Adam Meltz aka Adam Tunesz
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  OBTSNumber PROBABLE CAUSE AFFIDAVIT -~ 1. Amlsl 3, Request for WalTllflt 2. N.T.A. 4. Request for Cspias 1 JUVENILE A o~A~g-ency-- O~R~IN~um~oo- -------------..~Ag-ency~N~ame__. ____________________________ ...,...A_ge-ncy-Repo--rt-N-um-oo-r-----------'---.L..----.l-.--1 M L 0500800 WEST PALM BEACH POUCE DEPARTMENT 9 2010 0008921. I t------=:---------1o--::::-------------=:::---'-;..._---------;..;_;..;_&.....;;--1,_;;_,_-F-;;...:::..;;.....;;...;;...;;...:;_;;;..;;;;,;;;... ____________ I N Charge Type: D 1. Felony IJl 3 Misdemeanor D 5. Ordinance Special Notes: Chedl s m ny as apply. D 2. Traffic Felony D 4. Traffic Misdemeanor D 6. Olher o Name Lasl, First, Mkklle) Alias Race Sex Date of Birth MELTZ ADAM R w M 10 16 1978 c Charge Descripllon H ~ 843.02 RESIST OBSTRUCT OFFICER W /0 VIOLENCE G Charge Description E s V idim's Nama (Lasl, First, Mkklle) v State Of Florida c Local Address (Stroet, Apt. Number) T ~ Business Address (Name, Street) City) City) Charge Descripllon Charge Description Race Sex Date of Birth (S1ate) (Zip) Phone Address Source (State) (Zip) Phone The undersigned certifies and swears that he/she has just and resonable grounds to believe, and does believe that the above named Defendant committed the roUOWing violation of law. The Person taken into custody ã D committed the below acts in my presence. D was observed by who told D confessed to that he/she saw the arrested person commltt the below acts. admitting to the below racts. c was found to have committed the below acts, resulting from my described) investigation. On the _2=8_ day of 'M--'- 'a y __ 2010 at 00:33 Specifically include facts constituting cause for arrest.) On Thursday, May, 27th 2010 at 2302 I was dispatched to Clear Lakes Palm Condo, 437 Executive Center Drive in reference to a male calling police advising that his friend Stephanie Yawn was causing a disturbance inside his residence and that Yawn was making P threats to kill herself. R 0 e Upon arrival units made contact with the male later identified as Adam Meltz, and ~ Stephanie Yawn. Both Yawn and Meltz appeared to be under the influences of an alcoholic L substance. I attempted to separate Yawn and Meltz to ascertain reasons Meltz felt that E Yawn would kill herself. While attempting to separate Yawn, Meltz became very defensive; advising that he called the police and that he should be able to listen to awn~s account. c I made several attempts for Meltz to stay where he was, Meltz refused and continue shout A u I called the police . I informed Meltz that in order for me to be properly make a s determination to Baker Act Yawn, I would have to speak to her without him present. Meltz E shouted My uncle is a cop in Broward; he will have your racist ass job by the morning . 8 Meltz took and aggressive stance, while shouting I fucking called the police . Meltz was T taken into custody without further incident. A T E Based on the above mentioned case facts I believe white male Adam Meltz did knowingly and M willfully resist, obstruct or oppose I Officer J Louis #1774, a law enforcement officer of E N the west Palm Beach Police Department, in the execution of a legal process or in the T lawful duty, without offering or doing violence to the person of such officers, contrary to FSS 843.02 A D M I N I s T R A T I v E COURT CENTRAL RECORDS NAME OF OFFICER (PLEASE PRINT) 05/28/2010 DATE JAIL CRIME ANALYSIS PAGE 1 OF 1 P.1.0.  ' I iii · ã Judge Ted Booras November 7, 2010 202 N Dixie Highway Room 22300 West Palm Beach, FL 33401 Case 2010MM009161 To the Honorable Judge Ted Booras. I am writing in regards to case 2010MM009161. I would first like to apologize to the court and your honor for not appearing when summoned, therefore wasting your valuable time. I missed my court date on July 22, 2010, relatea to a misdemeanor charge of resisting an officer. Directly fter this incident, I went into a severe depression, having had Bi-Polar disease for 13 years. I was unable to work or in anyway perform my basic day to day responsibilites. Attached is a letter regarding this m tter from my phychiatrist Dr Hartman MD. I have since received help, and in no way plan to disrespect the court by not showing up for any summons necessary. I am only asking you give me the time to prove I am willing and capable of resolving this issue without a warrant over this matter. I understand and am willing to do whatever the court asks I would just be very grateful for this chance. Thank you for your time and patience. Sincererly, Case 2010MM009161 AdamR.M:z ~ ~ J?5l ~ i1L JID FJ 3 3 3 ldl · 7 -I -I - q f -/. 3    . , . c'HILDREN & FAMILIES PA 311° N. STATE ROAD 7 · PLANTATION FL 33317 September 22, 201 O Dear Adam R Meltz · The following is information about your eligibility. Food Stamps . . Notice of Case Action state of Florida Department of Children and Families Case: 1317157214 ADAM R MELTZ 2751 SUNRISE LAKES DR E 110 SUNRISE FL 33322 We have reviewed your eligibility and found that your Food Stamps benefits will stay the same. Name Adam Meltz Status Eligible Phone: 8.66) 762-2237 Did you know you now have an on-line .account with us? Go to You will need number, 1317157214, to activate your My ACCESS Account. For Food Stamp benefits, the only change you must report is when your household's monthly gross income is more than your income limit.of 0.00. You must report this change within.10 days following the end of the month the change happens. If you fail to report changes as required, or if the information you provide is not correct, you may have to · repay any benefits you receive for which you were not eligible and you may be prosecuted for fraud. ff you have access to a computer, you may report your changes online at the ACCESS Florida web site You may also report changes by calling the ACCESS Florida Customer Call Center toll free at 1-866-762-2237, or by mail to the return address at the top of this notice. · AE01 FORM: CF-ES 103 03 2009  October 25, 2010 Presiding Judge Palm Beach County Court RE: ADAMMELTZ Dear Sir: · CONFIDENTI L ND ~FU\l~l G O INFORMATION FOR PROFESSION L USE OHL OD NOT P 8~~~ A Private Not~for-Pmfit Organization erving So1 th Palm Beach County 1974 J am the doctor o record caring for my patient Adam Meltz. This letter is being written at his request. Adam has been seen here since 11/10/09. He currently carries diagnoses of bipolar disorder. He has kept his appointments and currently requires medication for mood stability. O.nce again this letter is being written at his request. T.fthere are any questions in regard to this letter I can be reached at the phone m.unber below on t is letterhead stationery. With all good regards. ~·~ -----~~ ARNOLD HARTMAN. M.D. Staff Psychiatrist AH/eh 16158 South Military Trail ã Delmy Beach, Florida 334 4 ã (561) 495-0522 ã (561) 737-8400 ã ~ (56 J 495·7~5 Sponsored by South (',ounty Mental Health Center, Inc. i nd the State of Florida, Department of Children and Families.
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