2014 - 6 Dec- Div Lit- St Nicholas

Greek Orthodox Christian Festal Divine Liturgy in honour of St Nicholas of Myra on 6 December
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  100   F ESTAL D IVINE L ITURGY –   S T N ICHOLAS OF M  YRA  -   6   D ECEMBER   A  ftos Evlogison ke tous artous toutous, ton siton ton inon ke to eleon, ke plithinon afta en ti poli, hora ke kinotiti tafti, tis ikis tis prosenegkoasi ta dora tafta, ke is ton kosmon Sou apanta, ke tous ex afton metalamvanontas pistous doulous Sou Agiason.  O  ti Si i O Evlogon ke Agiazon ta simpanta, Hriste O Theos imon, ke Si tin doxan anapempomen sin to Anarho Sou Patri, ke to Panagio ke Agatho ke Zoopio Sou Pnevmati, nin ke ai, ke is tous eonas ton eonon. A  min D o Thou, the same Lord, Bless these loaves, the wheat, the wine and the olive oil, and multiply them in this city, country and Parish, in the homes of those who have brought these gifts and in all Thy World; and Sanctify all Thy Faithful Servants who partake of them. F or it is Thee, O Christ our God, Who Bless and Sanctify all things,    and to Thee we ascribe Glory, together with Thy Beginningless Father and Thine All Holy and Good and Life-giving Spirit, now and ever, and to the ages of ages. PEOPLE A  men   T HE P RIEST KISSES ONE OF THE LOAVES BEFORE PRESENTING IT TO THE DONOR   P  lousii eptohefsan ke epinasan, i de ekzitountes ton Kyrion, ouk elattothrisonte pantos agathou W ealthy ones went bankrupt and met starvation; but all those who seek the Lord, shall never be in want of any good thing  RETURN TO   PAGE 102   FOR THE DISMISSAL PRAYERS & BLESSINGS Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria & All Africa  Advent Divine Liturgy 6 December St Nicholas of Myra


Jul 23, 2017
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