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  Herb Alpert Scholarship Information Mission The mission of the Los Angeles City College (LACC) Department of Music is to prepare students for transfer to four-year schools, associate of arts degrees, commercial music skills certificates, and general music education through courses that teach music literacy, performance, and critical thinking skills. General Information   The Herb Alpert Scholarship  offers two years of study at Los Angeles City College for music majors in need of financial assistance. The scholarship is available for qualified in-state, non-resident, and international students who will receive a tuition waiver based on the in-state student tuition fee of $46 per unit. After the audition process, those students who are accepted into the HAMC Music Academy will receive an additional scholarship for private lessons. The Herb Alpert Music Academy  is an   Applied Music program which includes one-on-one instruction with a professor in the student’s area of emphasis  as well as a weekly master class. Not all programs of study require students to be in the Music Academy. Admission to the Music Academy is partially based on a video audition (see video audition information in application below). How to Apply To qualify for a scholarship, a student must: 1.   Submit the attached application by the deadline date, including: a.   Two letters of recommendation b.   Proof of financial aid award and/or personal statement demonstrating financial need c.   Proof of Board of Governor’s fee (if applicable)  2.   Prepare a video recorded audition on their primary area of emphasis to be reviewed by an audition committee (required for admission into the HAMC Music Academy; see above for details). Expectations of Herb Alpert Scholars Upon acceptance as an Herb Alpert Scholar, the student must: 1.   Enroll as a full-time music major and maintain a minimum of 12 units per primary term (fall and spring). 2.   Complete an education plan that indicates that upon completion of the program in four semesters the student will either: a.   Receive an Associate of Arts (AA) or an Associate of Arts for Transfer (AA-T) degree in Music b.   Receive a Commercial Music Skills Certificate in Music Technology, Music Performance, or Composition c.   Transfer to a four-year school or music conservatory as a music major 3.   Sign a contract indicating intent to complete education at the LACC Herb Alpert Music Center - Department of Music. 4.   Maintain a 3.2 overall GPA.  Herb Alpert Scholarship Application for Fall 2018 Deadline for Submission: July 27, 2018* Name : __________________________________________ Student ID (if applicable):  ___________________ Address: _________________________________________________________________________ Telephone:  _________________________________ Email:  ________________________________ Primary area of study (indicate area of emphasis):   Classical:   □  Voice □  Composition □  Instrument: _______________________________ □  Music Technology Pop/Jazz:   □  Voice □  Media Composition □  Instrument: _______________________________ □  Music Technology/Production □  Singer/Songwriter +   Program of study ( select one ) : □  A Commercial Music Skills Certificate in one of the following music disciplines: This program does not include Applied Music lessons. □  Music Technology □  Music Performance □  Composition □  An Associate of Arts (AA) Degree in Music  Applied Music lessons not required. Please check one option below. □   Yes, I will audition for Applied Music (see video audition instructions below). □   No, I will not audition for Applied Music. □  Transfer to a four-year school or music conservatory as a music major  Applied Music lessons required (see video audition instructions below). Visit for a list of required courses of study for each program   If you plan to transfer to a four-year college/university or conservatory as a music major, list the schools you wish to attend: First choice: _____________________________________________________________ Other choices: _________________________________________________________________ Music Audition for HAMC Music Academy Auditions will be by video (audio & visual) recording.  Audition requirements by specialty can be found at  Please submit all recordings as links (to YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) to the email address provided below along with this application and all supporting documents.   Signature: _________________________________________ Date: _____________________   Submit this application with all required supporting documents By Mail: Los Angeles City College | Department of Music Herb Alpert Music Center #106 855 N Vermont Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90029   By Email:   * Applicants may submit application materials after the indicated deadline, but with the understanding that scholarship funds may no longer be available. + Students selecting this track will be either Composition or Voice Performance majors. Please see Audition Requirement document for more information.
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