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We are a Family, Friendly Publication Proverbs 3:5,6 ã God Bless America Wayne Recycled Paper from 30% Post Consumer Waste November 12, 2014 Zone 1, Vol. 12, No. 22 The proclamation of Thanksgiving T his is the proclamation which set the precedent for America’s national day of Thanksgiving. During his administration, President Lincoln issued many orders like this. For example, on November 28, 1861, he ordered government departments closed for a local day of thanksgiving. The holiday we kn
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  T his is the proclamationwhich set the prece-dent for America’snational day of Thanksgiving.During his administration,President Lincoln issued manyorders like this. For example,on November 28, 1861, heordered government depart-ments closed for a local day of thanksgiving. The holiday we knowtoday as Thanksgiving was rec-ommended to Lincoln bySarah Josepha Hale, a promi-nent magazine editor. Her let-ters to Lincoln urged him tohave the “day of our annualThanksgiving made a Nationaland fixed Union Festival.” Thedocument below sets apart thelast Thursday of November “asa day of Thanksgiving andPraise.” According to an April 1,1864 letter from John Nicolay,one of Lincoln’s secretaries,this document was written bySecretary of State WilliamSeward, and the srcinal wasin his handwriting. FellowCabinet member GideonWelles recorded in his diary onOctober 3 that he compliment-ed Seward on his work. A year Proverbs 3:5,6ã God Bless America Recycled Paper from 30% Post Consumer Waste November 12, 2014Zone 1, Vol. 12, No. 22  We are a Family, Friendly Publication Wayne The proclamation of Thanksgiving continued on page 5   visit our website at www. lifeandleisurenj .com November 12, 2014Page 2, Zone 1 NOTE:  To have your group’s announce-ment appear in Community Happenings,please e-mail your paragraph to NOV 12 ãThe Wayne Adult Community Centerand the Wayne Police Department willbe hosting a free session on issues tar-geting senior citizens, including fraud atthe Schuyler-Colfax School Campus,1502 Hamburg Turnpike, onWednesday, November 12 at 1pm.Themeeting is free and open to the public.Reservations not needed. Light refresh-ments will be served. For further infor-mation, call 973-633-0734.ãFamily Promise of Passaic County isholding a Dine and Donate event. Pleasedine at ThatcherMcGhee’s, PomptonLakes on November 12, and 13 andbring a flyer from Family Promise ofPassaic County and they will receive20% of the sale. Please or to requesta flyer. Family Promise of PassaicCounty is people of faith workingtogether to provide homeless families with help for today and hope fortomorrow. NOV 14 ãWayne Elks Auxiliary will hold Bunconight Friday, November 14. Doors open6:15pm and games begin at 7pm.Donation $7.00 includes admission,games, coffee, tea and dessert. NOV 16 ãWayne Elks will hold a Sunday SocialFamily Dinner on November 16, serving3-4pm. Menu includes tossed salad,bread, butter, pasta fagioli, sausagepeppers, Vinny’s Famous Chicken,dessert, coffee, tea, and soda. Donation$15. Reservations please call Joyce973-956-8956.ãBoy Scout Troop 108 is cooking andserving their annual pancake breakfaston Sunday, November 16, from 8am-12pm at Father Rugel Hall in Our Ladyof the Valley Church, 630 Valley Road,Wayne. The breakfast is $7 and includespancakes, sausage, fruit, bagels, dough-nuts, pastries, coffee, tea and orangejuice. Buy tickets at the door. Children 3and under are free.ãJoin the Chabad Center of PassaicCounty “Kids In Action” program onNovember 16, 1pm-2:30pm to experi-ence the sights and sounds of Africa withan exciting, hands-on presentation by areptile and animal show. We will learnabout the Mitzvah of treating animalskindly with a visit from a local veterinar-ian. Program will take place at TheChabad Center, 194 Ratzer Rd. The costis $10 per kid; light lunch will be served. To RSVP contact Chani at or call 973-694-6274. NOV 30 ãWayne Elks will have Soup on the Goon Sunday, November 30 with pickupfrom 2-4pm. Fresh made soup by ChefBob Fisher. Use it, freeze it or just takeand go. Must order in advance; chooseChicken Orzo, Cream of Mushroom,Beef Barley, Manhattan Clam Chowder.Call Joyce at 973-956-8956 or text yourorder to 201-314-9413. DEC 11 ãHospice of NJ is seeking gift certificatesor donations of any kind for their SilentAuction to be held at their Fund RaisingGala on Thursday, December 11.Hospice of New Jersey serves terminallyill patients. For those individuals thathave no insurance or funds to pay, weprovide the same services and care as we would to our other patients and theirhospice care is free. No one is turnedaway. For more information please con-tact Terry Russo Hudak, CVM, VolunteerDirector at 973-893-0818 or send dona-tion to 400 Broadacres Dr. Bloomfield,NJ 07003.  