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    DNV Academy Maritime Training with impact. - Knowledge for use. DNV Academy Maritime Greater China Training Catalogue 2012 2012 年挪威船级社大中国区海事培训学院培训课程目录   MANAGING RISK    Welcome to:   DNV Academy Maritime training courses have different target groups and are divided into: -   Newbuilding Design course -   Safety Management and Security course -   Risk Management course -   Rules, Regulations, Classification & PSC course -   Ship Type course -   Ship Technology course -   Marine Environment Protection course -   Maritime Operation course -   Offshore Rules, Regulations, Classification & Operation course   Our Objective To be a leading provider of maritime knowledge. Our Vision   To be the preferred training partner in competence building for our customers.   Our Values We acquire and share knowledge and apply it to enhance value for our customers. We shall contribute to enhance the service level of our customers. DNV Academy Maritime in Greater China  DNV   Academy Maritime in Greater China offers a wide range of training courses to the maritime industry. We offer both standard and customised training programmes with the objective to meet the specific needs of our customers. Courses can be delivered both at customers’ or DNV’s premises. Our main target groups are design engineers and other staff involved in basic concepts and rules for merchant ships as well as technical employees at ship owners and shipping management companies. DNV Academy has branches in Dalian, Nanjing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Taipei and Kaohsiung.    根据不同的培训对象 , 培训课程分为 : -   新造船设计  -   安全管理与船舶保安  -   风险管理  -   规范、法规、船级与港口国监督  -   船舶类型  -   船舶技术  -   海洋环境保护  -   海事运营  -   海洋工程规范、法规与船级   我们的目标   是成为大中国区提供海事知识的领先者。   我们的愿景   是成为 DNV 客户能力构建合作伙伴的首选。   DNV 大中国区大中国区大中国区大中国区海事海事海事海事培训培训培训培训学院学院学院学院   DNV 大中国区海事培训学院为您提供范围广泛的海事培训课程。我们不仅为您提供标准的培训课程,更能根据您的要求,为您量身打造最适合您的培训课程。我们欢迎您来到 DNV 海事培训学院的同时,也可以到您指定的地点进行课程培训。   我们培训的主要对象是了解商船基本概念和规范的设计工程师和相关工程师,以及具有一定技术背景的船东和船舶管理人员。   DNV 大中国区海事培训学院在大连、南   京、上海、香港、广州、台北和高雄都设有   分部,您可以根据您的需要就近选择。      Newbuilding Design 新造船设计新造船设计新造船设计新造船设计   NB1 Ship System General 船舶轮机系统概论  NB2 Ship Structure & Strength General 船体结构与强度概论  NB3 Ship Statutory General 船舶法规概论  NB4 Ship Stability 船舶稳性  NB5 Design of Container Hull Structure 集装箱船船体设计  NB6 Ship Machinery Piping Design 船舶轮机管系设计  NB7 Ship Hull Piping Design 船舶船体管系设计  NB8 Ship Propulsion Shafting Design 船舶推进轴系设计  NB9 Ship Shaft Alignment & Whirling 船舶轴系对中与旋转振动  NB10 Ship Accommodation Design 船舶居住舱室设计  NB11 Design of Electrical and Control System 电气设计与控制系统  NB12 Chemical Tankers 化学品船  NB13 GMDSS and Safety of Navigation GMDSS 与航行安全  SMS1 Introduction to ISM Code ISM 规则介绍  SMS2 Introduction to ISPS ISPS 规则介绍  SMS3 ISM Internal Auditor course ISM 内部审核员  SMS4 ISPS Internal Auditor ISPS 内部审核员  SMS5 Port Security officer 港口保安员  SMS6 Ship and Company Security officer 船舶与公司保安员   Safety Management and Security 安全管理与船舶保安安全管理与船舶保安安全管理与船舶保安安全管理与船舶保安   DNV   大中国区海事培训学院大中国区海事培训学院大中国区海事培训学院大中国区海事培训学院  
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