2014-2015 Ieee Matlab Projects Lists

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  GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG   Mobile: (0) 9666155510   2014 IEEE Projects @ GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES   S.NO Project Code IEEE 2014 MATLAB Project Titles   Domain Lang/Year IEEE 2014 MATLAB IMAGE PROCESSING PROJECTS   1 GSTMIP1401 3D Visual Activity Assessment Based on Natural Scene Statistics  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 2 GSTMIP1402  A Bit Allocation Method for Sparse Source Coding  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB  3 GSTMIP1403  A Blind Dynamic Fingerprinting Technique for Sequential Circuit Intellectual Property Protection  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB  4 GSTMIP1404  A Distributed Reflector Localization Approach to Ultrasonic Array Imaging in Non-Destructive Testing  Applications  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB  5 GSTMIP1405  A Fine-Grained Image Categorization System by Cellet-Encoded Spatial Pyramid Modeling  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB  6 GSTMIP1406  A Fragile Watermarking Algorithm for Hologram  Authentication  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB  7 GSTMIP1407  A Hybrid Scheme for Authenticating Scalable Video Code streams  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB  8 GSTMIP1408  A Joint FED Watermarking System Using Spatial Fusion for Verifying the Security Issues of Teleradiology  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB  9 GSTMIP1409  A Lossless Tagged Visual Cryptography Scheme  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB  10 GSTMIP1410  A Low-Power Contrast Enhancement Algorithm Using Histogram Segmentation and Circuit Implementation for AMOLED Applications  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB    GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG   Mobile: (0) 9666155510   11 GSTMIP1411  A MAP-Based Image Interpolation Method via Viterbi Decoding of Markov Chains of Interpolation Functions  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB  14 GSTMIP1414  A Metacognitive Complex-Valued Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Inference System  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB  13 GSTMIP1413  A Method to Standardize Quantification of Left Atrial Scar From Delayed-Enhancement MR Images  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB  14 GSTMIP1414  A Multiple-Feature and Multiple-Kernel Scene Segmentation Algorithm for Humanoid Robot  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB  15 GSTMIP1415  A New Iterative Triclass Thresholding Technique in Image Segmentation  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB  16 GSTMIP1416  A New Secure Image Transmission Technique via Secret-Fragment-Visible Mosaic Images by Nearly Reversible Color Transformations  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB  17 GSTMIP1417  A Novel Eye Localization Method with Rotation Invariance  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB  18 GSTMIP1418  A Novel Joint Data-Hiding and Compression Scheme Based on SMVQ and Image Inpainting  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB  19 GSTMIP1419  A Novel Local Pattern Descriptor  — Local Vector Pattern in High-Order Derivative Space for Face Recognition  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB  20 GSTMIP1420  A Rain Pixel Recovery Algorithm for Videos With Highly Dynamic Scenes  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB  21 GSTMIP1421  A Unified Data Embedding and Scrambling Method  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB  22 GSTMIP1422  A Weighted Optimization Approach to Time-of-Flight Sensor Fusion  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB  23 GSTMIP1423  Adaptive Image Resizing Based on Continuous-Domain Stochastic Modeling  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB    GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG   Mobile: (0) 9666155510   24 GSTMIP1424  Adaptive Weight Allocation-Based Subpixel Rendering  Algorithm  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB  25 GSTMIP1425  Alignment, Representation, and Recognition  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB  26 GSTMIP1426  An Analysis and Method for Contrast Enhancement Turbulence Mitigation  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 27 GSTMIP1427  An Analytical Model for Synthesis Distortion Estimation in 3D Video  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 28 GSTMIP1428  An Automatic Graph-Based Approach for Artery/Vein Classification in Retinal Images  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 29 GSTMIP1429  An Automatic Mass Detection System In Mammograms Based On Complex Texture Features  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 30 GSTMIP1430  An Efficient Visibility Enhancement Algorithm for Road Scenes Captured by Intelligent Transportation Systems  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 31 GSTMIP1431  An Evaluation of Low-Rank Mahalanobis Metric Learning Techniques for Hyperspectral Image Classification  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 32 GSTMIP1432  An Unbiased Risk Estimator for Image Denoising in the Presence of Mixed Poisson  – Gaussian Noise  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 33 GSTMIP1433  An Unsupervised Feature Selection Dynamic Mixture Model for Motion Segmentation  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 34 GSTMIP1434  Analog Joint Source Channel Coding for Wireless Optical Communications and Image Transmission  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 35 GSTMIP1435  Angular Pattern and Binary Angular Pattern for Shape Retrieval  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 36 GSTMIP1436  Application Of Cross Wavelet Transform For Ecg Pattern Analysis And Classification IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB  GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG   Mobile: (0) 9666155510   37 GSTMIP1437  ATD: A Multiplatform For Semiautomatic 3-D Detection Of Kidneys And Their Pathology In Real Time IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 38 GSTMIP1438  Atrial Electrical Activity Detection Using Linear Combination Of 12-Lead Ecg Signals  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 39 GSTMIP1439  Attention Driven Foveated Video Quality Assessment  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 40 GSTMIP1440  Attenuation Correction Synthesis For Hybrid PET-MR Scanners: Application To Brain Studies  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 41 GSTMIP1441  Augmented Complex Common Spatial Patterns For Classification Of Noncircular Eeg From Motor Imagery Tasks  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 42 GSTMIP1442  Automated Adjustment of Region-Based Active Contour Parameters Using  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 43 GSTMIP1443  Automated Characterization Of Breast Lesions Imaged With An Ultrafast Dce-Mr Protocol  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 44 GSTMIP1444  Automated Detection Of Driver Fatigue Based On Entropy And Complexity Measures  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 45 GSTMIP1445  Automated Detection Of Perturbed Cardiac Physiology During Oral Food Allergen Challenge In Children  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 46 GSTMIP1446  Automated Polyp Detection In Colon Capsule Endoscopy  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 47 GSTMIP1447  Automatic Construction Of 3-D Building Model From  Airborne LIDAR Data Through 2-D Snake Algorithm  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 48 GSTMIP1448  Automatic Tuberculosis Screening Using Chest Radiographs  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 49 GSTMIP1449 Band-Reweighed Gabor Kernel Embedding for Face Image Representation and Recognition  IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 50 GSTMIP1450 Blind Image Quality Assessment Using the Joint IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB
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