Douglas Ferrell
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  \ OBTS NumbOt ARREST OTICE T0~...3xj/~;t -~ - Juvenile Referral Report 2. N.T.A. b<)c'ARAroN 6UC~ERVICES DEPT. UJ 0 P01en1 Q Legal Custodian Li 01hl11: Ad<lresa (S\rOOI, Apl. Numb& ) Drug Aclivil Drug Type Amount Uni Charge Description UJ 8 . 4. K. Di8PGM I Distribute Counts Date of Blr1l I Dale of Blrth (Mlddle) Statute Vlolalion Number Warran Caplas Numbof Statute Violation Number Grade Violation o CAO II VIOiation ol ORD ~i-,...~..,....,.......,..,,~..,,,.~ ...... . ..~...... . . .. ..... ~~~~.... . ..~ ......... ...... .. ..... ,....._...,..,~,......,,...~...a.~ ...... i..;.i.~...a.~..d..~..i..~6-.:, ~~~~~~~-1 Amount Untt Olten$e O Warrant Gaplaa Number u ~ ro~~~ .:rosed BNOV 3 PM 2:~e1Wld To ~ Any ~ ã1owtedge of tho following, place an X and &ãplain: 0 Mental; 0 Escape Aisll; 0 Medication: 0 Deformities: Cl Injuries ~ E<plain: Check which applies: Cl Aeleasad O.R.: Cl Posted Bond: Cl Released to Parent/Guardian: a S. County Mental H&allh: a T.O. T. County Jail Transported By: Dare Time 0 tnsuuetiOn No. 1 Location (Court. Room Numbof, Addrtm) ~ Mandatoiy Appearance In Court C lna1ruc1ion No. 2 CL You need IOI appear in Court but muai Court Date and Time ~ e<>mpty with instructions on ReverM Side. 0 Year I UJ u i= 0 z HOLD for other Agency Name: x :i 0 .Dangerous D Reaistod /vreB1 Name of~ ~Print e::) 2 1.0 .ã PAIN :i 0 Suieidal . 0 Other. --r1J r LA/ - r -   -4:'-o : P.M. I WILLFULLY Ll ee ISSUED : - ~  OBTS Number PROBABLE CAUSE AFFIDAVIT 1 Amist 3 Request tor warrant l JUVENILE A1--~-.,..,.,--~~~~~~~r.-~,,-- -~~~~~-~--.-.;.,,__s_u_P_P_L_E_ME~N-T~~~~,..,-~=--:-:-:-2-.N~.r-A_.~4-·R_eq_ã_..,_~_,_ca_~·-ã~.__~~~~~~- I I D Agency ORI Numbllr Agency Name Agency Report Number M FL0500200 BOC R TON POUCE DEP RTMENT 3 2014 014305 N ChB111e Type: JI 1. Felony ~::;,many 0 2 Traffic elony 0 3. Misdemeanor D 5 Ordinance 06 0iher Special Notes: 0 4. Traffic Misdemeanor o Name last, Flt.i MlddJe) Alias Race Sex Date of Birth FERRELL DOUGLAS ROBERT W M 03 02 1991 Fabiana stated Douglas also began writing disgusting comments on Facebook and Instagram about having sex with her. Fabiana stated Douglas told her you should get checked because I cheated on you with four girls in one week and I never use condoms, and that was only a week, not including all the other times. Fabiana was very scared and stated she is worried that Douglas will try to harm her or even kill her. Fabiana possesses fear for her safety based upon Douglas' couse of conduct. Fabiana stated he knows where she lives and works and has been repeatedly telling her he is going to show up everyday. Douglas is currently on probation for possession of a controlled substance and has a current protection order against him from a different female. Douglas Ferrell is being charged with aggravated stalking F.S.S. 784.048(3). Any person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows, harasses, or cyberstalks another person, and makes a credible threat with the intent to place that person in P reasonable fear of death or bodily injury of the person, commits the offense of aggravated R 0 stalking, a felony of the third degree. Nothing further to report. B A B L E c A u s E s T A T E M E N T A D M I N I s T R A T I v E SWORN AND SUBSCRIBED BEFORE ME 11/02/2014 DATE COURT STATE A TORNEY OV KRESSE LAUREN 626 NAME OF OFFICER PLEASE PRINn 11/02/2014 DATE CENTRAL RECORDS JAIL CRIME ANALYSIS PAGE 2 OF 2 P.1.0.
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