19 Lesson Plan

19 Lesson Plan
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  LESSON PLAN Date : the 22 nd  of October 2008 Teacher : Mihaila Elena School : Scoala “Petre Tutea” Boteni Form : 8 th  grade, Ne !otline nter#ediate, Student$% Boo&' O(ford )ni*er%it+ Pre%% Lesson : Pre%ent Perfect Ten%e Si#le Unit : )nit 2'Tra*eller% Estimated time : -0 #inute% Lesson aims :  To ractice ho do e for# re%ent erfect ten%e %i#le  To ut a *erb into re%ent erfect ten%e %i#le, o%iti*e, negati*e and interrogati*e for#%  To for# o%iti*e, negati*e and interrogati*e %tate#ent% ith re%ent erfect ten%e %i#le Teaching materials :  Boo&   Blac&board  .or&%heet%  /ictionar+ Type of lesson : le%%on of acui%ition Strategies :  Pair'or&   1rou'or&   1a filling e(erci%e%  So#e didactic #ethod%  “turul galeriei”, “ciorchinele” 3 Skills :  .riting  4i%tening  Sea&ing5  PROEDUREActi!ity # $arm#%p The Teacher greet% the cla%% and the Student% greet bac&6 The Teacher a%&% for ab%entee%6The Student% on dut+ na#e the ab%entee% if nece%%ar+6The interaction: Teacher'Student%E%ti#ated ti#e: 5 #inute Acti!ity &# hecking %p the home'ork  The Teacher a%&% for ho#eor&6 The %tudent% an%er and %a+ that their ho#eor& a% e(erci%e 2 on age 58 and e(erci%e 7 on age 56 The Teacher a%&% the Student% to read the ho#eor& and the Student% read the ho#eor&6 The Teacher a%&% the Student% to rite the ho#eor& on the blac&board if there are an+ roble#% ith it6 The Teacher correct% and e(lain% hen nece%%ar+6The interaction: Teacher'Student% Student%'Student%E%ti#ated ti#e: - #inute% Acti!ity (# )ntrod%cing the ne' lesson* ompleting a p%++le The Teacher di*ide% the cla%% into four grou%6 Then the Teacher gi*e% each grou a ieceof aer ith a u99le ritten on it6 The teacher tell% the Student% that it i% a conte%t and the+ ill ha*e to co#lete the u99le a% fa%t a% the+ can, %o that their grou in%6 .ho fini%he% fir%t in%6 The %tudent% ill recei*e a dilo#a for the fa%te%t grou of %tudent%6 fter fini%hing the u99le, one %tudent fro# the inning grou i% a%&ed to %ol*e the  u99le at the blac&board6 Then after %eeing the re%ult of the u99le the Teacher a%&% the Student% ho the ne le%%on i% called6The Student% re%ond and the Teacher rite% on the blac&board the title of the ne le%%on: Pre%ent Perfect Ten%e Si#le6The interaction: Teacher'Student% Student%'Student%E%ti#ated ti#e: - #inute%2  Acti!ity ,# Presenting the ne' lesson The Teacher rite% on the blac&board ho do e for# the Pre%ent Perfect Ten%e Si#le at affir#ati*e, negati*e and interrogati*e for#%, gi*ing e(a#le%6 The Student% rite the note% on their note boo&%6fter that the Teacher rite% on the blac&board the t+e% of action% that Pre%ent Perfect Ten%e Si#le i% u%ed for and e(lain% the# to the Student%, illu%trating the# ith e(a#le%6The Student% rite on their note boo&% hat the Teacher rite% on the blac&boardand li%ten% to the e(lanation%6The interaction : Teacher' Student%E%ti#ated Ti#e: 5- #inute% Acti!ity -# .T%r%l /aleriei0 The Teacher di*ide% the cla%% into four grou%6 Then the Teacher gi*e% each grou a large iece of aer and a #ar&er6 The Teacher tell% each grou to con;ugate a certain *erb into the Pre%ent Perfect Ten%e Si#le  affir#ati*e, negati*e and interrogati*e for#% 36 The Teacher a%&% the %tudent% to or& together and to hel each other6 fter fini%hing, theTeacher a%&% the Student% to ut their aer% on the cla%%roo#$% all% %o that e*er+bod+ could %ee the#6The Teacher tell% the Student% fro# each grou to rotate and to *i%it each or& and to #a&e note% and to correct if it i% nece%%ar+6fter doing that each grou of Student% goe% to it% or& and ob%er*e% the note% #ade b+ their colleague%6Thi% acti*it+ end% ith conclu%ion%6The interaction: Teacher'Student% Student%'Student%E%ti#ated ti#e: 50 #inute% Acti!ity 1# Sol!ing e2ercises# 'orksheet Each Student i% gi*en a or&%heet ith %o#e e(erci%e% in hich the+ ha*e to ut the *erb% into the Pre%ent Perfect Ten%e Si#le6Thi% acti*it+ i% erfor#ed indi*iduall+6The Teacher tell% the Student% that the+ ha*e to fini%h the acti*it+ during a certain eriod of ti#e6 fter fini%hing the Teacher a%&% four Student% to be the Teacher% and to correct their colleague%6The Student% ho fini%h fir%t ill gi*e their or&%heet% to the Teacher to correct the# and after that the+ ill correct their colleague% and gi*e the# #ar&%6<  The interaction: Teacher'Student% Student%'Student%E%ti#ated ti#e:50 #inute% Acti!ity 3# The feed 4ack of the lesson The Teacher gi*e% the Student% a iece of aer, in the #iddle of hich it i% ritten in a circle: “Pre%ent Perfect Ten%e Si#le”6The Teacher doe% the %a#e thing on the blac&board6 The Teacher a%&% the Student% about Pre%ent Perfect Ten%e Si#le and then tell% the# to rite on the aer hat co#e% to their #ind6 The idea% are ritten on the blac&board and on their aer%6 The Teacher encourage% the Student% to e(re%% their idea%6The interaction: Teacher'Student%E%ti#ated ti#e: < #inute% Acti!ity 5# Assigning home'ork  The Teacher co##unicate% the Student% their ho#eor&6Then the Teacher rite% it on the blac&board and tell% the Student% to rite it on their note boo&%6 The interaction: Teacher'Student%E%ti#ated ti#e: 5 #inute7
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