ESOTERIC PRINCIPLES OF VEDIC ASTROLOGY (Treatise on Advanced Predictive Techniques) BEPIN BEH ARE Contents Preface .vn ASTROLOGICAL COUNSELLING 1. Scope Of Astrological Studies 3 2. Astrological Counselling .9 3. Astrological Impulses 19
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  ESOTERIC   RINCIPLES   F   VEDC   STROLOGY (Treatise   on   Advanced   Predictive   Techniques)   BEPIN   BEH   ARE    Cntents Preface   n   ASTROLOGICAL   OUNSELLING   1.   Scope   Of   Astrological   Studies   2.   Astrological   Counselling   3.   Astrological   Impulses   9   NATURE   F   MAN   4.   Basic   Motivation   Of  The   Individual   9   5.   Extroversion   And   Introversion   Of   Personality.   8   6.   even   Channels   Of   Human   Development   4   7.   ndications   Of   The   Maturity   Of  Soul   8.   oundation   Of   An   Integrated   Personality   1   PLANETARY   MPULSES   9.   Combinations   For   Popularity   3   10.   Planned   Parenthood   0   11.   Profession   And   Marriage.   7   12.   Avocation   And   Income   00   13.   Marriage   Counselling.   11   14.   oreign   Travel   18   15.   The   Destiny   Of   Man   26    SPECIAL   CHARACTERISTICS   F   PLANETS   AND   SIGNS   16.   The   Planetary   Characteristics   37   17.   The   Features   Of   Zodiacal   Signs   49   18.   un   And   Pancha   Maha   Purusha   Yogas   78   19.   Bhadra   Yoga   he   Mercurial   Greatness   91   20.   ars   The   Active   Male   Principle.   97   21.   Venus   And   Artistic   Sensitivity.   07   22.   upiter   he   Ruler   Of   Vital   Airs   5   23.   aturn:   he   Spiritualizing   Planet   1   24.   asa   Yoga   Saturn's   Impulse   For   Human   Greatness   29   25.   Makara   The   Most   Mystic   Sign   _—   41   26.   hadow   Planets   ahu   And   Ketu   48   PREDICTIVE   PRINCIPLES   27.   atterns   Of   Horoscope   57   28.   Enigma   Of   Planetary   Exaltation   75   29.   The   Real   Effect   Of   Exalted   Planets   2   30.   he   Mystery   Of   Bhavat   Bhavam   88   3   1.   KALA   SARPA   YOGA   Restriction   Over   Human   Potential   04   32.   Glossary   11   33.   elect   Bibliography.   17   34.   ndex   19    Preface Serious   tudents   f   Indian   strology   ave   ecently   ecome   concerned   bout   he   tatus   f   this   ncient   ubject.   During   he   Vedic   period,   he   people   were   clear   about   their   goal   and   ived   n   harmony with   Mature.   They   lived   a   life   which   was   in   harmony   with   the   seen   and   unseen   powers   regulating   and   guiding   human   devel-   opment.   n   our   scriptures   when   mention   was   made   about   stellar   configurations   n   mportant   ccasions   uch   s   irths   f   sover-   eigns,   vatars,   nd   wars   etween   Devas   nd   Asuras,   he   asic   objective   was   o   how   hat   every   vent   n   ur   ife   akes   lace   according   o   Divine   Plan   which   ould   be   deciphered   y   hose   who   already  knew   the   language   of   the   stars.   The   knowledge   of   this   science   was   given   ut   n   rder   o   make   he   human   ndividuals   conform   ith   heir   nner   nature   nd   ith   heir   ultimate   estiny   and   beneficent   natural   orces.   Presently,   we   have   greatly   slipped   away   rom   his   piritual   oal,   o   ven   he   ncient   cience   f   astrology   has   ost   some   of   its   ancient   shine.   But   presently,   some   serious   students   are   coming   up   who   desire   o   revive   he   pristine   glory   of   this   ccult   cience;   hey   want   o   etrieve   his   soteric   knowledge   and   reinstate   ts   pristine   status.   The   basic   principles   of   Indian   Astrology   which   prevailed   dur-   ing   he   Vedic   ivilisation   isappeared   uring   he   ast   housand   years   or   o   but   some   uperficial   spects   of   it   remained   with   he   public   o   remind   of   its   past   glory   and   ts   vast   possibilities.   Since   the   middle   f   the   ast   century,   here   has   been   evival.   ndian   astrology   as   een   ecognised   s   n   ncient   cience.   t   s   recognised   as   a   subject   with   great   possibilities.   t   is   considered   as   a   system   of   knowledge   which   could   unveil   a   bit   of   our   future.   t   is   also   elt   that   t   has   great   importance   or   providing   mpetus   o   s   for   pious   iving.   The   mpetus   hus   eceived   made   many   elf-   effacing   volunteers   search   or   ancient   manuscripts,   bring   hem   o   light,   ranslate   hem   n   modem   anguages   and   disseminate   hem   for   wider   consumption.   This   reat   fflux   f   predictive   rules   n-   creased   the   popularity   of   the   subject.   Books   on   astrology   began   to   appear   n   public.   Many   strologers   egan   o   make   emarkable   predictions.   This   was   ndeed   a   very   encouraging   comeback.  
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