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  OUM to AIM Mapping 1 PHASEACTIVITYOUM TASK NAMEComparable AIM Task Name A Inception A.ACT.GBRI Gather Business Requirements - Inception  A.RD.001Detail Business and System Objectives A.RD.005Create System Context DiagramBR.00Create !n ormation #odel A.RD.011.1Develo$ %uture &rocess #odel A.RD.0'0 Obtain (ig)*+evel Business Descri$tionsB&.00Develo$ (ig)*+evel &rocess ,ision A.RA.015Develo$ Business -se Case #odelB&.00Develo$ (ig)*+evel &rocess Designs A.RD.05 Develo$ Domain #odel /Business ntities /Class Diagram A.RD.01' Document &resent and %uture Organi2ation StructuresRD.010!denti y Current %inancial and O$erating Structure A.RD.015Determine 3&! Collection and Re$orting Strategy A.ACT.ECBB Establish Current Business Baseline  A.RD.040Develo$ Current Business &rocess #odelB&.00Develo$ Current &rocess #odel A.RD.04Document Current Business Baseline #etricsRD.0'0Conduct Current Business Baseline A.ACT.GR Gather olution Requirements  A.RD.0'.1Develo$ 6lossaryDO.040&re$are 6lossary A.RD.05.1 &rioriti2e Re7uirements /#oSCo8 A.RD.055Detail Su$$lemental Re7uirementsRD.00!denti y Business Availability Re7uirements A.RD.140.1Develo$ Baseline Arc)itecture Descri$tion9A.010De ine Arc)itecture Re7uirements and Strategy A.RA.0'4.1 Develo$ -se Case #odelRD.0506at)er Business Re7uirements A.RA.0'.1!denti y Candidate Business Rules A.RA.0':.1&o$ulate Business Rules Re$ository A.ACT.CR Consoli!ate olution Requirements  A.RD.10.1Create Re7uirements S$eci ication A.RD.150.1Revie; Re7uirements S$eci ication A.ACT.CC I Create Conceptual rotot#pe - Inception  A.!#.005.1Develo$ Conce$tual &rototy$e A.RA.040.1,alidate Conce$tual &rototy$e A.ACT.G Gather upporting Requirements  A.C,.010 De ine Data Ac7uisition and Conversion Re7uirementsC,.010De ine Data Conversion Re7uirements and Strategy A.9.005.1Determine 9esting Re7uirements9.010De ine 9esting Re7uirements and Strategy A.&9.010 Conduct &er ormance #anagement 8or<s)o$RD.006at)er Business ,olumes and #etrics A.9A.010 Conduct 9ec)nical Arc)itecture 8or<s)o$ OUM TASK IDComparable  AIM Task ID  A&.010B&.010De ine xecutive &roject StrategyDe ine Business and &rocess StrategyB&.050B&.0:0 Revie; +eading &racticesDevelo$ %uture &rocess #odel  OUM to AIM Mapping ' PHASEACTIVITYOUM TASK NAMEComparable AIM Task NameOUM TASK IDComparable  AIM Task ID  A.DO.010De ine Documentation Re7uirements and StrategyDO.010De ine Documentation Re7uirements and Strategy A.RD.00Determine Audit and Control Re7uirementsRD.00Determine Audit and Control Re7uirements A.ACT.$% peci&# $e# tructure %e&inition  A.RA.00.1De ine Business Data Structures 9A.00De ine A$$lication Arc)itecture A.DS.010De ine Business Data Structure Setu$s9A.00De ine A$$lication Arc)itecture A.ACT.CMA'C Create an! Manage A! 