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  Thursday, October 30, 2014 1 The Calvert County Times    Photo by Frank Marquart  S  TORY    P   A GE   16  T HURSDAY ,  O CTOBER  30, 2014  WWW  . COUNTYTIMES . SOMD . COM G a  z e t t e    Ca l ver t   F or mer l y  T  O W N    O F   N  O R T H   B  E  A C H   E  L E C T I O N   G  U I D E  P   A G E S   1 8 - 2 1   Thursday, October 30, 2014  2 The Calvert County Times  3  Local News 8  Cops & Courts 10  Letters 12  Education 13  Business 14  Book Review 16  Feature Story  18-21  North Beach Political Guide 22  Business Directory  24  Obituaries 25  Home Page 26  Entertainment 26  Entertainment Calendar 27 Seniors 27 Community  28  Community Calendar 29  Library Calendar 30  Sports 31  Games 31  Classifeds P.O. Box 250 ã Hollywood, Maryland 20636  News, Advertising, Circulation, Classifeds: 301-373-4125 www.countytimes.netFor staff listing and emails, see page 10. Thursday  October 30, 2014 During the 2014 Gubernatorial election, voters will be asked to weigh in on a constitutional amendment that would put a lock box on the state’s transportation trust fund. On the Cover  The Arc of Southern Maryland is celebrating employers who hire individuals with disabilities. The Arc makes sure to practice what they preach, having hired number of individuals who receive services and are employed at the Arc of Southern Maryland, working in Information Technology or the Finance Department, among other jobs, like Jennifer (pictured above with Regina).McCartnie Rea shows off the dictionary she received from the Roaty Club of Prince Frederick. Weather   Watch 612 FREE INIIAL CONSULAION AUTO ACCIDENTS WORKERS’ COMP ã Divorce/Separationã Support/Custodyã Domestic Violenceã Criminal/Trafcã DWI/MVA HearingsPower of Attorneyã Name Change ã Adoptionã Wills ã Guardianship SERVING CHARLES ã ST. MARY’S ã PG ã CALVERT Te Law Offices of P.A. Hotchkiss & Associates Providing Excellent Service For Over 20 Years 99 Smallwood Dr. Waldorf, MD ã 206 Washignton Ave. LaPlata, MD (301) 932-7700 (301) 870-7111 Accepting: Scan this “Times Code” with your smart phone Burris’ Olde Towne Insurance Auto - Home - Business - Life  Leonardtown, MD ã Bus: (301) 475-3151 www.danburris.com Do You Feel Crabby When You Get Your Insurance Bill in the Mail? Give Us A Call. You’ll Be Glad You Did. An Independent Agent Representing: ERIE INSURANCE GROUP   Standing: Dan Burris, Jake Kuntz, Seated: Lisa Squires, Susan Ennis, Donna Burris Gary Simpson, Matt Laidley, Katie Facchina 7480 Crain Highway ã La Plata, MD 20646 301-934-8437April HancockPO Box 407Bryans Road, MD 20616 301-743-9000  Thursday, October 30, 2014  3 The Calvert County Times  “Our Own” Freshly Ground Chuck Steaks ã Roasting Pigs Homemade Country Sausage - Loose & LinksBoar’s Head Deli Meats & Cheeses MON-FRI 6 AM - 9 PM ã SAT-SUN 7 AM - 9 PM Bowen's Grocery Family Owned & Operated Since 1929  The Charm and Quality of the Past with the Convenience and Variety of Today  4300 Hunting Creek Rd ã Huntingtown, Maryland www.bowensgrocery.com 410-535-1304 410-257-2222 USDA Choice Beef - Cut To OrderBreakfastPlatters ã Sandwiches Full Service Deli COLD BEER Hot & Cold Subs - 6”, 9”, 12” Sandwiches - Large Selection “Our Own” Homemade Burgers ã WrapsFrench Fries ã Onion Rings ã Curly Fries LOCAL HONEY Fresh Local Oysters Pints ã Quarts Fresh Crab Meat  Jake & Amos ProductsLarge Selection New Hope Mills Pancake Mixes EXCHANGEABLE PROPANE TANKS Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer Regular ã Diet  Polish Stoneware Candles Potpourri Home Decor Accents GiftsHuntingtown SignCalvert County Sign Antiques, Collectibles, Gifts & Specialty Shops Largest Indoor Market in Southern Maryland Over 100 Small Shops www.chesapeakemarketplace.com 5015 St. Leonard Road ã St. Leonard, Md 20685 Enjoy a unique shopping experience in a country setting. Our market is made up of an oasis of 100 small shops in four buildings on ve acres. We specialize in antiques and collectibles, but have an endless variety of lovely gifts and crafts. Open: Wednesday - Sunday 10 - 5 Auction every Friday at 6 p.m. www.chesapeakeauctionhouse.com Quality Consignments Accepted for Auctions Look for photos on our website or on Chesapeake  A UCTION     H OUSE Marketplace: 410-586-3725Auction House: 410-586-1161 Florida Antiques & Collectible Estate Auction Friday, Nov. 7th - 6 P.M. Grocery Auction Saturday, Nov. 8th - 4 P.M. NRC Boosts Oversight at Calvert Cliffs  Local  NEWS The Calvert County Board of County Commissioners announced that county ofces will be closed Tuesday, Nov. 4, for Election Day and Tuesday, Nov.11, for the Veterans Day holiday. In addition: ã The three county senior centers will  be closed on Election Day and Veterans Day. Meals on Wheels will be delivered on both days. ã All county convenience centers, includ - ing Appeal Landll, will be open for normal  business hours both Election Day and Veter-ans Day. ã County public transportation will oper  - ate on a modied schedule on Election Day. Copies of the modied schedule are available on each bus. County public transportation will not operate on Veterans Day.