2018 15 July 7ap 7matt Tone 6 Matlit Light of the World

15 July 2018, 7th Sunday After Pentecost, 7th Sunday of St Matthew, Sunday Matins and Divine Liturgy Hymns, Light of the World
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  16  . MatLit  - T  ONE (6)    P  LAGAL 2    –    7     AP–    7    M   ATT –    L  IGHT OF W  ORD –    15J  ULY 2018    By the Grace of God C OMPILED ,    A  DAPTED ,   E DITED &   P RINTED  B  Y   M  ARGUERITE P  AIZIS    A  RCHONDISSA    &   T EACHER BY D IVINE G RACE  G REEK O RTHODOX P  ATRIARCHATE OF  A  LEXANDRIA &    A  LL  A  FRICA    A  RCHDIOCESE OF G OOD H OPE  H OLY C HURCH OF THE D ORMITION OF THE M OTHER OF G OD  P O B OX 28348 S UNRIDGE P  ARK   6008 R EPUBLIC OF S OUTH  A  FRICA    MARGUERITE . PAIZIS @ GMAIL . COM    A  LL THESE LITTLE L  ABOURS OF L OVE CAN BE DOWNLOADED DIRECTLY FROM M  ARGUERITE P  AIZIS ON S CRIBD -   WWW  . SCRIBD . COM  /  WRITERS 4574 L INKS TO THIS SITE ARE PUBLISHED ON F  ACEBOOK  ,   G OOGLE +,   T  WITTER AND P INTEREST   OR EMAILED DIRECTLY ON REQUEST   R E - EDITED &   P UBLISHED -   30   M  AY 2018    Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria & All Africa Archdiocese of Good Hope     Vespers Hymns U  SED TOGETHER WITH V  ESPERS S  ERVICE B  OOK    15 July 2018 7  TH    S  UNDAY  A  FTER P  ENTECOST   7  TH    S  UNDAY OF S  T M   ATTHEW –    L IGHT OF THE W  ORLD    The Feast of THE H  OLY F   ATHERS OF THE 4  TH    E  CUMENICAL C  OUNCIL OF C  HALCEDON – St Kyriakos & St Julitta of Iconium & Tarsos – St Vladimir (Basil) Equal to the  Apostles and Enlightener/Baptiser of Rus (Russia) – St Abudimos of the Isle of Tenedos    Tone (6) Plagal 2 Our Eternal Gratitude to Pater Seraphim Dedes & all the contributing Translators for the Greek & English texts that make our Worship much easier to understand, to participate and to appreciate. Glory to God for His Great Mercy!  N  OT FOR M   ATERIAL P  ROFIT     2  . MatLit  - T  ONE (6)    P  LAGAL 2    –    7     AP–    7    M   ATT –    L  IGHT OF W  ORD –    15J  ULY 2018    St Silouan of Mount Athos No matter how much we may s  tudy,     it is not possible to come to know God   unless we Live according to His Commandments,     for God is not know  n     by Science,   but only by God the Holy Spirit. Many Philosophers and learned men   have come    to the belief that God exists,   but they do    not    know God.   It is  possible    to belie  ve that God exists   but it is    an entirely different matter      to know Him. When we    come to know God by the Holy Spirit,   our     soul will burn with Love for God day and night,   and our     soul will not be bound to any earthl  y thing.   MatLit  - T  ONE (6)    P  LAGAL 2    –    7     AP–    7    M   ATT –    L  IGHT OF W  ORD –    15J  ULY 2018    15.   A  min gar lego imin: eos an parelti O Ouranos ke i Gi, Iota en i mia kerea ou mi parelthi apo tou Nomou eos an panta genite! O  s ea noun lisi mian ton Entolon touton ton elahiston ke didaxi outos tous anthropous, elahistos klithisete en ti Vasilia ton Ouranon. O  s d’ a piisi ke didaxi, outos ‘Megas’ klithisete en ti Vasilia ton Ouranon.  T  ruly, I say unto you: until Heaven and Earth pass away, neither an iota nor a tittle shall pass from the Law until all is accomplished! W  hoever shall break one of the least of these Commandments and teaches mankind to do so, shall be called ‘least’ in the Kingdom of Heaven. H  e who does them, and teaches them, shall be called ‘Great’ in the Kingdom of Heaven.    St John Klimakos If you want to overcome the spirit of slander, do not blame those who fall in that grievous sin, but rather blame the demon who prompted them to commit that sin!  
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