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2013 11 08 MAA Dissertation Orientation Minutes

2013 11 08 MAA Dissertation Orientation Minutes
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  DISSERTATION ORIENTATION 08.11.2013 2.30 PM at Measi Academy of Architecture. The orientation was carried out by Ar. Shoonya Kumar, following is the Minutes of the Orientation.    Dissertation is basically an architectural research in which you analyze a topic and present the analysis through your point of view.    The entire dissertation should consist of 15000 words which will include various case studies which internet or any book and the researcher is required to bring out their inferences out of it.    If there is an excerpt from a particular web page or a book- it should be mentioned right after the excerpt ends. Every reference should be stated. o   Format to provide refernce of any book: Author, (Year). Title of book. Location: Publisher.      The dissertation should be based on a topic which reflects soul interest of the researcher. And if possible be linked to the thesis topic that he/she might pick in the future. It can be any topic, starting from historic heritage conservation to analyzing the works of Charles Correa, or even urban designing.    If you are confused on how to pick a definite topic or don’t know where to start - the best would be to write down all your architectural interests and try linking those topics, try detailing them out. The research should be specific. For example, if your topic is ‘green buildings’ - there is a lot that can be researched on- but to be specific, the research can be green buildings with respect to the climate of Chennai, or green buildings as office spaces, or residential green buildings.    The architectural research should be a grounded research. Topics which have been proposals in the past or designs which indicate futuristic motives are difficult to research on since there will be very minimal case study options. For example, underwater constructions, or shape shifters, dynamic architecture etc, such topics are most likely to be rejected.    Interior elements of architecture can also be taken as a topic. There is no hard and fast rule against that.    If a candidate wishes to analyse the projects done by the architect whose office he/she works in, it will not be considered and most certainly discarded.    The synopsis should be put in the order of priority. The format of the submission of synopsis is as follows:    Title : Title of the Dissertation    Synopsis : Summary/ brief review of the dissertation, to ellucidate the importance of the dissertation, and the methodology of how you propose to get it done, and it could also include a hypothesis (assumption for the purpose of research) which you are trying to prove. 200-300 words.    Key words : (to provide definitions of important words in the dissertation, such as ‘sustainability’ ‘vernacular’ etc; along with any abbreviations involved).      Two hard copies of synopsis shall be submitted to the institution on or before 15 th  November 2013. In the mean time if the candidate is willing then he/ she could mail it to santhosh ( and could discuss with him.    Please note that both the topics may also be rejected.    After all the topics have been decided, each student will be assigned a guide, who will help the students out during their research work. Compiled by Fayiza Shakir, Reviewed by Ar.Santhosh Manavalan.

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