'oc Communications  A.OC#.010Create and #anage Ad (oc Communications A.ACT.CEA( Con!uct E)ecuti*e Alignment (or+shop  A.OC#.0'0&re$are or xecutive Alignment 8or<s)o$A&.00Develo$ &roject Readiness Roadma$ A.OC#.040Conduct xecutive Alignment 8or<s)o$A&.00Develo$ &roject Readiness Roadma$ A.OC#.00Build and De$loy S$onsors)i$ &rogramA&.00Develo$ &roject Readiness Roadma$ A.ACT.T T Train ro,ect Team  A.9R.010.1De ine 9raining Strategy A.9R.0'0&re$are &roject 9eam +earning &lanA&.040Develo$ &roject 9eam +earning &lan A.9R.040&re$are &roject 9eam +earning nvironmentA&.00&re$are &roject 9eam +earning nvironment A.9R.00Develo$ &roject 9eam +earning;areA&.050Conduct &roject 9eam +earning vents A.9R.050Conduct &roject 9eam +earning ventsA&.050Conduct &roject 9eam +earning vents A.ACT.CA(I Con!uct Alignment (or+shops - Inception  A.OC#.050&re$are or 9eam*Building 8or<s)o$ A.OC#.00Conduct 9eam*Building 8or<s)o$ A.OC#.00Design #anagers= &roject Alignment 8or<s)o$A&.0>0Develo$ #anagers= Readiness &lan A.OC#.0:0Conduct #anagers= &roject Alignment 8or<s)o$A&.0>0Develo$ #anagers= Readiness &lan A.OC#.0>0Design C)ange Agent 8or<s)o$ A.OC#.100Conduct C)ange Agent 8or<s)o$ A.ACT.CORA Con!uct Organiational Rea!iness Assessment  A.OC#.110Create Assessment 9oolsA&.00Develo$ &roject Readiness Roadma$ A.OC#.1'06at)er and Analy2e Assessment DataA&.00Develo$ &roject Readiness Roadma$ A.OC#.140A&.00Develo$ &roject Readiness Roadma$ A.ACT.%CMRCCI %eplo# Change Management Roa!map  Communication Campaign - Inception  A.OC#.10Develo$ Communication Cam$aignA&.0:0Develo$ and xecute Communication Cam$aign A.OC#.150.1A&.0:0Develo$ and xecute Communication Cam$aign A.ACT./COB /i&ec#cle Ob,ecti*e Milestone ummar#  A.&#C.+COB+i ecycle Object #ilestone B Elaboration Build Communication Strategy and C)ange #anagement Roadma$Conduct C)ange #anagement Roadma$ ? Communication Cam$aign  OUM to AIM Mapping 4 PHASEACTIVITYOUM TASK NAMEComparable AIM Task NameOUM TASK IDComparable  AIM Task ID B.ACT.GBRE Gather Business Requirements - Elaboration B.RD.011.'Develo$ %uture &rocess #odelB&.0:0Develo$ %uture &rocess #odelB.RA.055.1Document Business &roceduresB&.0>0Document Business &rocedures B.ACT.%UC %e*elop Use Cases B.RA.0'4.' Develo$ -se Case #odel RD.0506at)er Business Re7uirementsB.RA.0'.1 Develo$ -se Case DetailsRD.0506at)er Business Re7uirements C.ACT.CC E Create Conceptual rotot#pe - Elaboration B.!#.005.'Develo$ Conce$tual &rototy$eB.RA.040.',alidate Conce$tual &rototy$e B.ACT.C Consoli!ate peci&ication B.RD.0'.' Develo$ 6lossaryDO.040&re$are 6lossaryB.RD.05.'&rioriti2e Re7uirements /#oSCo8B.RD.10.' Create Re7uirements S$eci icationB.RD.150.' Revie; Re7uirements S$eci icationB.RA.0'.'!denti y Candidate Business RulesB.RA.0':.'&o$ulate Business Rules Re$ositoryB.RA.1:0.1Revie; -se Case #odel B.ACT.%  %e&ine ro,ect trateg# B.DS.0'0De ine A$$lication xtension Strategy#D.010De ine A$$lication xtension StrategyB.9.005.'Determine 9esting Re7uirements9.010De ine 9esting Re7uirements and StrategyB.9.010 Develo$ 9esting Strategy9.010De ine 9esting Re7uirements and Strategy B.C,.0'0 C,.010De ine Data Conversion Re7uirements and StrategyB.DO.0'0 De ine Documentation Standards and &roceduresDO.0'0De ine Documentation Standards and &roceduresB.9R.010.'De ine 9raining StrategyB.9S.0'0.1 De ine Cutover Strategy&#.010De ine 9ransition Strategy B.ACT.