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[Alie James] Today, I was inspired to write about Ali’i Nui Mo’i Edmund K. Silva, Jr. as THE INVISIBLE KING. He walks among us, for the most part ignored; treated as though he didn’t exist, invisible… I understand, it’s easy to miss him. Most people are blinded by his radiant light and cloak of humility – they simply don’t understand the realm of his existence.
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    From the Pen of Alie James   He walks among us, for the most part ignored; treated as though he didn’  t exist, invisible …  I understand, it’s easy to miss him. Most people are blinded by his radiant light and cloak of humility –    they simply don’t understand the realm of his existence. Today, I was inspired to write about Ali’i Nui Mo’i Edmund K. Silva, Jr. as THE INVISIBLE KING. However, before I go further , I’m sure a few of Kauilapele ’s readers have wondered --- who is Alie James and why is he posting her letters? Kauilapele is posting my letters because he wants to --- I have offered my letters to him and sometimes he posts them, and sometimes he doesn’t. W ho is Alie James? I’ll make this a nswer brief and limit it to how it applies to the subject at hand. My passion is writing, coupled with the fact I long for truth, justice and fairness to prevail across our planet. I use my writing skills to voice my opinion and hopefully, make a difference on our planet. In regards to my passion for the restoration of the Kingdom of Hawai’i, I  believe that I made a choice long before I was born to be part of the sovereignty movement in Hawai’i ; it seems to me that e verything I’ve ever done has been in preparation for this time. Also, I have been asked if I know the King. I know the King in the same way that you are able to know the King  --- through his written words (found on the official Kingdom of Hawai’i’s  website and  Kauilapele’s Kingdom Series ), and through his video. Also, I’ve had the privilege to speak to him a few times by phone because of his interest in holistic health and the books I’ve written . I have not yet met him face to face. My writings spring from what I believe to be true based on over 30 years of research --- in cyclical history and subjects that used to be called “conspiracy theory”. I write from my heart as it would be impossible to write any other way.  My purpose in writing today is to once again point you to the King, and the life-changing / planet-changing work he is doing. I believe he is doing a great, sacrificial work, and that it is worthy of your time, your energy, your prayers and meditation, and your financial support. There have been so many of you reading and downloading the posts in  Kauilapele’s Kingdom Series; yet few have taken a stand with us. Hopefully, I ’ ll inspire you to “take up your sword” and  join us. It is not easy to move the Kingdom forward, and we need to put “flesh on the bones of David” so that we can win the fight against Goliath (the illegal occupi ers of the Kingdom of Hawai’i).   As I was pondering how to further assist the King in his mighty work, the word, INVISIBLE, came to mind. King Keli’i had shared a story with me about one of the Kupunas equating his struggles to that of Jesus - being among the people, yet unrecognized. This story really touched me, and I began to understand what a strong man the King must be to continue day after day as he does, and that rejection must be part of standing up for righteousness. I then began to wonder … how would it feel to have your message of love, peace and restoration, rejected. These were the thoughts that prompted me to write, THE INVISIBLE KING . I would like you to consider what it would feel like if you were INVISIBLE to your loved ones. Just imagine for a moment what emotions would bubble up in you as one by one, by one, by one, walked right past you as though YOU weren’ t there --- as though you were invisible --- your heart reaching out to them, but receiving no response. And now, continue this thought, and imagine what it must feel like to be Ali’i Nui Mo’i Edmund K. Silva, Jr.  --- invisible, as King. What must he be feeling after sharing his heart and soul with thousands of us on the internet and in Hawai’i, in the only way he can --- through the authoring of Kingdom documents and making himself transparent among the people of Hawai’i ; yet, for the most part, totally ignored! I am sure with his good nature, he gives people the benefit of the doubt --- rather than believe he is ignored intentionally, I believe he feels like they only need a little more time and a little more proof that the restoration of the Kingdom of Hawai’i is a real possibility , and then they will stand in solidarity with him. I personally think it’s more than that. I think i t’s because  most people require tangible proof of something rather than spiritual proof --- they are looking for proof in the physical realm rather than the spiritual realm. Few people are able to hear the voice of their spirit as it requires “stillness” , and there is so much in life that makes “ being still ”  difficult. It’s a little hard to grasp the idea of calling the King of Hawai’i, an Invisible King , do you agree? So here’ s a personal story that might help to clarify …  I am a child of the 50s/60s, and when I was a little girl, I watched the show, The Invisible Man . This invisible man  wrapped himself up in what looked like ace bandages --- his hollow looking eyes covered up with sunglasses --- he scared me and I thought he was a “bad man”;  years later, as an adult I discovered how good he really was (in the TV show,  not the book) --- he was not doing “bad”  things, he was just invisible due to some kind of failed experiment of Light Refraction. Do you see how mistaken I was? The Invisible Man  was not bad, but good --- he was a real man with a real heart, soul and spirit. He needed people in his life to help him fight against the “bad guys”. He needed to be e mbraced (hypothetically), not feared and shunned. As a child I was afraid of him because I did not understand what he was. It was when I became an adult that I began to understand his story. Now, let’s explore how “invisibility” applies to King Keli’i.  