Around theCommunity ... ãRhino Theatre is proud to announceauditions for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s“Cats.” Ages 10-19. Auditions dates;Monday and Tuesday November 24, 25from 3:30-6:30pm. Please prepare asong from the musical, “Cats” and to doa movement audition. Bring a headshotand resume. Performances: January 30, 100% Mailed, Bi-Weekly Newspaper 234 Main Street, 2 nd FloorLincoln Park, NJ 07035 i 973.696.8008 Publisher: Joe Pellegrino i Editor: Bethanne Pellegrino i Administrative Assistant: Denise Wirsing i Art Director: Robin Banta Sales: Lisa Buniewski, Larry Johnson, George Papendick i Classifieds: Kathleen Todd Please e-mail all press releases and calendar information to or fax to 973.556.1991.Advertising in Life & Leisure is affordable and effective. We are a “family friendly” publication and therefore reserve the right to accept only advertisements that appeal to the entire family; the final determination of which is made by Life & Leisure. Views expressed in Life & Leisure arethose of the respective columnists and writers, and do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher, or Life & Leisure. Advertising is open to anyonedesiring to reach the public and is subject to approval, revision and/or rejection at any time by the publisher. Many of the articles are paid for by theauthor and are in effect advertisements. Publication of any advertisement does not constitute, either implied or inferred, an endorsement of services,products or businesses advertised. © 2014 Life & Leisure, LLC. Life & Leisure is a trademark of Life & Leisure, LLC. continued on page 6    visit our website at www. lifeandleisurenj .com November 12, 2014Zone 1, Page 3 HOW LONG HAVE YOU SUFFERED FROM LOW BACK PAIN? HAVE YOU TRIED THE DRS SYSTEM™?   After only three weeks of treatment, clinical studies have shown outstanding results in relieving the debilitating pain that may be caused by bulging, herniated, degenerative, or ruptured discs, as well as sciatica,posterior facet syndrome, and many failed back surgery cases.  All Ages Welcome ã Evening Appointments ã Most Insurance Plans Accepted Advanced Sports Medicine& Physical Therapy Center 18 Newark Pompton Tpke. ã Riverdale ã 973-616-4555 ã    T   H   E   L   O   W   E   R   B   A   C   K   S   P   E   C   I   A   L   I   S   T NOW YOU CAN LIVE PAIN FREE  A State-of-the-Art FacilitySpecializing inTreatment for: ã SHOULDER & KNEE PAINã SCIATICA & HERNIATED DISCSã AUTOMOBILE INJURIESã FIBROMYALGIA ã NECK PAIN, HEADACHESã PAINFUL JOINTSã HIP PAIN ã SPORTS INJURIES Treatment of herniated anddegenerative discs without surgery.   visit our website at www. lifeandleisurenj .com November 12, 2014Page 4, Zone 1 M any unlicensed, un-professional andunqualified peoplewithin the financial servicesprofession and the media itself,have rendered inaccurate andnegative opinions aboutAnnuities. These opinions areoften espoused on TV, radioand in newsprint and then areaccepted as gospel by manytrusting members of the public.Far too many people have amisguided opinion aboutAnnuities. These magnificentretirement vehicles aredesigned to produce, sustainand guarantee* an income forthe rest of a person’s life andtheir spouse’s lifetime, if soelected. If you don’t likeAnnuities, please invest a fewminutes to read this brief col-umn for some enlightenmentthat may positively impactyour financial life and future.  FIRST, A FEW FACTS: 1. Only an Annuity can guar-antee* you an income for therest of your life! No otherinvestment has this character-istic. The insurance company isfurther backed-up by the Statein which the company is domi-ciled, as well as the State inwhich the purchase was made,if different. (State guaranteefunds have limitations andshould be understood fullybefore investing.) 2. All Annuities have a deathbenefit principal guarantee*,even those that allow forinvestments directly into stockand bond funds, which do havethe potential for decline. Thesedeath benefit guarantees haveoptional language, if selected,that offer annual increases inthe death benefit payout, evenif performance causes a declinein value. There is no medicalqualification to secure thisenhanced death benefit feature. 3. Annuities offer living benefitriders that allow for either asimple or compounded annualinterest increase in a “with-drawal or income base” duringthe accumulation phase of theannuity which, enhances theguaranteed* annual lifetimeincome stream when the clientelects to receive it. This iscalled the “Roll-Up” feature. 