20141015-G. H. Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B. to Mr Peter Walsh Re Safe Drink Water Act 2003-Etc-EWOV Case Number 2014-317-Supplement-01

Safe Water Act 2003 is it worth the paper it is written upon, one may ask?
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   Page 1 15-10-2014 INSPECTOR-RIKATI ® about the BLACK HOLE in the CONSTITUTION-DVD   A 1 st  edition limited special numbered book on Data DVD  ISBN 978-0-9803712-6-0 PLEASE NOTE : You may order books in the INSPECTOR-RIKATI® series  by making a reservation, E-mail See also,    1 WITHOUT PREJUDICE 2 The Hon. Peter Walsh, MP  15-10-2014 3  4 5 Cc: Christine Fyffe, Speaker  6 Cynthia Gebert - Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria)  7 Mr D. Napthine Premier of Victoria 8 Treasurer Michael O’Brien  9 Mr Geoff Shaw  10 Daniel Andrews leader ALP 11 Robert Clark Attorney General  12 Louise Asher  13 Bruce Atkinson   14 Matthew Johnston 15 David Hurley  16 Mr Ken Smith 17,,,  18,,  19,,  20,,,  21 edward.o',, 22,,,  23,,  24,,  25  26 27 Ref; 20141015-   G. H. Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B. to Mr Peter Walsh Re Safe Drink Water Act 2003-etc- EWOV 28 Case Number 2014/317-Supplement-01 29 Peter, 30 I by way of 21-9-2014 correspondence, to which copies were also forwarded to those listed 31 in the heading, wrote to you regarding the issue of the “ Safe Drink Water Act 2003  ”, the non -32 compliance by GWMWater as it had admitted in documentation published by it that it provided 33 “ untreated   water” , the fact I had fallen seriously ill after having consumed some of the 34 “ untreated   water” etc, your office responded that this matter was an issue for the health 35 Department and my correspondence was forwarded to the Department of Health. It appears to me 36 the Department of Health isn‘t that concerned about matters as by the date of writing this 37 correspondence I have had no communication from the Minister of Health or its Department. 38 Perhaps, might it be that the Minister of Health in view of the coming State election next month 39 desires to protract any investigation and rather risk the health and wellbeing of Victorians and 40 others then perhaps expose your role in it all and any wrongdoing? 41 In my view you did a cop out to claim it was a Health department issue where if the EWOV 42 (Energy Water Ombudsman Victoria) is to be believed you actually played a major part in it all. 43 Where then I had written extensively to you about numerous issues didn’t you come clean and 44 reveal your true (alleged) involvement as referred to by the EWOV? 45 The conduct of the EWOV also has been questioned by me as I view it seems to be bias toward 46  possible concealment of relevant details and seeking to railroad my complaint, as I wrote to the 47 EWOV already in the past. As I did set out the EWOV indicated to dispose of my complaint 48  because of clause 4.2e that it cannot enforce/consider legislative provisions, but somehow then 49   Page 2 15-10-2014 INSPECTOR-RIKATI ® about the BLACK HOLE in the CONSTITUTION-DVD   A 1 st  edition limited special numbered book on Data DVD  ISBN 978-0-9803712-6-0 PLEASE NOTE : You may order books in the INSPECTOR-RIKATI® series  by making a reservation, E-mail See also,  such as now in its most recent response to me claims that GWMWater relies upon your 50 determination to be excluded from compliance with the Safe Drink Water Act 2003  . As such, it 51 seeks to use clause 4.2e against me as the complainant but not likewise against GWMWater. 52 Moreover, it indirectly causes me to do all the research rather than that it appropriately 53 investigate all relevant details and present a comprehensive findings to me. How on earth can any 54 sane person expect every Victorian to research h to great extend details at considerable time loss 55 and delays caused by Departments to respond, etc, whereas the Ombudsman can merely request 56 the same details/information and be provided with it in a very short period of time? 57 It should be understood and also considered that where a household needs to boil water then the 58 loss of time doing so and the additional cost on gas/electricity can be considerable. While 59 GWMWater claims it provides a lesser charge for “untreated water” in reality this is useless as if 60 a family has to travel and purchase safe drinking water in bulk then the cheaper rate is not 61 applicable. Where a family has no transport to obtain safe drinking water from elsewhere then 62 then the burden to boil water such as for bathing a baby can be very burdensome and slow 63  process when also safe drinking water is needed for other purposes. And, a reality is that boiling 64 doesn’t get rid of the chemical impurities that often are found in water in country area’s where 65 the use of chemicals is considerable. As such long term use of “ untreated    but boiled water” can 66  be very harmful to residents. And the Department of Health Victoria warns against using 67 untreated water because of chemicals that may be in the “untreated water” from farms, etc.  