ADVANCING VOCABULARY SKILLS Donald J. Goodman MUSKEGON COMMUNITY COLLEGE Sherrie L. Nist UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA Carole Mohr TOWNSEND PRESS Martton, NJ 08053 Contents Note: For ease of reference, the title of the passage that concludes each chapter appears in parentheses. Preface v Introduction 1 UNIT ONE Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 (Apartment Problems) (Hardly a Loser) (Grandfaihcr at the Art Museum) (My Brother's Mental Illness) (A Get-Rich-Quick Scam)
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   ADVANCINGVOCABULARY  SKILLS  Donald   J.  Goodman MUSKEGON  COMMUNITY COLLEGE Sherrie L. Nist  UNIVERSITY OF  GEORGIA Carole Mohr TOWNSEN PRESS  Martton, NJ 08053  Contents  Note:  For ease of reference, the title of the passage that concludes each  chapter  appears in parentheses. Preface v Introduction 1 UNIT  ONE Chapter 1  (Apartment  Problems) Chapter 2 (Hardly a Loser) Chapter 3  (Grandfaihcr  at the Art Museum)Chapter 4 (My Brother's  Mental  Illness)Chapter 5 (A Get-Rich-Quick Scam)Chapter 6 (Holiday  Blues) Unit One Tests 5 9 13 17 21 25 29 UNIT  TWO Chapter  7 (A Phony  Friend) Chapter 8 (Coco  the  Gorilla)Chapter 9 (Our Annual  Garage  Sale)Chapter 10 (A Debate on School Uniforms)Chapter 11 (My  Large  Family)Chapter 12 (Alex's Search) Unit Two Tests 37 41 45 49 53 57 61 UNIT THREE Chapter  13  (Ann's Love  of Animals)Chapter 14 (A  Costume  Party)Chapter 15 (The Missing Painting) Chapter 16 (An Ohio Girl in  New  York) Chapter 17 (How  Neat  Is Neat Enough?) Chapter 18 (A Cult Community) 69 7377 81 85 89 Unit Three Tests 93  IV Contents UNIT FOUR Chapter 19 (Halloween Troubles) Chapter 20 (Thomas  Dooley) Chapter 21 (Twelve Grown  Men  in a Bug)Chapter 22 (Adjusting to a Group Home)Chapter 23 (A Different Kind of Doctor)Chapter 24 (Grandpa and Music) Unit Four Tests UNIT FIVE Chapter 25 (My Devilish Older  Sister) Chapter 26  (Harriet Tubman) Chapter 27 (Tony's Rehabilitation)Chapter 28 (Rumors)Chapter 29 (The End of a  Political  Career)Chapter 30 (Firing Our Boss) Unit Five Tests Appendixes A Limited Answer KeyB Dictionary UseC List of Words and Word Parts 101 105109 113 117 121 125 133 137 141 145 149153 157 163 167 169  U   lit  One CHAPTER 1 Previewing the Words Find out how many of   the  ten  words in this chapter you already know. Try to complete each  sentence  with the most suitable word from  the  list  below.  Use each word once.Leave a sentence blank  rather  than guessing at an answer. Your purpose here is just to  get  a sense of theten words and what you may know about them.detrimentoptimum dexterous ostentatious discretionscrupulousfacetioussensory gregarious vicarious 1. Lucy's outlandish purple hair  will  probably be a(n) interview. 2. I prefer the when  she goes for a jobthrills of watching  adventure  movies  to  being a daredevil myself.3. Many people feel it would be lacking  in  to ask acquaintances what  they  earn.4.  Melanie  is _ . and  loves  to party, but Brad prefers to be  alone. 5. The honest investment banker had a well-earned reputation of beingclients' money. with his .. For example, he's  skillful  in making 6. Phil's fat fingers are surprisingly detailed  model airplanes.   7.  The  rock star displayed his wealth by driving around in a gold Rolls Royccand  wearing  huge diamond rings.8. Our  _____  sensitivity decreases with age. By  age  60, for example,  most  people have lost 40  percent  of their ability to smell and 50 percent of their taste buds. 9. Sunsets can  be  beautiful anywhere, but I  feel  the place  to  sec  a gorgeoussunset is out on the ocean, where  there's  nothing  between  you and  the  view.10. I wasn't  being when I said that the plastic groom on the wedding cake was as bald  as  the  actual groom. Someone had  scraped  the  black paint off the  figurine's  head. Now  check  your answers  by  turning  to  page 163.  Fix any  mistakes  and  fill  in any  blank spaces  by  writing  in the correct  answers. By doing so, you will  complete  this  introduction to  the ten words.You're now ready to  strengthen  your knowledge of the words you already know and to  master  the words  you're only half sure  of,  or don't know at all. Turn to the next page.


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