ã Calvert Library locations will be open for normal business hours Election Day and closed on Veterans Day. ã Flag Ponds Nature Park and Battle Creek Cyprus Swamp are closed Election Day and Veterans Day. ã Kings Landing Park is open Election Day and Veterans Day. ã Chesapeake Hills Golf Course will be open for normal business hours Election Day and Veterans Day. ã Northeast Community Center is the only community center open Election Day and Veterans Day. All other community cen -ters are closed both days. ã Edward Hall Aquatic Center will be open for normal operating hours Election Day and Veterans Day. ã Calvert Marine Museum is open on Election Day and Veterans Day, but adminis- trative ofces are closed. Information on Calvert County Govern -ment services can be found online at www.co.cal.md.us. Calvert County Government Press Release Calvert County Government Schedule for Election Day and the Veterans Day Holiday  By Guy LeonardStaff Writer After installing radiation monitors that were calibrated to give faulty read -ings that would have led to an unwarranted emergency at the Calvert Cliffs  Nuclear Power Plant, Exelon Corporation must now submit to increased over  -sight of their second reactor by Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) staff. The radiation monitors were installed back in October of last year and the fault went unnoticed for almost half the year. “Nuclear power plant operators are always expeted to err on the side of caution. But this is a case wehre an emergency declaration could have been made prematurely, triggering unnecessary responses,” said David Lew acting  NRC Region One Administrator. “While Exelon, to its credit, identied and xed the incorrect thresholds, it nevertheless allowed their introduction and they remained in place for about ve months.”A false emergency could have triggered a number of events, NRC staff said, from a full evacuation of the facility and nearby areas to an order to shelter in place; the sensors were set so that they would have given a false radiation reading 100 times the actual amount. The NRC classies the problem with the radiation monitors on the main - line steam pipes to the reactor as a “white” nding, which means it is of low to moderate signicance. Calvert Cliffs has come under increased scrutiny this year after the num-  ber of unplanned shutdowns gave them cause for concern. NRC staff said back in July that unplanned shutdown statistics for the rst three months of the year showed that Unit one had just .9 unplanned events but Unit 2 had a total of 2.5 events in a 7,000 hour operating period. If a reactor has more than three that triggers oversight by the federal gov-ernment, NRC said.  guyleonard@countytimes.net   Thursday, October 30, 2014  4  The Calvert County Times  Gearing up for Flu Season  Too Much Stuff? Swap with Someone Else!  Local  NEWS CHRIS CHAFFEE  For Liberty and  Freedom For All ã Small business owner, promotes job growth ã Volunteering in his community ã Married to Amy for 29 years ã Loving Father, Grandfather & Uncle ã Practicing Catholic ã Protecting Pax River ã Securing Our Boardersã Protecting Our Veterans ã Health Care that Works for All Americans ã Bring Jobs Back from Overseas to Put  Hard Working Americans Back to Work ã Less Taxes and Regulations to  Help All Small Business Paid for and authorized by Chris Chaee for Congress 301-855-9673www.chrischaffeeforcongress.comchrischaffeeforcongress@gmail.com Mail To: 2385 Stoakley Rd. ã Prince Frederick, MD 20678 FOR CONGRESS Chris Chaee Stands For  God Bless You. Vote Nov. 4 Chris Chaee for Congress   P.O. Box 1004 , Dunkirk, MD 20754 Telephone 301-602-0128    Authority: Citizens to Elect Evan Slaughenhoupt. Gregory Kernan, Treasurer. Transparent Budgeting and Leadership Responsive to citizen s’  questions; live streaming of Commissioners ’ budget  meetings   Stand Against Unfunded Mandates Environmental stewardship without state intrusion   Citizen/Customer First Zoning Processes Strengthened and improved the Permit system; Balanced Economic and Residential Growth   Improve Public Safety and Education Public Safety top priority; Protected schools from reduced funding; increased funding greater than Maintenance of Effort   Enhance Government and Lower Tax Rates   Did not raise tax rates; Long term plan for reducing tax rates. We opened Park-n-Ride in Prince Frederick; started Park-n-Ride in Dunkirk. Forefront of significant economic enhancement - Dominion LNG export; Promoted Calvert County as tourist destination; consolidated substance abuse treatment into one facility …   Evan  - Vietnam era