What 68 also should be considered is that GWMWater pursues to charge for providing “ untreated   water” 69 while failing to comply with the Safe Drink Water Act 2003   since 2004 as to provide safe drink 70 water. It is one thing for country residents who have no water pipe connections to a water 71 supplier to use bore water and/or purchase safe drinking water from a water supplier but it is 72 another th ing to be stung by a water supplier for unwanted “ untreated   water”  and so connection 73 charges in blatant violation of the 2003 Safe Drink Water Act 2003   and then having to incur cost 74 to purchase safe drink water. There are people in other parts of Victoria who have no water pipe 75 connections to any water supplier and do not get charges for any alleged water supply system and 76 as such besides bore water can afford to purchase water from a water supplier, if needed. 77 It should be understood that the srcinal dispute with GWMWater was the billing. I 78 objected to paying for services not rendered as required by the provisions of the Safe Drink 79 Water Act 2003  , and other related issues, and to pay for an account that was on my son’s 80 name. The EWOV totally side stepped this billing issue! As such, the issue about the 81 “untreated water” is in support of my dispute regarding charges by GWMWater!   82 83   84 QUOTE 85 86  Are you using unsafe 87 river water in your home?  88 this information sheet is designed to inform people living in or visiting rural 89 communities about the health risks associated with taking water from rivers and 90 streams for domestic use. 91 Is it safe to use untreated water from a 92 river or stream? 93   Page 3 15-10-2014 INSPECTOR-RIKATI ® about the BLACK HOLE in the CONSTITUTION-DVD   A 1 st  edition limited special numbered book on Data DVD  ISBN 978-0-9803712-6-0 PLEASE NOTE : You may order books in the INSPECTOR-RIKATI® series  by making a reservation, E-mail See also,  Water from rivers and streams may contain harmful microorganisms and chemicals that can make 94 people sick. Even in remote areas away from human habitation, harmful microorganisms from native 95 animals are still a potential source of illness and, as waterways get closer to farming activities and 96 country communities, the risk increases due to runoff from farms, houses and commercial activities. 97 It is important to note that: 98 ã Consuming untreated river or stream water may lead to  severe illness (for example, gastroenteritis). 99 Children, the elderly, pregnant women and people with suppressed immunity are the most vulnerable. 100 ã Guests or visito rs may also become ill if they consume untreated river or stream water. 101 The risk of contamination increases when it rains, and during floods, as stormwater washes materials 102 from tracks and roads into rivers and streams. Additionally, flooded properties often result in farm 103 chemicals and sewage from septic tanks being washed into waterways. 104  Another possible risk is from blue-green algae, which can be toxic to humans, domestic pets and stock. 105 These can grow in dams, streams and even in unroofed water tanks under the right conditions. 106 For these reasons, untreated raw water should not be directly piped into homes or taken from rivers and 107 streams for drinking, or used in the kitchen or bathroom. 108 Will boiling river water make it safe? 109 Boiling river water only kills harmful microorganisms. As water from rivers and streams in rural areas 110 may also contain chemicals from activities such as farming, boiling the water will not effectively remove 111 the chemical hazard (algal toxins could also be released to the water if blue-green algae are present). 112 Can I treat river water to make it safe? 113 It is possible to treat water to remove some harmful microorganisms and chemicals. However, this is a 114 specialist task that requires expensive filters and disinfection systems, and a degree of expertise to 115 operate and maintain. These treatment systems also have their limitations and therefore may not 116 remove all harmful microorganisms and chemicals. 117 What is the best way to source safe water 118 where town water is not available? 