192554 Personal Nursing Philosophy

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  Running Head: PERSONAL NURSING PHILOSOPHY Concept Synthesis Paper on Persona Nursing Phiosophy Na!e:Institutiona a iiation:  PERSONAL NURSING PHILOSOPHY #Paper outine I$Introduction II$Nursing !eta%paradig!s  A$En&iron!ent '$Heath C$Peope ($Nursing III$Phiosophies and theoretica )ac*ground I+$Persona phiosophy +$Integration o theory+I$Concusion  Running Head: PERSONAL NURSING PHILOSOPHYConcept Synthesis Paper on Persona Nursing PhiosophyNursing in&o&es !ore than )oo* guideines in ta*ing care o the sic*$ A persona nursing phiosophy is necessary to act as a guide to indi&idua actions during practice$ Nursing practice in&o&es co!passionate care, *no-edge%)ased practice, o&e, respect, co!!it!ent and ac* o pre.udice$ As a !atter o act, nursing practice shoud e!)race di erent cutures and accept di&ersity actors -ithin -or* en&iron!ent$ /hese are -e co&ered in the our !eta%paradig!s o nursing theory0 en&iron!ent, heath, peope, and nursing$ En&iron!ent in or!s a ot o nursing decisions$ En&iron!ent can either )e interna and e1terna$ Con&entionay, e1terna and interna &aria)es constitute a nursingen&iron!ent$ Nonetheess, nursing en&iron!ent is dyna!ic and its !aintenance re2uires a sy!)iotic reationship )et-een the genera en&iron!ent and indi&iduas -ithin the en&iron!ent$ /here is a-ays a choice to rede ine the en&iron!ent or !aintain$ It is i!portant to note that the pri!e o).ecti&e o nursing e1tends )eyond curati&e purpose$ As a !atter o act, the pri!ary o).ecti&e is to restore the )ody3s ho!eostatic state through e1terna actors ad.ust!ent and urther !aintain the desired state$ A heathy state is de ined as a state o hoistic physica, !enta, as -e as socia -e%)eing and e1tends )eyond !ere ac* o disease$ /his de inition uy co&ers the concept o heath and heps nurses to appropriatey respond to e!erging heath issues -ithin the society$ Ho-e&er, it shoud )e noted that each o the heath co!ponents )ear &aried -eights and are su).ect to indi&idua interpretations$ It is ho-e&er i!portant to  PERSONAL NURSING PHILOSOPHY 4e!phasi5e that !enta co!ponent o heath )ears a ot o -eight and is the *ey dri&er tohoistic -e%)eing$ Ho-e&er, physica heath and socia -e%)eing are as -e i!portant$/he our nursing !eta%paradig! ee!ents do not e1ist independent o each other$ Inappropriate se %perception6stress is a )arrier to reco&ery and hence a patient -i need a ca! and serene en&iron!ent, in addition to hoistic nursing care$ As a !atter o act, in a nursing care scenario it is i!portant to consider a ee!ents$ It is i!portant to e&auate a patient3s needs )ased on heath, en&iron!ent, person and nursing care -hich constitute the our nursing !eta%paradig!s$ In essence, I ind it incu!)ent to assess a patient )ased in his6her indi&idua settings$ /his entais pro&ision o care -hie !aintaining respect or each person3s uni2ueness and indi&iduaity as -e as their reactions to i e and en&iron!ent 7George et a$, 899;$ Iness either a ects a part or the -hoe o a person$ /he resuting e&e o incapacitation depends on heath co!ponent a ected )y the ai!ent$ <y persona phiosophy is pre!ised on the our paradig!s$ It is !y )eie that the our !eta%paradig!s -or* hand in hand to pro!ote nursing care$ /his is -e de!onstrated in !y phiosophy that other than irst aid, !enta -e%)eing o the cient shoud )e gi&en priority$ <enta -e%)eing shoud )e accorded !a1i!u! -eight$ In thiscase, I treat !enta and e!otiona -e%)eing as ha&ing the sa!e !eaning$ Ho-e&er, achie&ing e!otiona sta)iity is pegged on -e%)eing o the en&iron!ent$ It is there ore !y )eie that the en&iron!ent pro!otes ca!ness, and aso )e riendy and conduci&e$ /he en&iron!ent in uences a other !eta%paradig!s$ As a !atter o act, !anipuating the en&iron!ent resuts into an e ect on other !eta%paradig!s$
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