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  Thuan Nguyen, FCCA Chief Executive OfficerStoxPlus 35626962 (ext. 111) Lan Nguyen Managing Director, BiinformStoxPlus 35626962 (ext. 109) Hai Khieu Senior AssociateStoxPlus 35626962 (ext. 108) Anh Nguyen Senior AssociateStoxPlus 35626962 (ext. 108)  2 Vietnam M&A Research Report 2017 | Issue 7 | August 2017 Preface We are pleased to bring to you the Vietnam M&A Research Report 2017 (Issue 7). In addition to the M&A data mining, we also focus on M&A opportunities by featuring some industries where we think investment opportunities will be arising given its new dynamics and regulatory developments. We also reviewed latest status of SOE IPOs and divestments of State capitals in equitized SOEs.Our M&A report utilized extracted database with over 6 years of historical data in Vietnam. In addition to data analysis, the report also relies on the authors extensive knowledge and experience in advising deals in Vietnam. We have surveyed relevant foreign and local institutional investors as well as conducting a number of in-depth interviews in with experienced M&A advisers and Government officials in during our preparation.We strongly believe that this report will be valuable to institutional investors, investment companies and foreign players who are considering M&A as a strategy to set a foothold or to expand your businesses in Vietnam. About StoxPlus This report is prepared by a team of experienced analysts, researchers and data clerks at StoxPlus. StoxPlus is a leading financial and business information provider in Vietnam. Our services include provision of high quality data feeds, analytic tools and market research. StoxPlus is now serving a client portfolio of over 100 corporate data clients including securities companies, research houses, asset managers, investment companies, and thousands of sophisticated individual investors. Our Biinform division has been established as an independent research house in Vietnam to provide local insights to our clients at quality standards of the World’s prestige advisory firms. More details can be found at you have any questions about this report or our services, please don not hesitate to contact Thuan Nguyen, CEO of StoxPlus at or +84-4-3562 6962, ext 111.  3 Vietnam M&A Research Report 2017 | Issue 7 | August 2017   Table of contents @ 2017 StoxPlus Corporation. All rights reserved. All information contained in this publication is copyrighted in the name of StoxPlus, and as such no part of this publication may be reproduced, repackaged, redistributed, resold in whole or in any part, or used in any form or by any means graphic, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, or by information storage or retrieval, or by any other means, withoutthe express written consent of the publisher. PREFACE2 1. VIETNAM M&A ACTIVITIES REVIEW04 -282. KEY THEMES201729 -42 2.1. SOE IPOs& Divestment Update29 – 382.2.Valuation Review39 -42 3. FORWARDLOOKING43 – 54 3.1. StateCapital in Public Companies43 – 473.2.Inbound M&A by Country48 – 503.3.FeaturedIndustries51 – 54 APPENDICESAND DISCLOSURES Appendix55 – 74Abbreviation75Our Methodology76 – 77ImportantDisclosures78About StoxPlus Corporation79  4 Vietnam M&A Research Report 2017 | Issue 7 | August 2017    Section 1: M&A Activities Review  1.1Total Market 1.2Inbound M&A1.3Domestic M&A1.4Outbound M&A
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