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  NEWSTRENDSHOW TOUPDATESTOOLSSOCIAL MEDIASUBMIT A POSTMY PROFILECREATE ACCOUNTLOG IN Home / Tools / 20 Education Technology Tools Everybody Should Know About 20 Education Technology Tools Everybody Should KnowAbout By SandraMiller  on November 17, 2013  Tweet  969759 LikeLike 99 8484 Although educators tend to feel like they are left all on their own to deal with students that aregetting crazier by the day, there are plenty of technology resources that can make their teaching jobmore effective. Educators should definitely start using some of the online solutions that are meant topromote modern education and take the classroom organization to the next level. In this article, wewill cover 20 education technology tools that educators should start using as soon as possible. Writinghouse Writinghouse is a citation generator that allows its users to easily create bibliographies and citationsin the format required for their document. Being able to instantly use the correct referencing stylemakes an educator ! s job much easier. Not only will they create textbooks more easily, but they canalso recommend this tool to their students and contribute towards more effective and easieracademic writing. Edmodo Edmodo is the coolest virtual collaboration hub that actually makes social media useful foreducational purposes. As an educator, you may have your doubts about social media, but this ShareShare 69 HOMETHE TEACHER’S GUIDESTHE BEST EDTECHFOR STUDENTSFOR TEACHERS Search 20 Education Technology Tools Everybody Should Know About -... of 611/28/13 7:48 PM  website is a great way of providing customized classrooms that make the teaching process muchmore advanced. DoSomething  This website features weekly calls to action, which encourage teens to collaborate and join theirforces with a noble goal of making positive social changes. Cool Math Are you looking for a way to make math more interesting for your students? This website offers acollection of fun games that are safe to be used in the classroom environment and cover not onlymat subjects, but geography, science, and reading as well. Collaborize Classroom Collaborize Classroom is a free online platform that complements the classroom environment withadditional discussions, assignments, and activities that students and educators can access online. Fun Brain Maybe you don ! t like that young students are interested in computer games, but you can actuallyuse that affinity to your advantage. Fun Brain is an online games portal features games with realeducational value. Both you and your students will love them! You can find not only games on thiswebsite, but also flash cards that can be used for the subject matter you are covering in class. First In Math First In Math is another online program that makes math skills interesting to learn through onlinegames. It can be used to teach young kids (starting from kindergarten) the basic math skills, and it ! smaking this subject fun because the kids earn rewards and stickers from their teachers. Exploratorium Even science can be made easy to teach and learn when technology is put into use.Exploratorium is a website created by San Francisco ! s Museum of Science, Art and HumanParticipation. You will find many interesting online activities that will bring the matter of sciencecloser to your students. iCivics iCivics is an online education projects that has the aim of teaching students about civics, thusinspiring them to participate actively in the U.S. democracy. HowStuffWorks HowStuffWorks is one of the most famous educational websites. It features thousands of videos,illustrations, and articles that help students and educators learn about how things work. HippoCampus HippoCampus  goal is to provide students and educators with access to high-quality, freemultimedia content on various education subjects. This website has become very popular amonghigh school and college students, because it explains the most complicated subjects in anunderstandable manner. Raz Kids Raz Kids presents a full curriculum of reading lessons in the form of mini online books. Studentsfrom all ages can easily use the system, and teachers can monitor their students !  progress throughthe same platform. PowerSchool PowerSchool is an online information system that instantly provides updates on all classroom-related things, from searing charts to attendance. Its users can access it via Android and iPhoneapps. My BackPack  My BackPack is an online tool that enables teachers to establish direct communication with students 20 Education Technology Tools Everybody Should Know About -... of 611/28/13 7:48 PM  14 Web Tools For Teaching Without Student Logins !  Previous Story 2 (Or So) Reasons TeachersShould Start Using OS XMavericks Next Story The 4 Apps Needed To Run AOne iPad Classroom7 Resources For Studying TheEarly Days Of HumanityHow (And Why) It’s Time ToCreate Digital StudentPortfolios Pam Hill  November 26, 2013 at 8:37 am  FYI, I tried out Writinghouse and it incorrectly formats MLA citations. It looks promising otherwise. I ! m going to checkit out again later. and parents. The website gives real-time updates on attendance, schedules, grades, and more. Melody Street In this virtual world of Melody Street, instruments come to life through online videos, music files andgames that help the students learn everything about melody and instruments. Weebly Weebly is an online tool enabling educators to create a classroom blog and site that can be usedfor communicating with parents and students. The students can also create sites of their own byusing this platform. Starfall Starfall is the easiest way of teaching children how to read. The website uses phonics via interactivestorybooks and online games to make the learning process more interesting for young children.  Spelling City Spelling City is a website that offers games about writing, spelling, vocabulary, alphabetical order,handwriting, and parts of speech. It can be used as part of the in elementary, middle andhigh-school program. Scratch Scratch allows kids to program their own animations, games, and interactive stories, and sharethem with the online community. This program inspires young people to work collaboratively, reasonsystematically, and think creatively. Schoology Schoology is a social network and learning management system that allows educators to easilycreate academic content and share it with their students. RELATED ITEMSAPPSEDTECHGUESTTOOLSWEB Sandra Miller is a freelance writer at editing service Help.Plagtracker . Loves writing edtech tips. Keeps developing her writing style and exploring the different types of fiction. Currently takes her first steps toward writing her first YA novel.  YOU MAY ALSO LIKE...1 COMMENT 20 Education Technology Tools Everybody Should Know About -... of 611/28/13 7:48 PM
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