Database: It is collection of meaningful data. Ex: SNO SNAME MARKS 101 MALLI 99 102 SREE 98 103 KRISH 104 VISH 96 97 Management System: It is a software it helps to manage the database management system should able to perform the following activities very easily. 1. Inserting the new data. 2. . 3. Deleting unnecessary data. Updating the exiting data 4. Retrieving the require data. A database along with the software which helps to manage. The database is called database management system (DBMS)
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  Database : It is collection of meaningful data.Ex:SNOSNAMEMARKS101MALLI 9910SREE 9!10 KRIS# 9$10%&IS# 9' Management System : It is a soft(a)e it *el+s to manage t*edata,ase management s-stem s*ould a,le to +e)fo)m t*e follo(ingactiities e)- easil-.1.Inse)ting t*e ne( data... ./eleting unnecessa)- data. +dating t*e exiting data%.Ret)ieing t*e )eui)e data.A data,ase along (it* t*e soft(a)e (*ic* *el+s to manage. 2*edata,ase is called data,ase management s-stem 3/4MS5.A /4MS (*ic* is ,ased on )elational t*eo)- is called as )elationaldata,ase management s-stem. Examples of RDBMS :1.ORA6LE.S7L SER&ER ./4%.M8S7L .S84ASE'.2ERA /A2A$.MS A66ESS SQL :St)uctu)ed ue)- language +)onounced as 3SE7EL5. 2*islanguage is used to communicate to o)acle data,ase. Features of SQL : 1.It is a command ,ased language..It is not case sensitie. .Ee)- command s*ould end (it* ;<.%.Ee)- command sta)ts (it* =e),>..It is simila) to Englis*. 2*is language is deelo+ed in t*e -ea)19$. M).6O//? ,- I4M deelo+ed ,- =I4M>. @age 1  of 112  SUB LANUAE !F SQL :1.//L 3/ata /enition Language5./ML 3/ata Mani+ulation Language5 ./RLB/7L 3Ret)iealBue)-5%.26L 32)ansaction 6ont)ol Language5./6L 3/ata 6ont)ol Language5   C DDL : 2*is language is used to manage data,ase o,Dects. It iscollection of e commands.6REA2E? AL2ER? /RO@? 2RN6A2E? RENAMEC DML : 2*is language is used to mani+ulate t*e data -ou *ae sto)ed.It is collection of fou) commands.INSER2? @/A2E? /ELE2E? MEREC DRL : 2*is language is used to )et)iee t*e data f)om t*e data,ase. Itis collection of onl- one command.SELE62C #L : It is used to maintain t*e t)ansaction of O)acle data,ase. It iscollection of t*)ee commands.6OMMI2? ROLL4A6K? SA&E@OIN2C D#L : 2*is language is used to cont)ol t*e axis of t*e data to t*euse)s it is collection of t(o commands.RAN2? RE&OKE ABLE : 2a,le is an o,Dect (*ic* is used to sto)e some data. In gene)alit is collection of Ro(s and 6olumns.6)eate command: 2*is command is used to c)eate a ta,le.S-ntax:6REA2E 2A4LEF2A4LEGNAMEH36OLGNAME1/A2A28@E3SIE5?6OLGNAME /A2A28@E3SIE5? 6OLGNAME /A2A28@E3SIE55; Ex : 6)eate ta,le student 3SNO num,e) 3 5? SNAME a)c*a)305?MARKS num,e)3 55; @age 2  of 112    SQL$%LUS : It is a client eni)onment (*e)e t*e deelo+e) (ill ()itet*e ue)ies and su,mit t*e ue)ies is execution.   C ! ES ABL&S' #!NNE# &! : S7LH6ONNSER NAME: S6O22@ASSJOR/: 2IER6ONNE62E/C &NSER #!MMEN : Syntax :INSER2 IN2OF2A4LEGNAMEH&ALES3&AL1?&AL?&AL ?&ALn5; E( :Inse)t into student alues3101?A)un?'05;E))o): A)un6o))ect: A)un<Inse)t into student alues3101?<A)un<?'05; Note : fo) a)c*a) to alue (e need enclose (it* single3 5 codes.Inse)t into student alues310?<i)an<?!'5;Inse)t into student alues310 ?<ADa-<?05;Inse)t into student alues310%?<iDa-<5;BBt*is statement is ()ongInse)t into student alues310?<iDa-<?null5; Note : Null is a e-(o)d (*ic* is used to )e+)esent unaaila,le o)undened s-m,ol.Inse)t into student alues310'?null?null5;C SELE# : 2*is commend is used to )etu)n t*e data f)om t*e ta,le. Syntax1 : SELE62 C ROM F2A4LEGNAMEH; Ex : select C f)om student; BB C )e+)esent ALL @age )  of 112   S7L C @LS: it is a client eni)onment.S7LH6onn: it is called connect./efault use)name: Scott   Note : (*e)e (e use C all t*e info)mation 3ALL t*e columns and t*e)o(s a)e dis+la-5. Syntax2 : fo) inse)t command:INSER2 IN2O F2A4LEGNAMEH 36OL1?6OL?..6OLn5 &ALES3&AL1?&AL?.&ALn5;   Ex : inse)t into student 3SNO?SNAME5 alues 310'?<Amit<5;C *nsert t+e ,alues at runt*me us*ng -./ operator0Ex : INSER2 IN2O S2/EN2 &ALES 3SNO?<SNAME<?MARKS5;C SELE# &N S%E#&F&# #!LUMNS : Ex : Select SNO? MARKS f)om student; Select MARKS? SNO f)omstudent; SNO MARKS MARKSSNO 101 '0 '0 101 10 ! ! 10         10! 9! 9! Select SNO? SNO? SNAME f)om student;Select C f)om student;Select C )om student; BB not case sensitie 6)eate ta,le em+lo-ee3ENO num,e)35?ENAME a)c*a)305?SALAR8num,e)35?PO4 a)c*a)3055;Inse)t into em+lo-ee alues3101?<iDa-<?10000?<#R<5;Inse)t into em+lo-ee alues310?<A46<? 000?<M<5;C()ite t*e one column to ,e dis+la- in t*e studentQSelect SNAME f)om student;Select EM@NO?ENAME?SAL?PO4 ROM EM@; @age   of 112
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