119 Rainwater collected from your roof has been used for many generations in rural communities and is 120 recognised as the most reliable and safest way to source water where a town drinking water supply is 121 not available. Groundwater can also be of high quality if bores are well maintained and protected. 122 For more information see the Department of Health publication Your private drinking water supply  , 123 available online at < 124 your_private_drinking_water_supply.pdf>. If your tank runs out of water, emergency supplies of drinking 125 water can be obtained from local water carters. Contact your local water corporation for details of local 126 water carters, or look up the telephone directory under water carters. 127 Where can I find more information about 128 drinking water safety? 129 Department of Health 130 ã   131 ã Environmental Health Unit on 1300 761 874   132 Your council Environmental Health Officer 133 For your local council contact details refer to your localtelephone directory or refer to the Department of 134 Planning and Community Development (DPCD) website at <>. 135  Authorised by the Victorian Government, Melbourne March 2011 (1010032) 136  Accessibility   137 END QUOTE  138 139 Safe Drink Water Act 2003    140 QUOTE 141 PART 2  —  RISK MANAGEMENT PLANS 142 Division 1  —  Requirement to Have Plan 143 7. Water suppliers must prepare, implement and review 144 risk management plans 145 (1) A water supplier must  —   146 (a) prepare a risk management plan in relation to its supply of drinking water and regulated 147 water to the public; and 148 (b) implement the plan and comply with any requirements set out in the plan; and 149 (c) keep the plan under continuous review with a view to updating and improving it; and 150 (d) revise any aspect of the plan that is found, on review, to need revision. 151  Note: Section 9 sets out what a risk management plan is, and what it must contain. 152   Page 4 15-10-2014 INSPECTOR-RIKATI ® about the BLACK HOLE in the CONSTITUTION-DVD   A 1 st  edition limited special numbered book on Data DVD  ISBN 978-0-9803712-6-0 PLEASE NOTE : You may order books in the INSPECTOR-RIKATI® series  by making a reservation, E-mail See also,  (2) A water supplier must comply with subsection 153 (1)  —   154 (a) in the case of a person who was a water supplier immediately before 1 July 2004, on or 155  before 1 July 2005; and 156 (b) in any other case, within 12 months after the date the person becomes a water supplier. 157 END QUOTE 158 159 EWOV 13-10-2014 response to Mr G. H. Schorel-Hlavka 160 QUOTE 161 Our ref. 2014/317  162 163 13 October 2014  164 165 Dear Mr Schorel-Hlavka  166 167 Your complaint  168 I am writing to update you on the progress of your complaint (2014/317) with the Energy and Water 169 Ombudsman (Victoria) (EWOV) about Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water (GWMW).  170 171 Thank you for your email response on 1 October 2014 which included your concerns involving 172 GWMW and the Safe Drinking Water Act 2003 .  173 174 EWOV has contacted GWMW regarding this matter and it has provided the following response to the 175 issues raised.  176 177 Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water ‘s response 178 1.   GWMW does not believe that the Drinking Water Act 2003 applies in this instance.  179 180 2.   GWMW has advised Clause 6 of the Safe Drinking Water Act 2003 states:  181    Declaration concerning regulated water   182 1)   The Minister may, by notice published in the Government Gazette, declare any water that is 183 not drinking water to be regulated water for the purposes of this Act.  184 2)   The Minister may only make a declaration in relation to particular water if the Minister is 185 satisfied that the water may be supplied to the public in circumstances in which it may be 186 mistaken as being drinking water.  187 3)   In making a declaration, the Minister may identify the water that is the subject of the 188 declaration by reference to its source, its method of supply, its composition or in any other 189 way the Minister considers to be appropriate.  190 191 3.   GWMW confirmed the water supply in Berriwillock was declared regulated on 29 June 2007 in 192 the Victorian Government Gazette no. S143.  193 194 4.   GWMW advised its risk management plan in Berriwillock includes: the annual issue of an 195 untreated water supply notice to residents, signage on all publicly accessible taps in association 196 with the relevant Councils and untreated water supply advice on all customer accounts in these 197 towns. 198 199 5.   GWMW advised it received a compliant result in the 2014 Regulatory Audit.  200 201 6.   GWMW advised its current five year Water Plan includes no intention to provide drinking water 202 to Berriwillock between 2013 and 2018.  203

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