4. Variable Annuities offer liv-ing benefit riders that will setthe anniversary withdrawalbase to the highest yearly, quar-terly, monthly or even dailyvalue that will determine thelifetime income. If the marketcauses your Annuity value todecline just before you retire,the withdrawal calculation willbe based on the best anniver-sary your Annuity ever had! Inother words, your annualincome will never be affectedby market declines and is guar-anteed* for life! 5. Some Annuities offer en-hanced payout benefits shouldthe annuitant enter a nursinghome or be unable to performsome of the activities of dailyliving: bathing, feeding, dress-ing, continence, transferringfrom room to room or a cogni-tive impairment. Some offerenhanced death benefits inaddition to living benefits andbetter optional riders offerboth! 6. Traditional Fixed and FixedIndexed Annuities, both pay alifetime minimum guaranteed*rate of interest that grows tax-deferred until withdrawn.Variable Annuities are “mutualfund like” investments thatoffer greater growth potentialthan the other two Annuitytypes, but, have potential fordecline in value, unlike theother two; however, with adeath benefit guarantee* aswell as a joint lifetime incomerider and tax deferral, it is theopinion of this CertifiedAnnuity Specialist, thatVariable Annuities are a farsuperior alternative to mutualfunds or a collection of individ-ual stocks! 7. All Annuities provide tax-deferred growth! Only paytaxes on your withdrawals notthe accumulation! In otherwords, only pay taxes on theprofits you spend, not earn. In Summary, if you desireno market risk whatsoever, aTraditional Fixed Annuity(TFA) is calling your name. If you are willing to assume therisk of a year with no growthduring the years where thestock market might be downfor the chance to make stockmarket index linked returnssubject to a cap when theindex is up, a Fixed IndexedAnnuity (FIA) might be foryou! If you desire the upsidebenefits of various equity andbond funds without the agonyof a reduced income if the mar-kets falter, a Variable Annuitywith a living benefit rider (VA)could hold your ticket! Which annuity would Irecommend for your portfoliodesignated for producing life-time retirement income neces-sary to survive and prosper?My answer is all three! Whowouldn’t desire unlimitedupside potential with no down-side risk to their income? (VA)Who would balk at a dailyguarantee* of accumulatinginterest (TFA) or the ability toprofit in a rising market whileexempting the losses in adownward cycle? (FIA) Some negative prognosti-cators would argue that all of that guaranteed* languagecosts a fortune in fees and hin-ders performance. To thesepeople I must say the following:If the guaranteed* benefits pur-chased were ever neededbecause your accounts ran outof money, how expensive werethey? Do you understand thateven with no money left inyour account the highest guar-anteed* income continues tobe deposited into your check-book each and every month?Might you outlive your money?This is called longevity risk. Not possible with properlyconstructed and executedannuities!Withdrawing money fromyour portfolio during negativemarket cycles creates a sinkingfund. The TFA and FIA donot experience losses from neg-ative markets and the VA thatmay decline, offers a lifetimeincome guarantee* that willnever reduce or cease until youand your spouse both die.When compared to any otherstock market based alternative,when systematically withdraw-ing, there always exists the pos-sibility of running out of money except in a properlystructured VA where thatwould be impossible.Remember that IRA’s, due tothe Required MinimumDistribution rules, are guaran-teed sinking funds; live longenough and the governmentensures that your IRA will beexhausted. But, with a livingbenefit rider on your IRAAnnuity, when the account isdepleted, the income contin-ues anyway and at the highestmonthly income level it everachieved! Where are thosenegative pundits now? Perhaps you knew thesefacts or maybe you were justunaware; to continue this topicof conversation with me and tolearn a whole lot more withwritten evidence and proof of the statements made herein,please call for a no cost, noobligation appointment or toregister for our FREE work-shop series November 18th,19th and 20th, your portfolioand your financial future willthank you! Mark E. Charnet, CAS, is Presi-dent and Founder of AmericanProsperity Group. APG is thePremier Retirement and EstatePlanning Franchise in the UnitedStates with 21 offices in 10 states.Mr. Charnet has over 33 years of experience in the Retirement andEstate Planning fields. Creator of the Trinity Method of Investing©,Mark encourages your inquiriesand can be reached at: 973-831-4424 or via email, Check out ourwebsite: In-terested in a career in retirementand estate planning? Check outthis website: Securities through:United Planners Financial Servic-es, A limited partnership. Mem-ber SIPC, FINRA and a Regis-tered Investment Advisor. APGis conveniently located at 901 Rt.23 South 2nd floor PomptonPlains, NJ (above the LakelandBank). *Guarantees based on theclaims paying ability of the insur-ance companies selected. Annuities: Maligned and sadly misunderstood!  By Mark Charnet
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