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  Muhammad Wolfgang G.A.Schmidt Islam Studies Library Digital Books and Software for Educationand Research  The CD contains a complete small library with scholarly works on Islam and isdesigned to provide the student with an overview and an in-depth insight intothe religious teachings of Islam.The materials contained on this CD are for thestudent of Comparative Religion or Islam Studies,Theology etc.Its primary aim is to provide a wider range of Islamic reference materials and database forthe purpose of research into a certain area (Qur’ an,Hadith,Islamic Law etc). CONTENTS 01The English Translation and Commentaryof the Holy Quran by Maulana Muhammad Ali02An Introduction to the Study of the HolyQuran by Maulana Muhammad Ali03A Manual of Hadith by Maulana Muhammad Ali04The Religion of Islam by Maulana Muhammad Ali05Introduction to the Study of Hadith byMaulana Muhammad Ali06The Quran Reader byMaulana Tufail Ahmad07The Sources of Christianity by Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din08The English Translation and Commentaryof the Sahih Bukhari by Aftab-ud-Din Ahmad09Islam and Christianity by Mrs.Ulfat-us-Samad10The Great Religions of the World (Deals with:Hinduism,Buddhism,Sikhism,Zoroastrianism,Confucianism,Taoism,Christanity and Islam) by Mrs.Ulfat-us-Samad11Is this the Bible you Believe? by Mrs.Ulfa-us-Samad12Holy Quran and Ahadith Programs13Lectures on Islam and Christianity byMuhammad Wolfgang G.A.Schmidt...and much more  Muhammad Wolfgang G.A.Schmidt Islam Studies Library Digital Books and Software for Education and Research viademica . verlag berlin Ihr Partner für wissenschaftliche Fachliteratur ISBN 3-932756-83-5 © 2004 Berlinwww.viademica.deISBN 3-932756-83-5 © 2004      M   u    h   a   m   m   a    d    W   o    l    f   g   a   n   g    G .    A .    S   c    h   m    i    d    t     I   s    l   a   m     S    t   u    d    i   e   s    L    i    b   r   a   r   y M  u h   a mm a  d  W  o l   f     g  a n   g  G .A . S   c h  mi    d   t    I    s l    a m  S  t   u  d  i    e  s L  i    b  r   a r   y  MUHAMMAD WOLFGANG G.A.SCHMIDT Born in 1950.Graduated in Lingistuics,African Studies,Chinese,Traditional Chinese Medicine,Theology and Re-ligious Studies from universities in Germany,China andthe USA.Ph.D.,M.A.,M.R.S.,Eccl.D.At present,he is a professor in Comparative Religion at the GraduateSchool of Nations University in West Monroe,La.,USAwith focus on Islamic Studies and Chinese Religion andPhilosophy.He has gained rich teaching and research experience at universities and colleges in China,Korea,Africa,Eastern Europe,and Germany.His publications include works on Linguistics,Traditional Chinese Medi-cine,and Religious Studies and Theology.His Germantranslation of the the oldest written document of Tradi-tional Chinese Medicine,the Yellow Emperor's Classicof Internatl Medicine with an age of over 2000 years,includes extensive introductions and annotations on themain text and has more than 1000 pages in print.It wascompleted after 10 years of extensive research andtranslation work.Since its publication in 2003,it hasbecome one of the standard works in the field of Tradi-tional Chinese Medicine.     S   y   s    t   e   m   v   o   r   a   u   s   s   e    t   z   u   n   g   e   n   :    a    b    W    i   n    d .    9    8   m    i   n    d .    3    2    M    B    R    A    M    A   u    f    M   a   c    i   n    t   o   s    h   n    i   c    h    t    b   e    t   r    i   e    b   s    f    ä    h    i   g    !    I    S    B    N    3  -    9    3    2    7    5    6  -    8    3  -    5    P   r   e    i   s   :    3    2 ,    0    0        e     i   n    k    l .    7    %     M   w    S    t .   z   z   g    l .    1 ,    5    0        e     V   e   r   s   a   n    d    k   o   s    t   e   n   a   n    t   e    i    l »Seele ist nur ein Wort« ISBN 3-932756-55-X24,00 a »Die Geschichten der Leutevom Westsee« ISBN 3-932756-59-228,00 a »Die 1476 wichtigsten Zeichen der chinesischenund sinokoreanischenSchrift« ISBN 3-932756-63-049,00 a »Einführung in die Sino-linguistik« ISBN 3-932756-68-149,00 a Zu beziehen über den Buch-handel oder direkt über den viademica.verlag berlinTieckstraße 8 | 10115 Berlin CONTENTS: This CD-ROM is full with aut-hentic Islamic texts covering all major areas of Islamic Studies and complete course and lec-ture materials concerning comparative issuesof Christianity and Islam.For example,you willbe astonished to learn that Jihad does notmean Holy War ...
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