell by her voice that she had been the same person to answer the gate buzzer. She offered to take my jacket but I declined and followed her into the massive living room. There were people everywhere. I scanned to room and saw Emmett standing next to a very leggy blonde. I made my way over after stopping at the bar to get a drink. If I was going to throw myself into this I might as well have a good time doing it. I noticed when I got closer that Emmett had on a thick black collar with a ring on it and bare feet. Other than that he was in a loose white button up and a pair of distressed jeans. As I looked around I noticed that a lot of the guys were dressed pretty informally, with some exceptions. All the women were dressed in sexy dresses and heels. I assumed that the guys had on whatever their fem-dom wanted them in. Their mistresses? I was so fucking out of my element. Hey Em. They both turned towards me. Hey man, glad to see you made it. Before I could say anything Rose jutted her hand out at me so I took it and shook. Rose. Nice to meet you Edward. Emmett has told me lots about you. So happy that you decided to come. She pulled her hand back and stroked down Emmett   s cheek. It was affectionate and threw me off, big time. We stood chatting for awhile about some of the guests. I was introduced to fucking hot Italian chick named Gianna and a strawberry blonde named Tanya. They were both unattached at the moment but Rose seemed to scare them off. I was also introduced to a bubbly, tiny woman named Alice who was hanging on her sub. Their relationship seemed odd because from an outsiders    point of view Jasper seemed more like her boyfriend than her sub. As Rose talked I noticed that she was the opposite of Em except for the eyes. Where he was tall and broad, she was thin and average height. His dark cropped hair was the opposite of her long, naturally blond hair. But when looking at them both they had the same piercing blue eyes and in both their eyes you could see something when they looked at each other. Rose had a hot body but all the women in the room did. It was like the beautiful peoples club. As I looked around, checking out all the eye candy that filled the room, my breath caught in my throat. The first thing I saw was long, pale legs that had the hottest fuck-me-shoes attached to dainty feet. With all that aside, the most noticeable thing was the ivy that was tattooed and running from her  ankle all the way up into the bottom of her dress, twisting around her leg. Her back was to me so I could see her long, dark hair that almost hit the top of her tight little ass. Her deep blue dress hugged every curve and it fell just short of the bottom of her ass. I swear I almost drooled on myself and took a step forward. But as I did Rose shouted from behind me. Bella! The woman I had been staring at turned around and I could finally see her face. She had big, expressive brown eyes and pouty red lips. Her hand was thrown over her shoulder as she walked forward and I saw that she had a leash in her hand. Trailing behind her was a kid who looked no older than twenty-one. He was just a tad taller than her but looked pretty buff under his suit. He was dressed similar to me but had the same type of collar on that Emmett was wearing. The leash was attached to it. He had dark hair and eyes. From what I could tell he was also naturally tanned. He was very much the opposite of me. Hey, Rose. She smiled and looked over at Emmett who was looking at the floor. I noticed that Emmett wouldn   t look her in the eye but looked over at Rose. She nodded her head at him. He then looked at Bella and she smiled. Good evening, Miss. Swan. How are you tonight? It was weird that he was talking so formally but I didn   t say anything. I was too busy eyeing the kid attached to the leash. I towered over him and I was tempted to ask if he wanted a box to stand on. I   m fabulous. Thank you for asking. Who   s your friend? she asked, gesturing towards me. This is Edward. Her eyes got big for just a moment and then she regained her composure. It   s nice to meet you, Bella, I said, holding out my hand. She looked down at my hand then back up at my face, not even attempting to shake it. So you   re Edward. Interesting, she said looking me up and down. Without another word she walked away with her   dog    in tow. I saw her lead him to a corner and whisper into his ear. He nodded a few times and then she pressed a soft kiss to his lips. My body jerked forward, the urge to hit him in the face taking over. I held back as I watched her walk to a door near the stairs and opened it, peeking in only for a second. When the door closed and she walked away I lost her in the crowd, so I turned back to talk to Emmett. Edward, come play with me, she whispered in my ear. I knew it was her by her voice and her smell. She smelled like sex and heaven so I didn   t even think twice in turning around and walking behind her. She led me to that same door and opened it, gesturing for me to walk in first. There were stairs that lead up which threw me off since there were stairs that lead to the second floor right next to it. There was a dim light coming from the top. I walked up the short flight of stairs and turned when I got in the room. In the center of the room was a huge four post bed, draped in white sheer fabric. It was the only piece of furniture that filled the large space but there was a large wall filled with toys, hanging off of hooks. There were also double doors that led somewhere that I was sure held a lot more stuff. I felt her walk pass me and into the room, while I stayed at the top of the staircase. There are lots of surprises in this room Edward. You are here on your own free will so if I say or do anything you don   t like please tell me or go back to the party. I nodded at her and walked forward, watching her run her hand across the edge of the bed.
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