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  Fifteen PrayersFirst PrayerOur Father – Hail Mary O Jesus Christ! Eternal Sweetness to those who love Thee, joy surpassin all  joy an all esire, Salvation an Hope of all sinners, ho hast prove that  Thou hast no reater esire than to #e a$on $en, even assu$in hu$an nature at the fullness of ti$e for the love of $en, re%all all the su&erins  Thou hast enure fro$ the instant of Thy %on%eption, an espe%ially urin  Thy Passion, as it was e%ree an oraine fro$ all eternity in the 'ivine plan( )e$e$#er, O *or, that urin the *ast Supper with Thy is%iples, havin washe their feet, Thou avest the$ Thy Most Pre%ious +oy an +loo, an while at the sa$e ti$e Thou ist sweetly %onsole the$, Thou ist foretell the$ Thy %o$in Passion( )e$e$#er the saness an #itterness whi%h Thou ist eperien%e in Thy Soul as Thou Thyself #ore witness sayin- .My Soul is sorrowful even unto eath(. )e$e$#er all the fear, anuish an pain that Thou ist su&er in Thy eli%ate +oy #efore the tor$ent of the Cru%i/ion, when, after havin praye three ti$es, #athe in a sweat of #loo, Thou wast #etraye #y Juas, Thy is%iple, arreste #y the people of a nation Thou hast %hosen an elevate, a%%use #y false witnesses, unjustly jue #y three jues urin the 0ower of Thy youth an urin the sole$n Pas%hal season( )e$e$#er that Thou wast espoile of Thy ar$ents an %lothe in those of erision1 that Thy Fa%e an Eyes were veile, that Thou wast #u&ete, %rowne with thorns, a ree pla%e in Thy Hans, that Thou was %rushe with#lows an overwhel$e with a&ronts an outraes( 2n $e$ory of all these pains an su&erins whi%h Thou ist enure #efore  Thy Passion on the Cross, rant $e #efore $y eath true %ontrition, a sin%erean entire %onfession, worthy satisfa%tion an the re$ission of all $y sins(  3$en(Se%on PrayerOur Father – Hail Mary O Jesus! True li#erty of anels, Paraise of elihts, re$e$#er the horror an saness whi%h Thou ist enure when Thy ene$ies, li4e furious lions, surroune Thee, an #y thousans of insults, spits, #lows, la%erations an other unhear5of5%ruelties, tor$ente Thee at will( 2n %onsieration of these tor$ents an insultin wors, 2 #esee%h Thee, O $y Savior, to eliver $e fro$ all $y ene$ies, visi#le an invisi#le, an to #rin $e, uner Thy prote%tion, to the perfe%tion of eternal salvation( 3$en( Thir PrayerOur Father – Hail Mary O Jesus! Creator of Heaven an earth ho$ nothin %an en%o$pass or li$it, Thou ho ost enfol an hol all uner Thy *ovin power, re$e$#er the very #itter pain Thou ist su&er when the Jews naile Thy Sa%re Hans an Feet to the Cross #y #low after #low with #i #lunt nails, an not /nin  Thee in a pitia#le enouh state to satisfy their rae, they enlare Thy ouns, an ae pain to pain, an with ines%ri#a#le %ruelty stret%he Thy+oy on the Cross, pulle Thee fro$ all sies, thus islo%atin Thy *i$#s( 2 #e of Thee, O Jesus, #y the $e$ory of this $ost *ovin su&erin of the Cross, to rant $e the ra%e to fear Thee an to *ove Thee( 3$en(Fourth PrayerOur Father – Hail Mary O Jesus! Heavenly Physi%ian, raise aloft on the Cross to heal our wouns with Thine, re$e$#er the #ruises whi%h Thou ist su&er an the wea4ness of all Thy Me$#ers whi%h were istene to su%h a eree that never was  there pain li4e unto Thine( Fro$ the %rown of Thy Hea to the Soles of Thy Feet there was not one spot on Thy +oy that was not in tor$ent, an yet , forettin all Thy su&erins, Thou ist not %ease to pray to Thy heavenly Father for Thy ene$ies, sayin .Father forive the$ for they 4now not what they o(. Throuh this reat Mer%y, an in $e$ory of this su&erin, rant that the re$e$#ran%e of Thy Most +itter Passion $ay e&e%t in us a perfe%t %ontrition an the re$ission of all our sins( 3$en(Fifth PrayerOur Father – Hail Mary O Jesus! Mirror of eternal splenor, re$e$#er the saness whi%h Thou eperien%e, when %onte$platin in the liht of Thy 'ivinity the preestination of those who woul #e save #y the $erits of Thy Sa%re passion, Thou ist see at the sa$e ti$e, the reat $ultitue of repro#ates who woul #e a$ne for their sins, an Thou ist %o$plain #itterly of thosehopeless lost an unfortunate sinners( Throuh this a#yss of %o$passion an pity, an espe%ially throuh the ooness whi%h Thou isplaye to the oo thief when Thou saist to hi$- .This ay, thou shalt #e with Me in paraise(. 2 #e of Thee, O Sweet Jesus, that at the hour of $y eath, Thou wilt show $e $er%y( 3$en(Sith PrayerOur Father – Hail Mary O Jesus! +elove an $ost esira#le 6in, re$e$#er the rief Thou ist su&er, when na4e an li4e a %o$$on %ri$inal, Thou was fastene an raise on the Cross, when all Thy relatives an friens a#anone Thee, e%ept Thy +elove Mother, who re$aine %lose to Thee urin Thy aony an who$ Thou ist entrust to Thy faithful is%iple when Thou saieth to Mary- . o$an, #ehol thy son!. an to St( John- Son, #ehol thy Mother!.   2 #e of Thee O $y Savior, #y the swor of sorrow whi%h pier%e the soul of  Thy holy Mother, to have %o$passion on $e in all $y a7i%tion an tri#ulations, #oth %orporal an spiritual, an to assist $e in all $y trials, an espe%ially at the hour of $y eath( 3$en(Seventh PrayerOur Father – Hail Mary O Jesus! 2nehausti#le Fountain of %o$passion, ho #y a profoun esture of *ove, sai fro$ the Cross- 82 thirst!9 su&ere fro$ the thirst for the salvation of the hu$an ra%e( 2 #e of Thee O $y Savior, to in0a$e in our hearts the esire to ten towar perfe%tion in all our a%ts1 an to etinuish in us the %on%upis%en%e of the 0esh an the aror of worlly esires( 3$en(Eihth PrayerOur Father – Hail Mary O Jesus! Sweetness of hearts, eliht of the spirit, #y the #itterness of the vinear an all whi%h Thou ist taste on the Cross for *ove of us, rant us the ra%e to re%eive worthily Thy Pre%ious +oy an +loo urin our life an at the hour of our eath, that they $ay serve as a re$ey an %onsolation for our souls( 3$en(:inth PrayerOur Father – Hail Mary O Jesus! )oyal virtue, joy of the $in, re%all the pain Thou ist enure when, plune in an o%ean of #itterness at the approa%h of eath, insulte, outrae #y the Jews, Thou ist %ry out in a lou voi%e that Thou was a#anone #y Thy Father, sayin- .My ;o, My ;o, why hast Thou forsa4en $e<. Throuh this anuish, 2 #e of Thee, O $y Savior, not to a#anon $e in the terrors an pains of $y eath( 3$en(
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