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    1 © Lifting Equipment Engineers Association 2012 - training\1-2e   2e0000  LEEA Correspondence Courses  ASSIGNMENT 1.2   Please note: Use the up and down cursor keys to move between fields in this form. Enter your name and student number in the spaces below. Name: SONU VARGHESE GEORGE   Student number: 17717   Each question has several answers, only one of which is correct. Select your answer by typing # in the box. When complete, save the file using the same name. Then use the upload facility to return it for marking. 1. Approved Codes of Practice (ACoP’s): Have no legal status  Are only recommendations # Have a quasi legal status  Are mandatory 2. When we proof test an item on a test machine we are actually applying:  A mass equal to the weight  A friction equal to the mass #  A force equal to the mass  A weight equal to the friction 3. LEEA Technical Requirements call for test machines to have:  A minimum accuracy of ±1.5% #  A minimum accuracy of ±2%  A maximum accuracy of ±1.5%  A maximum accuracy of ±2% 4. When test weights are used, LEEA Technical Requirements call for the applied load to have:  A minimum accuracy of ±1.5% #  A minimum accuracy of ±2%  A maximum accuracy of ±1.5%  A maximum accuracy of ±2% 5. The LEEA Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Lifting Equipment is:  An Approved Code of Practice #  A Recommended Code of Practice  A Harmonised Standard  A training Manual 6. Working to Harmonised European Standards:   #  Is one way of ensuring products comply with European Directives # Is mandatory Ensures the interchangeability of components whatever their source Prevents the use of imported materials    2 © Lifting Equipment Engineers Association 2012 - training\1-2e   2e0000  7. The SI metric system of measurements used in the UK is: Different to that used in the rest of Europe Is based on a random series of numbers # Was adopted internationally in 1960 Is also known as the imperial system 8. The SI unit of force is known as the: Watt Metre Litre # Newton 9. The conversion used for inches to millimetres is: 1 inch = 2.54mm 1 foot = 25.4mm # 1 inch = 25.4mm 1 foot = 254mm 10. 10ft is approximately: 1 metre 2 metres 2.5 metres # 3 metres 11. 1m is approximately: 3.9” # 39” 3.9’ 39’ 12. For conversion purposes 1 hundredweight equals: 5kg 15kg # 50kg 500kg 13. The American ton equals: 2000kg 2240kg 2240lbs # 2000lbs 14. The Imperial ton equals: 2000kg 2240kg # 2240lbs 2000lbs 15. The Metric tonne equals: # 2204lbs 2240lbs 2000kg 2240kg    3 © Lifting Equipment Engineers Association 2012 - training\1-2e   2e0000  16. For all practical purposes we can say that 10kN equals: # 1000kg 1000lb 10000kg 10000lb 17. The SI unit of stress is the Newton per square metre (N/m²), therefore: 1MN/m² = 10N/mm² 1N/m² = 1ton/inch² # 1MN/m² = 1N/mm² 1N/m² = 10ton/inch² 18. BSI recommend that SWL(WLL) of less than 1000kg should be marked:  As decimals of a tonne to three decimal places # In kilograms to the nearest whole kilogram In increments of 10kg to that nearest the actual amount  Are too small for practical purposes and should not be used 19. When marking SWL(WLL) greater than 1000kg, BSI recommend: # Marking in tonnes to only one decimal place, except for 1.25t Marking whole tonnes and any remainder as kilograms Marking only in kilograms Marking in tonnes with three decimal places 20. When re-marking an imperial rated shackle of 2ton 9cwt SWL with SI units the correct marking would be: 2t 900kg 2.9t 2400kg # 2.4t Marking  Answers still shown in black were correct  Answers now shown in red were incorrect – the correct answers are shown in blue Result 95%     Formatted:  Font: (Default) Arial, 11 pt
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