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  T HURSDAY ,  N OVEMBER  6, 2014  WWW  . COUNTYTIMES . SOMD . COM Photos by Frank Marquart  GOP SWEEPS Election Coverage Beginning on Page 4  Thursday, November 6, 2014  2 The County Times  2218  4  Local News 10  Cops & Courts 12  Letters 14  Business 16  Education 18  Sports 20  Obituaries 22  Community  23  Home Page 24  Community Calendar 26  Entertainment 27  Entertainment Calendar 28  Games 28  Classifeds 29  Business Directory  30  Senior 30  History  31  Book Review 31  Joyce to the World FREE INIIAL CONSULAION AUTO ACCIDENTS WORKERS’ COMP ã Divorce/Separationã Support/Custodyã Domestic Violenceã Criminal/Trafcã DWI/MVA HearingsPower of Attorneyã Name Change ã Adoptionã Wills ã Guardianship SERVING CHARLES ã ST. MARY’S ã PG ã CALVERT Te Law Offices of P.A. Hotchkiss & Associates Providing Excellent Service For Over 20 Years 99 Smallwood Dr. Waldorf, MD ã 206 Washignton Ave. LaPlata, MD (301) 932-7700 (301) 870-7111 Accepting: Scan this “Times Code” with your smart phone P.O. Box 250Hollywood, Maryland 20636  News, Advertising, Circulation, Classifeds: 301-373-4125 www.countytimes.netFor staff listing and emails, see page 12. Thursday  November 6, 2014 Weather   Watch “Chris Chaffee is leading Steny Hoyer in St. Mary’s County. This place sucks.”  —Democrat Joe Anderson, former County Commissioner, on his party’s performance in the midterm elections.  Thursday, November 6, 2014  3 The County Times  FRESH T UNA ST EAK S $8  88  LB 2   2 da y   sale  U SD C IN SPE C TED RA W  G ULF  SHRIMP $11 88  16 / 2 0  C T LB FRESH SALMON OR CA TFISH FILLE TS $6 88 LB FRESH  TILAPIAFILLE TS $4 88 LB F R E S H C O D  O R  F LO UND E R  F ILLE T S  $ 5  8 8  LB F R E S H  J U MBO  S E A S C ALLO P S  $ 1 2  8 8  U 10  C T  LB FRESH LOCAL O YS TERS $10  8 8  $ 19  8 8  Q UAR T P T   E -Z  P E E L S H R I MP  $ 8  8 8  26  / 30  C T  MCKAY’S 2-DAY SEAFOOD SALE  PA S T E U R I Z E D  L U M P  C RA B  M EA T $10 88  1  L B  C O N TA I N E R   L I M I T  4  * Q uan ti t y righ ts reser ved * No t responsible  for  t ypographical errors * No rainchecks  CA NA D IA N  S N O W  C RA B  L E G  C L U S T E R S $5 8 8  LB LAR GE  SI ZE U S D C  I N S P E C T E D  R AW  G U LF  S H R I MP  $ 7   8 8  4 3 / 50  C T  LB Route 245Hollywood, MD 20636 301-475-2531 Route 5 & Mohawk DriveCharlotte Hall, MD 20622 301-884-5636  The Shops at Breton BayLeonardtown, MD 20650 301-997-1828 FRIDAY NOVEMBER 7, 2014 10 AM - 7 PMSATURDAY NOVEMBER 8, 2014 10 AM - 6 PM  1  L B  BA G  Thursday, November 6, 2014  4  The County Times  Local  NEWS Antiques, Collectibles, & More   SAT, NOV 15, 2014  – 9 am St. Mary’s County Fairgrounds Leonardtown, MD   For more information and pictures, go to: www.FarrellAuctionService.com By Guy LeonardStaff Writer  The Democratic Party brand proved to be a stum- bling block for nearly everyone running under its banner Tuesday night as Republicans swept to victory in county and state elections.Democrat mainstays like Sen. Roy Dyson and Del. John Bohanan went down to defeat.Steve Waugh, of Lusby, will now take over the Dis-trict 29 senate seat for the GOP and Deb Rey, who ran an ardent ground campaign against Bohanan, will take the District 29 B seat.Rey was jubilant in victory but said she could barely  believe she had won out over such an entrenched and well-connected opponent.“It has been unbelievable, truly unbelievable,” Rey said at the Veterans of Foreign Wars post in California Tuesday night. “I’m still in a state of shock.”Rey said Bohanan called at about 10:20 p.m. and conceded the race to her; she said she still sought his advice in lling the position he had long held. Rey said she was anxious to take the job, though she knew she had much to learn.