2018-5 July -Matlit- St Athanasios the Great

5 July 2018, Festal Matins and Divine Liturgy Hymns, St Athanasios the Great
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  12.   S  T  A  THANASIOS THE G  REAT  ,  FOUNDER OF C  OENOBITIC M  ONASTICISM –    5    JULY    By the Grace of God C OMPILED ,    A  DAPTED ,   E DITED &   P RINTED  B  Y   M  ARGUERITE P  AIZIS    A  RCHONDISSA    &   T EACHER BY D IVINE G RACE  G REEK O RTHODOX P  ATRIARCHATE OF  A  LEXANDRIA &    A  LL  A  FRICA    A  RCHDIOCESE OF G OOD H OPE  H OLY C HURCH OF THE D ORMITION OF THE M OTHER OF G OD  P O B OX 28348 S UNRIDGE P  ARK   6008 R EPUBLIC OF S OUTH  A  FRICA    MARGUERITE . PAIZIS @ GMAIL . COM    A  LL THESE LITTLE L  ABOURS OF L OVE CAN BE DOWNLOADED DIRECTLY FROM M  ARGUERITE P  AIZIS ON S CRIBD -   WWW  . SCRIBD . COM  /  WRITERS 4574 L INKS TO THIS SITE ARE PUBLISHED ON F  ACEBOOK  ,   G OOGLE +,   T  WITTER AND P INTEREST   R E - EDITED &   P UBLISHED -   23   M  AY 2018    Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria & All Africa Archdiocese of Good Hope Festal Matins & Divine Liturgy Hymns U  SED I  N C  ONJUNCTION W  ITH S  ERVICE B  OOKS     5 July  St Athanasios the Great V  ENERABLE F  OUNDER OF THE G  REAT L   AVRA &    C  OENOBITIC M  ONASTICISM    & 6 Disciples of Mount Athos  Also the Feast of S  T L  AMPADOS  , Hieromartyr of Irenopolis –St Sergios of Radonezh, Uncovering of Holy Relics – St Anna of Rome – St Cyrilla the Widow, of Cyrene, Libya – St Cyprianos, Hieromartyr of Mount Athos Our Eternal Gratitude to Pater Seraphim Dedes & all the contributing Translators for the Greek & English texts that make our Worship much easier to understand, to participate and to appreciate. Glory to God for His Great Mercy! Please support their Labours of Love whenever possible.   N  OT FOR M   ATERIAL P  ROFIT     2.   S  T  A  THANASIOS THE G  REAT  ,  FOUNDER OF C  OENOBITIC M  ONASTICISM –    5    JULY     St Heschios the Presbyter Just as impossible as it is to fight battles without any weapons, or to swim in a great sea while fully clothed, or to live without breathing, so too, without Humility and our constant Prayers to our Lord Jesus Christ, it is impossible for us    to master the Art of Inward Spiritual Warfare, or to set about it and pursue it skilfully and be victorious.   S  T  A  THANASIOS THE G  REAT  ,  FOUNDER OF C  OENOBITIC M  ONASTICISM –    5    JULY    11.   anapafsin tes psihes imon. “  O   gar Zigos Mou hristos, ke to Fortion Mou elafron estin.”     your souls. “  F  or My Yoke is easy and My Burden is light.”    Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica We are far too engrossed in things of this temporary world, and thus we become Spirituall  y Impoverished because no one can sit on two chairs at the same time.  
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