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O n the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, an armistice, or temporary cessa- tion of hostilities, was declared between the Allied nations and Germany in the First World War, then known as “the Great War.” Commemo- rated as Armistice Day begin- ning the following year, November 11th became a legal federal holiday in the United States in 1938. In the after- math of World War II and the Korean War, Armistice Day became Veterans Day, a
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  O n the 11th hour of the11th day of the 11thmonth of 1918, anarmistice, or temporary cessa-tion of hostilities, was declaredbetween the Allied nationsand Germany in the FirstWorld War, then known as“the Great War.” Commemo-rated as Armistice Day begin-ning the following year, November 11th became a legalfederal holiday in the UnitedStates in 1938. In the after-math of World War II and theKorean War, Armistice Daybecame Veterans Day, a holi-day dedicated to Americanveterans of all wars. THE GREAT WAR &ARMISTICE DAY Though theTreaty of Versailleswas signed on June28, 1919, November 11remained in the public imagi-nation as the date that markedthe end of the Great War.In November 1918, U.S.President Woodrow Wilsonproclaimed November 11 asthe first commemoration of Armistice Day. The day’sobservation included paradesand public gatherings, as wellas a brief pause in businessactivities at 11 a.m. On Veterans Day Proverbs 3:5,6ã God Bless America Recycled Paper from 30% Post Consumer Waste October 29, 2014Zone 3, Vol. 12, No. 21  We are a Family, Friendly Publication continued on page 17    visit our website at www. lifeandleisurenj .com October 29, 2014Page 2, Zone 3 NOTE:  To have your group’s announce-ment appear in Community Happenings,please e-mail your paragraph to OCT 29 ãSpooktacular celebration at theRiverdale Library on WednesdayOctober 29 from 4-5pm. Come in cos-tume, get wrapped like a mummy, andmake a boo-tiful craft. Kindergarten tofifth grade welcome. Registration isrequired. Call 973-835-5044 or goonline at www.riverdale toregister. NOV 1 ãChoose Your Next Great Read. Love toread but not sure what to read next?Join us for a brief presentation onSaturday, November 1, at 2pm abouttools you can use-both at home andhere at the library, to help you selectyour next book. For more information,call the library at 973- 835-5044 orvisit our website at NOV 5 ãMake your own Origami creationWednesday November 5 from 4-5pm. Ahit this summer, srcami is back!Discover the ancient art of Japanesepaper folding in this popular program.Grades 6 and up. Registration isrequired. Call 973-835-5044 or goonline at www.riverdale toregister. NOV 6 ãThe Riverdale Library is hosting a sem-inar on Health Care Plans and Choices Thursday, November 6, at 1pm. Helpfulinformation for making good decisions when renewing health care plans will bepresented by Katherine Woodfield, MBAand consumer health care consultant. 100% Mailed, Bi-Weekly Newspaper 234 Main Street, 2 nd FloorLincoln Park, NJ 07035 i 973.696.8008 Publisher: Joe Pellegrino i Editor: Bethanne Pellegrino i Administrative Assistant: Denise Wirsing i Art Director: Robin Banta Sales: Lisa Buniewski, Larry Johnson, George Papendick i Classifieds: Kathleen ToddPlease e-mail all press releases and calendar information to or fax to 973.556.1991.Advertising in Life & Leisure is affordable and effective. We are a “family friendly” publication and therefore reserve the right to accept only advertisements that appeal to the entire family; the final determination of which is made by Life & Leisure. Views expressed in Life & Leisure arethose of the respective columnists and writers, and do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher, or Life & Leisure. Advertising is open to anyonedesiring to reach the public and is subject to approval, revision and/or rejection at any time by the publisher. Many of the articles are paid for by theauthor and are in effect advertisements. Publication of any advertisement does not constitute, either implied or inferred, an endorsement of services,products or businesses advertised. © 2014 Life & Leisure, LLC. Life & Leisure is a trademark of Life & Leisure, LLC. With Coupon. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Expires 11/30/14.With Coupon. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Expires 11/30/14.With Coupon. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Expires 11/30/14. Full Service Car Wash Triple Foam Clear ã Coat PolishSuper Sealer Wax ã Tire DressingHand & Machine Dried ROYAL DUKECAR WASH $ 1OFF  ANY CAR WASH $ 2OFF ROYAL PRINCECAR WASH $ 3OFF With Coupon. Cannot be combined withany other offers. Expires 11/30  /14. With Coupon. Cannot be combined withany other offers. 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HAVE YOU TRIED THE DRS SYSTEM™?   After only three weeks of treatment, clinical studies have shown outstanding results in relieving the debilitating pain that may be caused by bulging, herniated, degenerative, or ruptured discs, as well as sciatica,posterior facet syndrome, and many failed back surgery cases.  All Ages Welcome ã Evening Appointments ã Most Insurance Plans Accepted Advanced Sports Medicine& Physical Therapy Center 18 Newark Pompton Tpke. ã Riverdale ã 973-616-4555 ã    T   H   E   L   O   W   E   R   B   A   C   K   S   P   E   C   I   A   L   I   S   T NOW YOU CAN LIVE PAIN FREE  A State-of-the-Art FacilitySpecializing inTreatment for: ã SHOULDER & KNEE PAINã SCIATICA & HERNIATED DISCSã AUTOMOBILE INJURIESã FIBROMYALGIA ã NECK PAIN, HEADACHESã PAINFUL JOINTSã HIP PAIN ã SPORTS INJURIES Treatment of herniated anddegenerative discs without surgery.   