18232808 Efficient Steam Generation Distribution

Steam generation distribution
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  Efficient Steam Generation & Distribution Dr. Bipin ThapliyalScientistCentral Pulp & Paper Research Institute, Saharanpur  Contents  Steam and its properties  Condensate and Flash Steam  Efficient Steam Generation  Steam Distribution  Why Steam is so popular as heat conveying media in industry?  Highest specific heat and latent heat  Highest heat transfer coefficient  Easy to control and distribute  Cheap and inert  1.Energy ãEnergy can neither created nor destroyed.ãIt can always be accounted for, and if it disappears at point. Athen it reappears in equal amount at point B. ãThe steam tables can be relied on always to provide information on the properties of steam. 2.Heat Flow ãA temperature difference is necessary for heat to flow. Heat flows from higher-temperature to lower-temperature.ãThe rate of flow varies directly with temperature differences, and inversely with any resistances to this flow.! 3.Fluid Flow ãAny fluid tends to flow from high-pressure to lower-pressure regions because of the effects of friction,ãThe rate of flow varies directly with pressure differences and inversely with any resistances to this flow. ãGravity acts downwards! the denser constituents in a mixture often tend to move to the bottom of a space, unless other forces acting on them opposesuch motion.

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Jul 12, 2018
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