2014 - 9 Dec - Conception Theotokos

Greek Orthodox Christian Festal Matins Hymns for 9 December 2014, Conception of our Lady Theotokos
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  12. F ESTAL M  ATINS H  YMNS –   C ONCEPTION OF T HEOTOKOS -   9   D ECEMBER   BBB y  y  y  t t t  h  h  h e e e  G G G r r r  a  a  a c c c e e e  o o o  f   f   f   G G G o o o  d  d  d   C OMPILED ,    A  DAPTED ,   E DITED &   P RINTED B  Y M  ARGUERITE P  AIZIS    A  RCHONDISSA    &   T EACHER B  Y D IVINE G RACE  G REEK O RTHODOX P  ATRIARCHATE O F  A  LEXANDRIA &    A  LL  A  FRICA  A  RCHDIOCESE O F G OOD H OPE  H OLY C HURCH O F T HE D ORMITION O F T HE M OTHER O F G OD  P O B OX 28348   S UNRIDGE P  ARK 6008   R EPUBLIC O F S OUTH  A  FRICA    MARGUERITE . PAIZIS @ GMAIL . COM   OR DOWNLOAD DIRECTLY FROM  WWW  . SCRIBD . COM  /  WRITERS 4574 R E - EDITED &   P UBLISHED -   05   N OVEMBER 2014   Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria & All Africa Festal Matins Hymns U SED IN C ONJUNCTION WITH THE M  ATINS S ERVICE B OOK     9 December C ONCEPTION OF OUR E  VER B LESSED L  ADY T HEOTOKOS BY S T  A  NNA &    S T J OACHIM    A  LSO THE F EAST OF S T J OHN C HRYSOSTOM ,   T RANSLATION OF H OLY R ELICS –   S T H  ANNAH ,   R IGHTEOUS M OTHER OF S T S  AMUEL ,   H OLY P ROPHET OF G OD –   S T S OPHRONIOS OF C  YPRUS –   S T S TEPHEN THE N EW L IGHT OF C ONSTANTINOPLE –   S T  A  NTHIMOS THE F OOL FOR C HRIST OF M OUNT  A  THOS K   ATAVASIAS OF THE N  ATIVITY –  THE O DES   Our Eternal Gratitude to Pater Seraphim Dedes & all the contributing Translators elsewhere for the original Greek & English texts and for making our Worship a little easier to understand, to participate and to appreciate. Glory to God for His Great Mercy! Source: s N OT F OR M  ATERIAL P ROFIT  
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