“With each job there’s new challenges,” Rey said. “You learn how to do it and then you move on.”The race in 29 B was one of the closest of the night with Rey besting Bohanan by only 115 votes; only near the end of the night did Rey pull ahead of the Democrat incumbent.Republicans also handily claimed victory in all of the commissioner races with Randy Guy, who spent comparatively little on the campaign, defeating two-term incumbent Francis Jack Russell for the commis-sioner presidency. In the District 1 race, Tom Jarboe defeated Merl Ev-ans by a more than 2-to-1 margin, while the District 2 race between Mike Hewitt, a local small business owner and Bob Schaller, former county economic development director, was closer, but Hewitt still won with about 57  percent of the vote. Newcomer John O’Connor also defeated well-known county resident and former Metropolitan Com-mission Board Chair Joe St. Clair in the District 3 race with about 56 percent of the vote.O’Connor was another candidate who also reported spending very little on the campaign trail.Todd Eberly, professor of political science at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, said the election was a re- pudiation of not just Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown but of the Obama Administration.On state house races, he said, the continual shift to the GOP in St. Mary’s was responsible for Democrat losses but he was not sure if Rey’s victory was a sure thing.“Let’s wait and see what the absentee votes tell us,” Eberly said.Bohanan, though, said he believed that the number of absentee ballots in his district would not help him claim victory.“That’s not enough to overcome the difference,” he said Wednesday. “I’ll keep the full time job I have [as senior staff member for Hoyer], working it hard and that’s it.”As for St. Mary’s County’s political position after the election, it will likely be even stronger, Eberly said now that Larry Hogan is governor.Waugh, Rey and District 29A winner Matt Morgan will comprise an entirely Republican county delegation.“They will be part of a team working with Hogan,” Eberly said. “That changes the calculus.“We might actually see our governor for a change.”Hogan’s governorship might even result in much in-creased transportation funding for the county.“God knows we need some new roads and bridges down here,” Eberly said. He heaped as much praise on Hogan’s campaign as he did scorn for Brown’s.“Hogan ran a great campaign that was incredibly focused and he refused to let Brown knock him off his message,” Eberly said.Hogan continually hacked away at Brown’s connec-tion to Gov. Martin O’Malley’s administration, which taxed and spent heavily and favored heavy business regulation.Moreover, Brown continually tried to interject fears that Hogan would try to reverse gun control legislation and abridge a woman’s right to an abortion; a strategy that failed to gain traction, Eberly said.“Brown’s campaign was a big hot mess, it was a god-awful campaign,” he said. “It was fatally awed.” The GOP label even helped sweep other newcom- ers to politics into ofce like Christy Kelly, who ran for county treasurer.She beat Democrat Carrie Swartz by a 2-to-1 mar-gin even though Swartz received outgoing Treasurer Jan  Norris’ endorsement. Norris is retiring after 20 years in the ofce.Unafliated treasurer candidate Steve Gelrud gar  -nered 3,699 votes.Democrat incumbents Linda Dean and Bill Mat-tingly, judges in the Orphan’s Court, were also pushed aside by GOP candidates A. “Allie” Babcock, Michael R. White and incumbent Dalton Wood.“It was just a good night in the state for Republi-cans,” Eberly said.  guyleonard@countytimes.net  Republicans Sweep Major Races in St. Mary’s  Photos by Frank Marquart 
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