%I %e&ine In&rastructure  B.9A.0'0 De ine 9ec)nical Arc)itecture Re7uirements and StrategyB.9A.040 De ine !ntegration Re7uirements and StrategyBR.050Conduct !ntegration %it AnalysisB.9A.00 De ine Re$orting and !n ormation Access Strategy9A.00De ine Re$orting and !n ormation Access StrategyB.9A.050 De ine Disaster Recovery StrategyB.9A.00 De ine System O$erations and #anagement Strategy9A.050De ine System Availability Strategy B.9A.00 De ine !nitial Arc)itecture and A$$lication #a$$ing9A.040Develo$ &reliminary Conce$tual Arc)itectureB.9A.0:0 De ine Bac<u$ and Recovery Strategy9A.150De ine System #anagement &roceduresB.9A.0>0 Develo$ Security and Control Strategy9A.0:0De ine A$$lication Security Arc)itectureDe ine Data Ac7uisition@ Conversion and Data uality Strategy9A.0109A.0'0De ine Arc)itecture Re7uirements and Strategy!denti y Current 9ec)nical Arc)itecture  OUM to AIM Mapping  PHASEACTIVITYOUM TASK NAMEComparable AIM Task NameOUM TASK IDComparable  AIM Task ID B.ACT.%T %e*elop Test lans B.9.015.1 Develo$ !ntegration 9est &lan9.010De ine 9esting Re7uirements and StrategyB.9.050.1 Develo$ System 9est &lan9.010De ine 9esting Re7uirements and StrategyB.9.0:0 Develo$ Systems !ntegration 9est &lan9.010De ine 9esting Re7uirements and StrategyB.9.0:' Develo$ Acce$tance 9est &lan9.010De ine 9esting Re7uirements and Strategy B.ACT. EE repare En*ironments-Elaboration  B.!#.00.1 &re$are Develo$ment nvironment#D.0>0&re$are Develo$ment nvironmentB.9.01:.1&re$are 9est Data9.010De ine 9esting Re7uirements and StrategyB.9.04:.1 &re$are !ntegration 9est nvironment9.00&re$are 9esting nvironmentsB.9.00.1&re$are System 9est nvironmentB.DO.00 &re$are Documentation nvironmentDO.00&re$are Documentation nvironment B.ACT. 0G er&orm 0it Gap B.A.010#a$ Business Re7uirementsBR.040#a$ Business Re7uirementsB.A.0'0De ine and stimate A$$lication xtensions#D.0'0De ine and stimate A$$lication xtensionsB.A.040De ine 6a$ Resolutions BR.0>0Con irm !ntegrated Business SolutionsB.RA.00.'De ine Business Data Structures BR.100De ine A$$lication Setu$sB.DS.040.1De ine A$$lication Setu$sBR.100De ine A$$lication Setu$s B.ACT.BA Baseline o&t1are Architecture B.RA.045 Develo$ (ig)*+evel So t;are Arc)itecture Descri$tionB.A.00.1Develo$ Analysis Arc)itecture Descri$tionB.DS.00.1 Develo$ Design Arc)itecture Descri$tion B.ACT.AE Anal#e - Elaboration  B.A.050.1 Analy2e DataB.#D.050Create A$$lication xtensions and !nter aces %unctional DesignB.A.00.1 Analy2e Be)aviorB.#D.050Create A$$lication xtensions and !nter aces %unctional DesignB.A.00.1Analy2e Business RulesB.#D.050Create A$$lication xtensions and !nter aces %unctional DesignB.A.0>0.1Analy2e -ser !nter aceB.#D.050Create A$$lication xtensions and !nter aces %unctional DesignB.A.100.1&re$are Analysis S$eci icationB.#D.050Create A$$lication xtensions and !nter aces %unctional DesignB.A.110.1Revie; Analysis #odelB.#D.0:0Revie; %unctional and 9ec)nical Designs B.ACT.%E %esign - Elaboration B.DS.050Determine Design and Build StandardsB.DS.00De ine Business Rules !m$lementation StrategyB.#D.00B.DS.0:0.1Design So t;are Com$onentsB.#D.00Create A$$lication xtensions 9ec)nical Design B.DS.0>0.1Design DataB.#D.00Create A$$lication xtensions 9ec)nical Design BR.0'09.00&re$are #a$$ing nvironment&re$are 9esting nvironments B.ACT.C peci&# o&t1are Con&iguration 2Multipl# Instantiate!3  #D.040#D.00De ine Design StandardsDe ine Build StandardsDe ine A$$lication Setu$s/Business Rules may be reali2ed t)roug) con iguration
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