visit our website at www. lifeandleisurenj .com October 29, 2014Page 4, Zone 3 I n 1991, I started a compa-ny called North JerseyCredit Clinic (NJCC) inPompton Lakes; offering cred-it repair services, debt mitiga-tion/modification and creditcounseling. Unfortunately,business was very good, mean-ing, there were a lot of peoplein our area that were basicallyin trouble, behind on theirbills, carrying massive creditcard debt and watching theircredit profiles being torn toshreds by the three majorcredit reporting agencies.Interest rates at the time werehigher than today, but, somecredit cards and individualstore charge cards wereallowed by law to charge theircustomers an annual rate notto exceed 29.99% and that isexactly what they did. Many of your neighborswere victimized by low bal-ance credit card issuers andlenders that offered creditrepair services promising towipe out their debts throughtheir combined/consolidatedlending practices. This didnothing more than enticethese poor unsuspecting folksinto an initial lower rate, but,if any payment was receivedafter the due date the interestrate accelerated to 29.99%retroactively to the time of the consolidation and thiswas legal!The credit repair andcounseling industry was seedyindeed and when NJCC start-ed it was like a breath of freshair in a polluted industry.Business was so good that itdistracted me from my retire-ment and estate planningbusiness resulting in my saleof NJCC. Let me first shareone client story that I thinkyou will find interesting;Mary (not her real name of course) purchased an entirehouse full of furniture fromfour stores in our area, spend-ing $25,000 in the process.She was enticed by the storesto open a charge account todefer interest and paymentsfor a year at each place sheshopped. She took advantageof the offers and had a beauti-fully decorated and furnishedhome. At the conclusion of the year, Mary called eachcompany to find out the bal-ance she owed and promptlysent the checks to pay-off thebalances in full and thoughtthat the matter was closed.Unfortunately, as you willread, this was not the case. One day my wife Terry,was making a deposit at ourlocal bank and overheard aconversation between a bankemployee and Mary on theother end of the phone. Marywas quite hot and disturbedthat the bank had turned herdown for a credit card as wellas a mortgage refinance appli-cation calling her a “bad cred-it” risk! Terry could hear Maryscreaming at the employeethrough the handset of thephone, as well as the responseshe received from the bankindicating that her credit pro-file was terrible and she justdidn’t qualify for any credit attheir bank or any other bank,the employee added. Terry,upon Mary’s disconnectingthe call, informed the repre-sentative that we owned NJCC and could help Mary if she would simply call her andrefer our services, leaving myname and number which, shedid. Immediately Mary calledme telling me that my wifehad overheard her conversa-tion at the bank and that sheneeded help. Upon herarrival to my office later thatday the mystery was solved inabout three hours. Mary, in fact, paid eachof the furniture store balancesthat she received verbally overthe phone. However, by thetime the credit card compa-nies received the checks,interest had accrued of under$1 on each card. The amountis quite significant to the storyas $1 reflected a balance owed,yet too small for the store’scomputers to generate a bill.There were no further activi-ties on each of the storeaccounts, so there were nobills generated for that reasonas well. Eventually, theaccounts went into non-pay-ment mode and to the creditand collections departmentthat charged-off the accountsas “uncollectible”; automati-cally notifying the creditbureaus, severely damagingMary’s credit report. My jobwas to contact each creditgrantor, explain and verify thesituation asking them to notonly purge the balance fromtheir records as paid in full,but to notify the reportingagencies to wipe out this neg-ative information. Within afew weeks Mary’s credit wasrestored and the banks werecalling her to extend creditand loans. A happy endingstory, Mary became a financialplanning client of mine aswell cheerfully referring herfamily and friends who alsobecame clients. Mary’s story is notunique, stuff like this happensall of the time and perhapsunwittingly to you too.Another technique to helppeople who carry credit carddebt is something you canbenefit from as well; simplycall the lender and ask themto lower the rate! In virtuallyevery scenario, the banks andcredit card companies com-plied and in some cases thereduction was as significant as7% or more! Let me sharewith you the latest statisticfrom the Federal Reserve:total credit card debt in theUSA as of 8/31/14 was $880.3billion, an average of $7,828of credit card debt for everyhousehold in the nation. Morethan likely you are countedamongst the debtors. The firstrule in obtaining financialindependence is to eliminatenon-mortgage debt and creditcards top the list! Credit carddebt is the cancer of theAmerican people and there isa cure, pay cash! If you don’thave the cash, don’t buy it!Ask yourself, do I really needthat item or do I want it! Paycash for gas and you’ll receivean immediate discount at thepump too! Pay for your pur-chases by check or debit cardand I would suggest that pay-ing-off your credit card debt isa better investment than a401k contribution! Beforebuilding your retirement for-tune, you must eliminatecredit card debt with 14 -19% in interest charges. Thisis a better investment thaninvesting, first! Then youmust plow all disposable anddiscretionary funds intowealth accumulation vehi-cles, both long and short-term, preferably tax-deferred,tax-free and tax-advantagedto finance your retirementand future quality of life.Your motto should be, “if it isto be, it’s up to me!” If I maybe of service in this regard,please call me for a no obliga-tion no cost appointment. Mark E. Charnet, CAS, isPresident and Founder of  American Prosperity Group. APG is the Premier Retirementand Estate Planning Franchisein the United States with 20 of- fices in 10 states. Mr. Charnethas over thirty three years of experience in the Retirementand Estate Planning fields.Creator of the Trinity Methodof Investing©, Mark encour-ages your inquiries and can bereached at: 973-831-4424or via email,markcharnet@1APG.comCheck out our Interested ina career in retirement and es-tate planning? Check out thiswebsite: Securities through:United Planners FinancialServices, A limited partnership.Member SIPC, FINRA and aRegistered Investment Advisor. APG is located at: 901 Route23 South, 2nd floor, PomptonPlains, NJ over Lakeland Bankand PediatriCare. Credit card debt = the American cancer!  By Mark Charnet
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