2018 7 8july 6ap 6matt Tone 5 Vespers St Prokopios

8 July 2018, Sunday Vespers, 6th Sunday After Pentecost, 6th Sunday of St Matthew, Tone (5) Plagal 1, St Prokopios
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  8. S  UNDAY V  ESPERS H  YMNS –    6AP    -    6MATT    –    S  T P  ROKIOPIOS –    7-8     J  ULY 2018    By the Grace of God C OMPILED ,    A  DAPTED ,   E DITED &   P RINTED  B  Y   M  ARGUERITE P  AIZIS    A  RCHONDISSA    &   T EACHER BY D IVINE G RACE  G REEK O RTHODOX P  ATRIARCHATE OF  A  LEXANDRIA &    A  LL  A  FRICA    A  RCHDIOCESE OF G OOD H OPE  H OLY C HURCH OF THE D ORMITION OF THE M OTHER OF G OD  P O B OX 28348 S UNRIDGE P  ARK   6008 R EPUBLIC OF S OUTH  A  FRICA    MARGUERITE . PAIZIS @ GMAIL . COM    A  LL THESE LITTLE L  ABOURS OF L OVE CAN BE DOWNLOADED DIRECTLY FROM M  ARGUERITE P  AIZIS ON S CRIBD -   WWW  . SCRIBD . COM  /  WRITERS 4574 L INKS TO THIS SITE ARE PUBLISHED ON F  ACEBOOK  ,   G OOGLE +,   T  WITTER AND P INTEREST   R E - EDITED &   P UBLISHED -   28   M  AY 2018    Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria & All Africa Archdiocese of Good Hope Resurrection Vespers Hymns U  SE TOGETHER WITH THE S  ERVICE B  OOK    7-8 July 2018 6  TH    S  UNDAY  A  FTER P  ENTECOST   6  TH    S  UNDAY OF S  T M   ATTHEW Faith of a Paralytic & his friends The Feast of S  T P  ROKOPIOS THE G  REAT H  OLY M   ARTYR   of Caesarea, Palestine - St Theophilos the Myrrh- gusher of Zichnis, Macedonia – St  Anastasios of Jannina – The Holy Miracle Working Icon of our Lady Theotokos of Sitka, Alaska – St Procopios the Fool for Christ and Wonderworker of Ustya, Vologda – The Miracle Working Holy Icons of our Lady Theotokos of Kazan and of Tenderness (Elousia/Umilenie) – St Epictetos the Presbyter & St Astion the Monk-Martyr of Halmris, Bithynia – The Miracle of the Wonder Working Holy Icon of the Annunciation at Ustiug – The Miracle Working Holy Icon of the All Holy Mother of God, of Tambov – St Mirdat, King of Kartli, Georgia Tone (5) Plagal 1 Our Eternal Gratitude to Pater Seraphim Dedes & all the contributing Translators for the Greek & English texts that make our Worship much easier to understand, to participate and to appreciate. Glory to God for His Great Mercy!   N  OT FOR M   ATERIAL P  ROFIT   
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