1st Lecture Health History

Health assessment lecture
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  HEALTH HISTORY   1  THE PURPOSE OF THE HH  : is to collect subjective data- what the person says about himself, combined with the objective data from P/E & lab results to make a judgment or a diagnosis about health status. So it ’ s a screening tool for abnormal symptoms, health problems & records ways of responses. 2   * THE ADVANTAGES OF HH ARE 1- it provides a complete picture of the person ’ s past & present health 2-it describes the individual as a whole & how the person interacts with the environment. 3- it records health strengths & coping skills HH for the well person assess his life style as exercise, diet, risk reduction, for the ill person a detailed & chronologic record of the health problem, for all it ’ s a screening tool for abnormal symptoms. 3  * HISTORY CONTAINS INFORMATION IN THIS SEQUENCE OF CATEGORIES 1. Biographical data 2. reason for seeking care 3. hx of present illness 4. past history 5. family history 6. review of systems 7. functional assessment or activities of daily living(ADLs) 4
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