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  EXAM OF ENGLISH SCIENCE By : Muhamad Iqbal F1c1 13 043 ‘Chemistry A’    DEPARTMENT CHEMISTRY FACULTY MATHEMATIC AND SCIENCE NATURE UNIVERSITY OF HALU OLEO KENDARI 2014  1.   This essay has argued that  pH Metter   is the best instrument to used   measuring the pH (acidity or  alkalinity) of a liquid (though special probes   are sometimes used to measure the pH of semi-solid substances).  2.   This assignment has explained the central importance of   gravimetric analysis in analytical chemistry for the quantitative determination of an analyte based on the mass of a solid.  3.   This study has shown that A colorimetric method is to be used for the determination of trace quantities of palladium present in aqueous solutions.  4.   The purpose of the current study was to determinate eror as measurable errors which in the ory have a definite value and which can be allowed for during the analysis.  5.   This study has found that generally the most important analytical techniques where these fector occur are gas liquid chromatography, arc/spark emission spectroscopy and spectrography, and X-ray fluorescence analysis.  6.   The findings of this study suggest that the tecnique of arc/spark emission spectroscopy and spectrography are the major examples in which an internal standard is considered to be present already in the sample to be analysed.  7.    Narrowly defined areas, large enclosed areas, and open atmospheres emerged as reliable predictors of   devided atmospheric sampling locations.    8.   The findings of this study suggest that method of standard-addition can  be used only when a straight line ( linear) relationship exist between the  physical parameter Y and the concentration of analyte C .  9.   The second major finding was that  classical or chemical methods although assumed to involve no instrumenttation, do rely heavily on the use of the chemical balance, burretes, pepettes,etc, all of which are instruments of one sort or another.  10.   The results of this research support the idea that  absolute methods is methods involving a chemical reaction which achieve stoichiometric completion according to the chemical equation for that reaction.  11.   Taken together, these results suggest that the water      as the universal solvent  because more substances dissolve in water than in any   other chemical. This has to do with the polarity of each water molecule.  12.   These findings suggest several courses of action for  illustrate how the method works we shall consider an imaginary analytical technique in which the measured parameter for a single analyte obeys a relationship consisting of three terms Y = mkC.  13.   These findings enhance our understanding of   Oil is insoluble (does not   dissolve) in water because oil and water molecules repel each other.  14.   The present study was designed to determine the effect of the amount of detergent because needed for optimal protein extraction depends on the CMC, aggregation number, temperature and nature of the membrane and the detergent.  15.   In this investigation, the aim was to assess of differentiate between those methods requiring calibration and those which do not, to consider the properties of standard subtances.     16.   The study has gone some way towards enhancing our understanding of thermogravimetry cannot normally providde result with accuracy and  precision equivalent to those of other gravimetric methods. This is because with this technique, in modern aplication one can analyse only very small quantities of a sample( less than 20 mg).  17.   The current investigation was limited by the instrumental because the instruments can not detect the amount of error in sampling.  18.   More broadly, research is also needed to determine the tensile mechanical testing results of PBO which the mechanical properties of various engineering materials, including metals, glasses and polymers, are also listed for the purpose of comparison.  19.   Further research in this field the role of calibration curve  would be of great help in   analytical chemistry to determine the concentrationof an   unknown sample solution.  20.   The main weakness of this study was the paucity of instrument are very thorough in determining the weight of the sample to be analysis .
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