2014 Import Admission

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  6 Sunday’s Practical and Complete CERTIFICATE COURSE IN IMPORT USINESS FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY  Received on: __ November, 2014 Application Number __________ Government of India’s Foreign Trade poli! #$%&$' F.T.D.C is a registered societyF.T.D.C is a registered societyAn autonomous body registered under Ministry of commerce and industry, IEC holderAn autonomous body registered under Ministry of commerce and industry, IEC holder   A((LICATION FOR (ARTICI(ATION IN I)(ORT COURSE ToThe DirectorF.T.D.C,Punjabi Bhawan,LudhianaSub: Admission for 6Sunda! s Certificate Course in #m$ort Business %ana&ementSir,# wish to join the abo'e trainin& $ro&ram and re(uestin& !ou to consider m! a$$)ication. %! detai)s are &i'en be)ow.*.+ame: %r. %s.-.Father s name.Com$)ete address ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////0.%obi)e +umber1.A&e2ender6.3ua)ification45$erience #f an!78.9eather SCSTBCP;. 4nc)ose Proof7<.Product se)ected to im$ort=.Pa!ment Detai)s for course fee a.Amount in #>s??????????????????????????????b.%ode of $a!ment @ CAS;D>AFT ?????????????????c.Draft +umber ???????????????????????????d.Drawn on Ban ??????????????????????????.# hereb! dec)are that a)) the information $ro'ided b! me is true and subject to the 'erification of FTDC. #understand that, as $er the ru)e of the FTDC.i.The course fees once $aid is not refundab)e under an! circumstances.ii.# wi)) co))ect m! certificate within * month from the date of dec)aration of the resu)t fai)in& whichFTDC sha)) not entertain an! (uer! in this res$ect.iii.Fees once $aid is non adjustab)e or transferab)eDated: P)ace: !Si nature o# Applicant$  FOREI%N TRA&E &E'E(OPMENT COUNCI( AT: P+AB# B;A9A+, LD;#A+A FEES RECEIPT Dated: /////////////////////////Seat +o://////////>ecei'ed with thans from %r%s.////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// >s.////////////// For admission to Certificate in #m$ort Business %ana&ement startin& E= +o'ember -E*0 at Punjabi bhawan, Ludhiana, he)d for 6 Sunda!sP)ease ee$ and brin& this recei$t in ori&ina) Si&nature of Admission #n char&e7 COURSE CONTENT   A brief   economic background to imports– primary and secondary imports –  Business tour Visit to CHINA, Thailand or UAE would be planned as per the joining Group oi!e E*erise  – $##+ (RACTICAL (RE(RATIONS , Risk valuation , !rom #ere $ndia imports$mport controls , T-e Terms of .eliver! % &#e Ne $ncoterm' 2010 Rules % (escription o) rules – *+, !-, .$!, , $nternational &rade .odes / .lassi)ication , 3re)erential trade agreements , At/al $nternational $mport .orrespondence , At/al $nternational &ele calling communication ,  A& registration 5 Re)und , 6cise registration and re)und , 3rice negotiation it# overseas buyer , -ecoming Agent , $mports under di))erent government sc#emes 3.7 c#eme, (uty 6emption c#eme  And Advance 8icensing9 , $mport duty calculation ./ties % .alculation o) duty and A& –Anti (umping (uty % uspension and (e)erment o) duty – duty managementNegative product T-e Origin 0/estion  % +#ere do goods srcinate – #y is it important – #o to establis# srcination % pre)erential trading – srcin documentation , .ustom possession o) goods , ources o) $n)ormation )or imports , election criteria o) e6porter /+#at to see , !inding 7enuine 6porters S/pplier and (rod/t  % $ndirect and direct importing – uality issues%&#e importing )undamentals%type o) supplier%moral and et#ical considerations%sources o) #elp%product risk%instructing t#e supplier , &erms o) $mport &rade , International (a!ments12an3ing4 % 3ayment options )or importers% (ocumentary .redits %(ocumentary re;uirements % -ills o) 6c#ange and dra)ts – (ocumentary .ollections % 8<. opening, =aking 3ayments – &&, 8oans , 6c#ange rates: !luctuations risk 5 !or ard 6c#ange cover , Risks o) importing , $nspection o) goods , ig# sea sales , T-e role of freig-t for5arders and learing agents % #ipping agents and airline )or arders – #o do t#ey cost )or carriage % #at is an >agent? – direct and indirect contracting – t#e role o) clearing agent %% (uty o) s#ipping .ompany  , Role o) packing in import clearance , #ipping terms and met#ods o) transportation Cargo Ins/rane % !or arders cover % open cover , $mport documentation , T-e Role of C/stoms % customs procedures % classi)ication and commodity codes – customs procedure codes %%.ustom clearance 3rocedure @ 3ayment o) duties ,  Anti (umping (uties ,  A& re)unds , !inancing , ./t! Relief Regimes  % $n ard processing Relie) –.ustoms +are#ousing % -onded are#ouses , &aking possession o) goods customs , Import  documentation Import .elarations  % &#e se;uence o) events – (eclaration options % .ustoms !reig#t impli)ied 3rocedures%(eclaration documents Liensing and 0/otas % +#y do e need licenses % &#e licensing bodies (a3ing la5 in india  6ISITS : to s#ipping o))ice, .A, inspection companies, banks )or )orms, .ustoms ports, under practical s#aping is e6pected )rom students    Addition of s!lla7/s as per st/dent’s re8/irement 5it- $ to $ assistane &#anks )or interest in !&(. – Central Institute of oreign Trade    &#ere is no course practically devoted Bust )or import9 No university or institute teac#es course devoted to import9ome o) you mig#t consider, import e6port as one term +#ereas, import is totally di))erent )rom e6port&#ats #y companies keep di))erent persons )or import and e6port&#oug# t#ey are similar in orldly sense, but a lot o) di))erence.erti)icate in import business #elp understand, #o to manage, earn pro)it, sa)eguard )rom pit)alls o) import anddocumentation$nside t#e course:&#e .erti)icate $mport -usiness =anagement 5 (ocumentation is tailored to meet re;uirements o) entrepreneurs,  orking candidates, students 5 teac#ers9ince inception !&(. #as been running $mport management #ic# #ad strived to ensure t#at it remains uni;ue9 .erti)icate $mport -usiness =anagement 5 (ocumentation is mi6 o) 3ractical, !oreign &rade 8a , 7roup (iscussion5 practical based, blended it# .A &C($ 6 Sunday’s !A&   TRACK   course is seminar based teac#ing imparted by t#e )aculty it# 12 year practical e6perience inimport e6port industry9 !&(. An autonomous body registered under Ministry of commerce and industryAn autonomous body registered under Ministry of commerce and industryDirector General of Foreign Trade & Micro mall & Medium Enter!rises, CTI, IT#$Director General of Foreign Trade & Micro mall & Medium Enter!rises, CTI, IT#$ 
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