225_800 Cycles UMS4 Programming Guide

Cycles UMS4 Programming Guide
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  User Documentation SINUMERIK System 800Cycles, User Memory Submodule 4  January 1994 Edition SINUMERIK System 800Cycles, User Memory Submodule 4 Programming GuideUser Documentation Valid for: Control Software version  SINUMERIK 810T / 810TE GA13 and higherSINUMERIK 810M / 810ME GA13 and higherSINUMERIK 810T / 810TE GA22 and higherSINUMERIK 810M / 810ME GA22 and higherSINUMERIK 810 / 820T GA31 and higherSINUMERIK 810 / 820M GA31 and higherSINUMERIK 820T / 820TE2 and higherSINUMERIK 820M / 820ME2 and higherSINUMERIK 850T / 850TE3 and higherSINUMERIK 850M / 850ME3 and higherSINUMERIK 880T / 880TE3 and higherSINUMERIK 880M / 880ME3 and higherSINUMERIK 880 GA21 and higher  SINUMERIK  ®   documentation Printing history Brief details of this edition and previous editions are listed below.The status of each edition is shown by the code in the ”Remarks” column. Status code in ”Remarks”  column  : A  . . . New documentation  B  . . . Unrevised reprint with new Order No. C  . . . Revised edition with new status. If factual changes have been made on the page sincethe last edition, this is indicated by a new edition coding in the header on that page. Edition Order No. Remarks UMS 03.896ZB5 410-0BQ02-0BA0A408.896ZB5 410-0BQ02-0BA1C405.906ZB5 410-0BQ02-0BA2C405.916ZB5 410-0BQ02-0BA3C402.936ZB5 410-0BQ02-0BA4C401.946ZB5 410-0BQ02-0BA5  C 4 Other functions not described in this documentation might beexecutable in the control. This does not, however, represent anobligation to supply such functions with a new control or whenservicing.This publication was produced on the Siemens 5800 OfficeSystem.Subject to change without prior notice.The reproduction, transmission or use of this document or itscontents is not permitted without express written authority. Offenders will be liable for damages. All rights, including rightscreated by patent grant or registration of a utility model ordesign, are reserved.  ©    Siemens AG 1990 All Rights Reserved  Introduction12Cycles

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