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  Beam Modeling Module 5  INROUOTOANY60P2 Training Manual October 30, 2001 Inventory #001571 5-2 5. Beam Modeling ã Beam elements   are line elements used to create a one-dimensional idealization of a 3-D structure. ã They are computationally more efficient than solids and shells and are heavily used in several industries:  – Building construction  – Bridges and roadways  – People movers (trams, railcars, buses)  – Etc.  INROUOTOANY60P2 Training Manual October 30, 2001 Inventory #001571 5-3 ...Beam Modeling ã In this chapter, we will present a brief introduction to beam modeling via the following topics: A. Beam Properties B. Beam Meshing C. Loading, Solution, Results D. Workshop   INROUOTOANY60P2 Training Manual October 30, 2001 Inventory #001571 5-4 Beam Modeling A. Beam Properties ã The first step in beam modeling, as with any analysis, is to create the geometry —  usually just a framework of keypoints and lines. ã Then define the following beam properties:  – Element type  – Cross section  – Material
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