Veteran, Member NRA, American Legion Chesapeake Beach; BS - UMUC, Masters - National Defense Intelligence College; Completed Excellence in Local Governance program from the University of Maryland; Selected by state-wide peers to the Maryland Association of Counties (MACo) Board of Directors; a volunteer and an enthusiastic supporter of the Calvert County Special Olympics   Re-Elect Evan Slaughenhoupt ( Slog'-n-hop ) Citizens are the ‘Real’ Key to Calvert’s Future By Sarah Miller Staff Writer The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) convened as the Board of Health during their Oct. 28 meeting to hear the semi-annual update from Calvert County Health Ofcer Laurence B. Polsky. During the update, Polsky discussed infectious diseases of concern – Enterovirus D68, the Ebola virus and the inuenza virus. Enterovirus D68 typically appears in the summer and early fall and presents as a “summer cold.” There has been no major outbreak of the virus since 1987, and because it’s been so long children and teens don’t have immunity against the virus. Children with asthma and respiratory problems are the most likely to catch it, Polsky said, and there have been Approximately 20 cases of limb weakness and paralysis in Colorado and Massachusetts associated with D68. The best way to prevent the spread of the virus is to regularly clean surfaces individuals come into contact with and to encourage people to wash their hands. It is spread by bodily uids, such as saliva. He also addressed the Ebola virus out-  break in Africa and the isolated cases in the United States. The extent of the outbreak in Africa was due in part to a lack of health -care and few preacices in place to prevent the spread of the virus. Ebola has a 21-day incubation periods and presents with u-like symptoms. Only individuals who are symp- tomatic can spread the virus, Polsky said, and like D68, it spreads through bodily uids. Anyone with recent travel (last 21 days) to Liberia, Guinea, or Sierra Leone or has had body uid contact with someone with re -cent travel, should notify the Calvert County Health Department for instructions He urged the BOCC, and the general  public, to keep in mind that unless they have  been to specic areas of Africa or been in contact with individuals with Ebola, they cannot catch it. The third thing Polsky discussed was the inuenza virus. Flu season begins in fall, with the peak season in December through February. He encouraged individuals to get vaccinated as the best preventative measure. If an individual catches the u, the best thing for them to do is stay home until they are no longer contagious. For more information, visit www.co.cal. md.us. sarahmiller@countytimes.net  By Sarah Miller Staff Writer A lot of people have too much stuff! It's too nice to just throw away and a yard sale is a lot of work...so bring it to swap for something you need. Or just bring it so someone else can benet from it. Or come and see if there is something you need. Swaps are a great way to bring new life to idle items. And you'll feel green and great for contributing to an eco-friendly, sustainable community. “It’s what the library’s about,” said Public Relations Coordinator Robyn Truslow. “We like to share out own stuff and we want to encourage everybody else to share too.” The idea for the swap meets came from a training event Truslow attended, she said. These swaps are friendly events and bar-tering is welcome, but exchange of cash is pro-hibited. If anything remains after each swap, the library will be donating the items to a local thrift store or discarding them.Bags and boxes will not be provided so  people are encouraged to bring their own to carry swaps home in. sarahmiler@countytimes.net  Upcoming SWAP Events Celebrate & Decorate  Nov. 3, Calvert Library  Prince Frederick – 7 p.m. Want to refresh your decoration stash or get new costumes for the kids? Join us for a swap of holiday and seasonal decorations, special occasion items (wedding, birthday, themed parties,  baby showers...), costumes and even holiday recipes. Community Seed SWAP Event  Jan. 24, 2015, Calvert Library Southern Branch – 1 p.m. Start saving your seeds for this event. 5 categories of seeds for sharing: na-tive plant seeds, edibles, herbs, annu- als, perennials. For seed saving info, go to http://www.seedsavers.org/Webinar-Archive. Everything But the Kitchen Sink SWAP  April 25, 2015, Calvert Library  Prince Frederick – 10 a.m. Too much stuff in your kitchen, garage or shed? Wishing for something differ  - ent? Bring your clean, unbroken tools, gadgets, etc...to trade! Out of the Pool and Back to School SWAP  July 25, 2015, Calvert Library  Prince Frederick, 10 a.m. Bring your no longer used school sup- plies, sports equipment and school clothes to swap for something you need this school year!
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