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Hoc Phi 399,935 documents found matching 'GRE'Hoc Phi 399,935 documents found matching 'GRE'Hoc Phi 399,935 documents found matching 'GRE'Hoc Phi 399,935 documents found matching 'GRE'Hoc Phi 399,935 documents found matching 'GRE'Hoc Phi 399,935 documents found matching 'GRE'Hoc Phi 399,935 documents found matching 'GRE'
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    1 Curriculum vitae 1. Name : NGUYEN THE HUNG Male 2. Date of Birth : 8 th  February, 1955 3. Address : Y Yen - Nam Dinh  –   Viet Nam 4. Office : Faculty of Agronomy ; Hanoi University of Agriculture 5. Office address : Hanoi University of Agriculture, Gia Lam, Ha Noi, Viet Nam Website: 6. E-mail :  Fax: Fax : 84-4-38276473  ; Tel:  84.4.38767360 7. Employment : Lecture 8. Position: Associate Professor 9. Major : Crop Science 10. Academic background 1972 - 1978: B.Sc at Faculty of Agronomy - Hanoi Agriculture University No1. 1995 - 2000: PhD course at Faculty of Agronomy - Hanoi Agricultural University No1. 11. Employment record 12. Direction of research in last 5 years + Corn creation and development + Intensive cultivation of food crops (Rice, corn, sweet potato, etc.) + Applying high technology in agricultural production. 13. Teaching course - Undergraduate: Food crop science 1, 2, 3 - Master’s course : Food crop science; Cereal crop production; Root and Tuber crop production - PhD’s course : Crop science and climate change 14. Research Project Coordinator 1.   Study on heterosis for photosynthetic and agronomic characters related to drought tolerance in F1 hybrid rice plant in cooperation with Kyushu University, Japan, funded  by Ministry of Science and technology, Vietnam. From 2010-2011 16. Supervisor for PhD student No. Full name Dissertation Time duration University 1 Khamtom Vanthanouvong Selection and utilization of corn combination and new hybrid corn varieties, and determination of cultivate methods in attempt to the  basic of intensive techniques for enhancing efficiency and yield in the delta of Vientiane, Lao People's Democratic Republic. 2005-2010 Hanoi University of Agriculture    2 17. Publications 17.1. Books and lectures a- Lectures  : - Food crops  –   chapter 2; upland crops ( co-writer  ) - Upland crops used for agricultural high school (chief author).   b- Reference books  : - Corn  –   origin, genetic diversity and processing development ( co-writer  ). - Hybrid Corn and intensive cultivation (chief author). 17.2. Papers + Khamtom Vanthannuovong, Nguyen The Hung, 2008,  Determining combining ability  for grain yield of maize inbred lines in the Vientiane Delta. Journal of Science and Development  –   Hanoi University of Agriculture, Vol. VI: 10-14. + Chau Ngoc Ly, Le Quy Kha, Nguyen The Hung, Nguyen Ba Huy, Nguyen Viet Long 2008,  Performance of newly developed QPM lines nersuries in north Vietnam. Journal of Science and Development  –   Hanoi University of Agriculture, Vol.VI: 110-115 + Kham tom Van tha nou vong, Nguyen The Hung, Mai Xuan Trieu, 2009,  Determine crop season and applied nitrogen level for hybrid corn the delta of Vientiane, Lao People's  Democratic Republic. Journal of Science and Development  –   Hanoi University of Agriculture. + Nguyen The Hung, Nguyen Thien Huyen, Nguyen Van Loc, Bui Manh Cuong, 2010-    Initial Results of Waxy Corn Breeding at Hanoi University of Agriculture during 2005-2010  Period. Journal of Science and Development  –   Hanoi University of Agriculture, Vol.VI: 890-899. + Dinh Cong Chinh, Bui Manh Cuong, Nguyen The Hung, 2010, The results of analysis  genetic diversity and cambination ability of waxy inbred lines . Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vol. 4. 18. Proceedings in workshop and seminar + Nguyen The Hung (2000) - Cropping system research on degraded soil in Dong Tien, Pho Yen, Thai Nguyen province - Proceeding of the first joint workshop on environmental conservation and sustainable agriculture (JICA) + Ngo Huu Tinh, Nguyen The Hung (2000)- Maize germplasm of Vietnam - Plant genetic resources. Proceedings of the 3 rd  joint workshop in agronomy (JICA). + Nguyen Tat Canh, Nguyen The Hung (2000)- Rain-fed Agriculture and Clever Use of water resources in Vietnam Proceedings of the 12 nd  Asian Agricultural Symposium (In Thailand). + Nguyen The Hung, Do Nguyen Hai (2001) - A survey on production and irrigation for rice in Tien Son District, Bac Ninh province - Case studies on water management and land use in the Red river Delta villages (JICA)


Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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