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  24 GEARS August 2007 KEEP THOSE TRANNYS ROLLING by Pete Huscher 45RFE with an Erratic 2-3 Flare I n this issue of  Keep Those Trannys  Rolling,  we’re going to look at a 2002 Dodge Durango with a 4.7L engine and a 45RFE transmission… and an erratic, intermittent 2-3 flare. I first became involved with this vehicle when a technician named Charlie called the ATRA Technical HotLine. Having talked to Charlie several times in the  past, I knew he was a good technician; he had a good understanding of how transmissions worked, but he really didn’t have a whole lot of experience with the 45RFE.Our first conversation on this transmission was about basic rebuild issues, such as a bent accumulator  plate (a very common problem), clutch application and clearances, solenoid  pack changes, and other updates to the 45RFE transmission. Evidently, when the vehicle came in, the customer men-tioned erratic shifts and slipping on the 2-3 shifts. After a complete diagnostic check and pan removal it was evident what the problem was. The accumula-tor plate was blown out, as usual, and the fluid was smoked, a good chance that the clutches were burnt; it needed an internal inspection before going any further. After a few days I heard back from Charlie. He said the overhaul had gone very smoothly, but he’s been fighting an erratic, intermittent 2-3 flare for the  past two days. Charlie had installed the pressure testing oil pan assembly, which allows you to check apply pressures right at the clutches. It wasn’t a pressure prob-lem; all pressures were within specifi-cations.He had air checked all the compo-nents, and everything appeared okay. He replaced the solenoid pack twice  but there was no change. He replaced the valve body; no change. At this point he was lost; he couldn’t figure this one out.I told Charlie to stop right were he was at; this is a computer strategy prob-lem and the NGC (New Generation Controller) probably needed to be reprogrammed. I recommended that he have the  NGC reflashed with the latest update available. I explained that the NGC  programming may have been corrupted. It could have been caused by anything from battery disconnects, to power-and-ground problems, to EMIs (electro-magnetic interference). With that infor-mation in hand, Charlie headed out to his neighborhood Dodge dealer to see if there were any updates to the vehicle’s NGC programming.A few hours later I received a call from Charlie. According to his Dodge dealer, this vehicle did indeed have an update for the NGC controller. He had the dealer update the controller, and the Durango was fixed. On the way back to his shop, Charlie noticed an immedi-ate change in the way the transmission shifted and he knew the transmission was fixed.Remember in today’s transmission industry, reprogramming  IS   part of the rebuild procedure. So if you’re having a come back that you’re dealing with and you’ve checked everything in the transmission and feel comfortable with the rebuild, suspect a programming issue, a simple reprogramming of the controller may be all you need to keep those trannys rolling.  * See dealer for limited warranty details. Ford and Motorcraft ®  Remanufactured diesel engines are covered by a 2-year/unlimited-mileage limited warranty covering parts and labor. FORD POWERTRAIN THE PERFECT FIT EVERY TIME  ASSISTANCECENTER ASSISTANCECENTER   GAS ENGINES CASH BACK  $ 200 TRANSMISSIONS $ 150 CASH BACK  DIESEL ENGINES CASH BACK  $ 300 ã 35,000 assemblies at 44 distribution centersã Motorcraft ®  Parts Online Catalog at motorcraft.comã Our Powertrain Assistance Center provides sales, technical assistance and warranty support. Call 1-800-392-7946 from8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, ET M-Fã Assemblies are vehicle-specific – no “one-size-fits-all”ã Remanufactured transmissions include all sensors and fluids for “plug and play” replacement ã Ford and Motorcraft ® Remanufactured gas engine and transmission assemblies are covered by a 3-year/75,000-mile limited warranty covering parts and labor*ã No delay – immediate creditã 100% refund, regardless of damage Visit for details.  Motorcraft ®  is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company. HURRY, CASH BACK OFFERS END AUGUST 31! 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