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1st TIME RENEWAL 256 -256

1st TIME RENEWAL 256 -256
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  FIRST TIME RENEWAL TO THE AGREEMENT FOR PROVIDING INTERNET SERVICES This Renewal Agreement for Providing Internet Services of Bandwidth 256 Kbps for eachInternational Department (emittance! and International Department ("rade! (hereinafter referredto as #enewal#! is made on this the $% th  &'l) 2$** at Dha+a) Bangladesh, BETWEEN BA-./AD0S1 KIS1I BA-K established 'nder the rdinance -o, 2% of *3%4 having its1ead ffice at Krishi Ban+ Bhaban) 45) 7oti8heel 9ommercial Area) Dha+a*$$$)Bangladesh hereinafter called the Ban+ (BKB! and referred to as :IS" PA" which e;pressionshall mean its /egal epresentative) Assignee) 0;ec'tor) Administrator etc, AND BA-./A P1-0 /I7I"0D) a /imited /iabilit 9ompan incorporated in Bangladesh 'nder the 9ompanies Act) *33< having its 1ead ffice at 1o'se -o,4) oad -o,24=A) .'lshan*)Dha+a*2*2) Bangladesh) represented b its Director) 7ar+eting (hereinafter referred to as>BP/?! which term 'nless rep'gnant to the conte;t shall incl'de it s'ccessorininterest andassigns of the S09-D PA",Both BKB and BP/ hereinafter shall be collectivel referred to as the #Parties# and individ'allas @#Part#, WHEREAS (A!n $% th  &'l) 2$*$ the Parties entered into an Agreement for Providing Internet Serviceson the terms and s'b8ect to the conditions as mentioned therein (hereinafter collectivelreferred to as the @riginal Agreement@!,(B!pon e;pir of the contract period 'nder the riginal Agreement) the Parties haveagreed to renew the riginal Agreement for a f'rther period of $* (one! ear,(9!P'rs'ant to the foregoing circ'mstances) the Parties hereto accede to renew the 9ontract period and reflect the same b this enewal on the terms and s'b8ect to the conditions set forth here'nder  IT IS HEREBY AGREED AS FOLLOWS: *,n e;ec'tion of this enewal) the validit period of the riginal Agreement asmentioned in cla'se 2,* shall be considered as renewed for f'rther $* (one! ear that is)'p to $6 th  &'l) 2$*2 hereinafter referred to as the @enewal Period@C, Page 1  of   2,D'ring the enewal Period BKB will pa to BP/ "otal rental charge of *(one! ear for the Internet connectivit "+, (<)33%,3$*2! E"+,53) 3%<,$(incl'ding FA"="a;! (In wordsG "a+a fift nine tho'sand nine h'ndred sevent fo'r H eight paisa onl!4,"he terms 'sed b't not defined in this enewal shall have the meanings ascribed to s'chterms in the riginal Agreement,<,0;cept as amended herein above all terms H conditions of the riginal Agreement shall remain 'nchanged and f'll in force and binding 'pon the Parties,5,"his enewal shall be deemed to be and considered as an integral part of the riginalAgreement and shall be read together,6,If an provision of this enewal is fo'nd in conflict with that of the riginal Agreement)the provision of this enewal shall prevail,I- I"-0SS 100:) "1IS 0-0A/ IS 009"0D BJ "10 PA"I0S 100" -"10 DA"0 70-"I-0D ABF0, Si!ne" #$% an" $n &ehal# $# Bangladesh Krishi Ban+  Si!ne" #$% an" $n &ehal# $# Bangla Phone /imited 'Ga(i M") Fa(l*l +a&i%, D.7) I" Department 'L*-#*nnisa Sa*"ia +han, Director) 7ar+eting Wi-nesses *,( 7d,7ohi'ddin Dewan! *, (-itai 9hand 7a'mder! A . 7) I " Department, elationship 7anager 2,(Dinesh 9handra Biswas! 2, (Ahmed 1ossain Ishtia+! Senior Principal fficer elationship 7anager  Information "echnolog Department, Page   of 
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