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2.Future Cars

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    A   TECHNICAL PAPER PRESENTATION ON FUTURE CARS BY  Avinash Khairnar & Gaurav Subhedar  (B.E . Mech) (T.E. Mech) Of NDMVP SAMAJ ‘S COLLEGE OF ENGG.NASHIK !! #$   Index Sr no.TopicPage no.1Introduction012Platform technology013New trends024.P.S03! .#.S04$ cti%e Suspension system 0!&I.P.'0$().*. .S0$+,.-.S0$10-aterials for future cars0&11#uture fuels for future cars0&12,onclusion 0+  Abstract e all ha%e always wondered how the %ehicles of futuregeneration will loo/ li/e. ow will new de%eloping technologies ma/e their impact on the design  e%elopment operation handling and aesthetics of our future cars. New technologies are eing introduced day y day. e ha%etried to e5plain some of the technologies will e implemented in coming yearsin the car. This would change complete attitude of the dri%ers towards car. Thedigital age will not only ma/e the cars more affordale  fuel efficient ut willalso redefine the concept of fuel used in cars. Some of the technologies thatwill e implemented in future cars are .P.S  I.T..S cti%e suspensionsystems  many electronic de%ices oosted y information technology.  Introduction 6 #uture cars will include many technologies eyond our imaginations. Some of the technologies or we may say concepts that may eincluded in the future car may e as follows 6  -anufacturing of cars using Platform technologies.  7sing new trends  .P.S. 8 loal positioning system 9  I.T..S 8 Intelligent traffic guidance system 9    cti%e suspension systems  I.P.' 8 Intelligent par/ing rea/ 9  ).*. .S 8 )ane /eep assist system9  ,-S 8 ,ollision -itigation 'ra/e System 9  -aterial used in future cars.  #uture fuels for future cars. Platform technology #uture cars will also ha%e its own manufacturing technologies. :ne of the technologies coming up  that will e e5tensi%ely used in the future wille Platform technology. Now platform technology does not mean thatassemling the car on a platform. Platform is wider concept in itself. It ise5plained such that ;/eeping the ody same ut changing the clothes ;. Inplatform technology what you don<t see will e shared y do=ens of cars what you see will e %ery distinct. This can cut down cost of manufacturingdrastically. Indi%idual platform for indi%idual model will ecome asolute.
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