A night with Mr. Arrogant Prologue (A/N: this is another story out of.. well, boredom? tell me what you think about it.. warning.. explicit content! english po yung prologue but on later chapters it will be on filipino ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Prologue Their mouths met in an eager and passionate kiss that l eft her flesh feeling burned. Warm hands sought out bare skin as their bodies ar ched to be even closer to one another. her hands fisted in the
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  A night with Mr. Arrogant Prologue(A/N: this is another story out of.. well, boredom? tell me what you think about it.. warning.. explicit content! english po yung prologue but on later chapters it will be on filipino ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Prologue Their mouths met in an eager and passionate kiss that left her flesh feeling burned. Warm hands sought out bare skin as their bodies arched to be even closer to one another. her hands fisted in the sheets as she enjoyed the wonderful pleasure he sure brought to her sensation Whoever this mystery man was.. he surely had this capability of giving her such pleasure, such ooozing sensation. His skilled touch could never be matched, his way of passion can never copied by anyone else. it was as if his sole signature move.She felt his smirk against her lips as they continued their movement and swaying in the room filled with nothing but darkness She was unable to stifle another cry when he shoved two fingers inside her. The action tore a gasp of unrestrained bliss from the woman and she grabbed onto the man's broad shoulders for support. But she wanted more, so much more than just this. She wanted to experience the feeling of him inside her core, the moment when they were so intimately connected that it was almost as if time stood still and all that was left was just the two of them forever intertwined. * Open your eyes Nina¼ *a husky, masculine voice commanded her. She forced her eyes open and gazed upon the powerful form of the man /how did he know my name?/ she thought as she saw a light sheen of sweat covered his toned torso and the corded muscles of his arms gripped her body in a gesture that could only be described as possessive. Her eyes locked with his mesmerizing orbs and she couldn't help but gasp when she saw the lustful gleam in his seductive eyes * How much do you want me Nina? Tell me how much *he said huskily,  slowing down the movement of his fingers inside of her and almost withdrawing them completely. Nina moaned at the loss of contact and brought her hips forward in attempt to immerse his fingers once more.* I want you¼want you so much¼ * She could feel how wide this man smirked then plunged his fingers in more rapidly than before; a definite purpose behind his movements. *Oh .. oh!* Nina cried out as a mind-numbing wave of pleasure coursed through her body making her hips buck against the man's hand. Giving her no chance to calm, This dark mysterious man began assailing her breasts with heated open-mouthed kisses that sent her pulse racing and filled her veins with white-hot lust. * Tell me Nina, tell me¼ * he commanded, eliciting a groan from her as he flicked his tongue over her right nipple. Grabbing onto his dark locks, she attempted to guide his mouth to her other breast. He looked up into her brown eyes and again repeated his command. *Tell me now¼ * Nina gasped as he latched onto her left nipple and sucked. * Oh please¼.I want you so much *she moaned and pulled his head up for a heated kiss. His tongue pushed inside her mouth roughly and battled with hers for dominance. Breaking the kiss and breathing raggedly he locked his gaze with hers. * Nina tell me¼ * Pulse racing, Nina said the phrase she knew he demanded to hear from her. * I'm all yours .. ta-take me now. * Swiftly and with a practiced motion, The man shifted his weight and entered her with a quick thrust. Nina cried out at the mixed feelings of pleasure and pain and grabbed his shoulders for support. His length filled her so fully, so completely that it felt like her body was made to fit his. Forcing her eyes open, she gazed up at man's handsome face, marveling at how controlled he appeared, how steady and firm his body was on top of hers. * God Nina¼* The man moaned and he clutched her to him. His pace became even faster as he filled her core again and again with swift, sure strokes. * More, please more! * she cried and her hips joined his in the desperate rhythm of their lovemaking, meeting him thrust for thrust. Panting and gasping for more air, The man pulled out of Nina's body and laid back on the bed. Nina reached for the man and he pulled her flush against him. She felt his pulse slow and his breathing relax as he quickly went to sleep. closing his eyes. She tried to sleep as well ignoring the soaring pain between her legs. afterall, it was just her first time.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 1 * Hoy Nina! * a hand waved right in front of my face *Anak ng Tukneneng naman oh? kanina pa ako dada ng dada eh.. 'di ka pala nakikinig plus your mind is anywhere else but here. *The one who kept on blabbering straight for five complete hours was Meg Toledo. who's been my bestfriend and my partner in crime since college.Mind you, I it straight could still her alreadywas never been an exception when she bitches out. She liked with no flowery attachments to the word. She's blunt yet you find her bluntness as one of her sexy attributes aside from pretty and God-given natural beautyand if you'd ask me who's prettier between Anne Curtis and her? i'll go for Meg Toledo not because she's my bestfriend, but because of obvious simple reasons. If you'd mix her on the crowd of half-bred Filipinas, She'll definitely stands out the mostShe has this natural volume on her hair that reaches below her shoulders, she also has this long lashes that would highlight her big expressive eyes. Skinny but has the curves on the right places. on the contrary, she isn't really that tall.But I think, bumawi naman 'to sa attitude. cuz one thing's for sure.. Mess with this lass and you'll face the fury of hell* Ah, wala* The dullest and shortest answer I gave her out of her nagging Nasa Starbucks kami ngayon when I texted her to meet me up for an  '/S.O.S/' . She need not to be told twice or thrice for she already knew what's my '/S.O.S'/ is all about* Definitely, It's Gerard. */See what I mean?/I bit my lower lip while I was trying to find words inside my head that would definitely give justice to what I feel. *Hah! I knew it! I didn't even sound like I was asking but Im sure, it was a bull's eyes huh?* She added and took a sip on her Frappuccino *Need I say more? Sige, Ikaw na ang next Madam Auring* I said /I dont want to admit to her pero talagang wala akong takas pag dating kay Meg. She knows every little thing there is to know about me./ *EWWW!* She gave me a disgust look and rolled her eyes * Dont you dare compare me with that old hag who puts a spikey chocker on her neck! I am far far more prettier, see the exaggeration?? FAR MORE PRETTIER than who ever you compared me with * I just sighed and darted my gazes at my Blackberry /Bakit kaya hindi pa siya nagtetext?/Meg seem to notice what I was thinking so I flinch when she suddenly slammed her fist on the table *Hindi talaga mag tetext yang boyfriend mong ulol, Nina. Taas na lang ng pride nun! * She stood up and then gestured her other hand on top from the other, slowly making a huge distance between her two palms * Mga.. Ganto lang naman kalaki ang pride ng Gerard Enriquez na yan.
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