I believe that King Keli’i is “ of the light ”  --- a Light Warrior --- here on this planet to do a tremendous work. Light itself cannot be seen ; rather, it is experienced  . Also, I believe King Keli’i’s  humble nature contributes to his being an INVISIBLE KING. King Keli’i  is not out in the streets shouting, “ I am King, look at me ” . Instead, he has clothed himself with humility and dignity ---- his light and love hidden within him, and radiating out.  Obviously, he does not wish to draw/demand attention to himself. Why should he? I believe it is WE who should be introducing ourselves to him --- offering him our friendship --- not the other way around. We should be asking him, “How can we help you, King? What do you need by way of assistance?”   Must you see him in the flesh before you believe him to be the legitimate heir to the throne of the Hawai’ian Kingdom ? I have written this letter to encourage you get to know King Edmund K. Silva, Jr., despite not being able to see him face to face. He is a King, who can be known. The reason he might be INVISIBLE to you is because you do not know him, but this is not a hard thing to remedy. King Keli’i has laid out his vision in a video --- just take 15 minutes and  watch the King’s  video. Take another hour and read his written words (found on the official Kingdom of Hawai’i’s  website and Kauilapele’s Kingdom Series ). His words are the reflection of his very being. Spending 1 hour and 15 minutes getting to know the King is worth your time, because he is the one who leads and gives strength to the Restoration of the Kingdom of Hawai’ i. Your support of the King translates into momentum for Kingdom restoration. And for those of you fortunate enough to meet with the King face to face --- can you not embrace him and give him a helping hand? Certainly you must see his heart by looking in his eyes and hearing his voice. It is my humble opinion that you should be speaking out on his behalf even if you cannot offer actual physical or financial “help” . You can help the King by telling us what you know and what you feel about him, as he is invisible to us on the internet and to those in Hawai’i who have yet to meet h im. Please, Stand Up and Speak Up for your INVISIBLE KING.  Now, let us explore another relevant topic … the magnificent power of spiritual things. Things of the spirit are not visible, but probably more real than what we call our “reality” . Things such as:    Knowing the soul and spirit of someone    Having faith, hope, belief, courage    Pursuing truth and justice    Knowing things by hearing the small voice from within the deepest part of you    Loving yourself and others    Believing in the Creator    Desiring sovereignty for yourself and others It takes courage and spiritual depth to listen to your own voice, doesn’t it ? But this is what you must do. There is truth to be found … and you will know the truth through your spirit. If you desire to know the truth, the truth will be found. You might like to revisit the interviews Kauilapele did with Ali’i Man a ’o Nui Lanny S inkin and Chief Justice Jennifer Pawlowski a few weeks ago, now with a more enlightened perspective. Listen to the passion of their voices as they discuss King Keli’i and the Kingdom of    Hawai’i. Listen carefully to their words. They speak truth and they communicate love and respect for their King. Lanny and Jennifer were also able to put to rest some of the untruths about the King that have shown up on the internet. The restoration of the Kingd om of Hawai’i has no fraud or untruth associated with it.  Certainly slanderous things have been written about King Keli’i , but like all leaders experience, there are those people who serve the purpose of tearing down good works and powerful leaders. The Internet is only a tool --- a tool that can be used to release the truth or hide the truth. Please reflect about the things I have written. Could it be that the things that aren’t visible is where power truly exists? I think so. I feel like it’s time for you to lift t he veil and get to know Ali’i Nui Mo’i Edmund K. Silva, Jr. Imagine how much we can accomplish when we join together in support of THE INVISIBLE KING. In contrast, to not join together is to continue to ignore this King, which I believe is not a good idea. I will leave you now with this reminder … there IS the miraculous story of David and Goliath, and we know the outcome.   It’s just a matter of time , and we are going to have our own David and Goliath moment. Love and Light, - Alie James


Jul 23, 2017

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Jul 23, 2017
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