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  • 1. Partner Function in Vendor master | SCN Getting Started Newsletters Store Hi, Guest Log On Join Us Products Services & Support About SCN Downloads Industries Training & Education Partnership Developer Center Lines of Business University Alliances Events & Webinars Innovation Activity Communications Actions Browse 6 Replies Latest reply: Dec 11, 2009 10:43 AM by Guest Guest Partner Function in Vendor master This question is Assumed Answered. Hi, I want to know what is partner functions in Vendor master , what configuration settings required for it and is it necessary to maintain what can be the problem or why it use . regards, zafar 21523 Views Average User Rating (0 ratings) Dec 10, 2009 9:32 AM Re: Partner Function in Vendor master This Doc. is F1 help , - In Purchasing, you have contact with various business partners (e.g. vendors or carriers). For each account group, you can define which roles the business partners may assume. For example, you can specify that certain vendors may function as ordering addresses only - not as invoicing parties. You can use partner roles both within a corporate group and to define relationships between independent firms. Examples: - Within the vendor corporate group Steel Inc., the company code South-East Steel Co in Orlando can have the role of ordering address and plant 1000 in Atlanta the role of goods supplier. - For the vendor Steel Inc., the carrier ABC Co. - as sub-supplier - can assume the role of goods deliverer. - Go to OMZ1,2,3 -- OMZ8 transcations - Partner Functions..Check Regards, Udayasankar Rajagopalan Like (1) Udayasankar Rajagoapalan Dec 10, 2009 10:25 AM (in response to Guest ) 1 of 4 8/4/14 8:17 PM
  • 2. Partner Function in Vendor master | SCN Re: Partner Function in Vendor master Hello,, Partner Function Partner Function is that vendoru2019s will act as a various business partners i.e. they play a different role. Vendor - VN Ordering Address - OA Goods Supplier - GS Plants - DP Invoice Presented by - ID Forwarding Agent - FA Define Partner Roles - OMZ1 (ii) Define Permissible Partner Roles per Account Group - OMZ3 (iii) Partner Settings in Vendor Master Record - OMZ4 Define Partner Schemas - OMZ4 Assign Partner Schemas to Account Groups i.e Pur. Org. level, sub-range & Plant level - OMZ5 (iv) Partner Settings in Purchasing Documents - OMZ6 Define Partner Schemas for Standard PO, STPO & Contracts - OMZ6 Assign Partner Schemas to Document Types i.e RFQ, PO, Contract & Scheduling agreement - OMZ7 Regards Mahesh Naik Like (1) Mahesh Naik Dec 10, 2009 10:26 AM (in response to Guest ) Vikram raj Dec 10, 2009 10:32 AM (in response to Guest ) Re: Partner Function in Vendor master Hi Zafar, Basically Vendor partner functions allowed you to define the rights and responsibilities of business partner in a business transaction. The R/3 standard partner functions are : AZ Alternative payee OA Ordering address VN Vendor CR Carrier PI Invoice presented by CA Contract address GS Goods supplier DP Delivering site Accordingly the vendor is first the ordering address, then the supplier of good and after that Invoicing party and finally the Payee. You can determine which of the partner roles are optional and which are mandatory in the customization. If no roles have been maintained, the data of the vendor role applies Now the Vendor partner function will work after few Setting in Customization : 1) Maintain seprate vendor master record for each partner 2) Activate partner function by ASsign Partner Schema to Account Groups SPRO ; Material Management > Purchasing > partner Determination > partner Settings in Vendor Master REcord > here choose and account Group to active partner Function and from Field PS EKORG Select L1 3)Define Permissible Partner Roles Per Account Group In this step, you can specify for each account group of the vendor which roles the vendor may assume. I.e. you can specify that certain vendors may only serve as an ordering address, not as an invoicing party. Maintain Partner roles, which is to be used in Account Group GS - DIMP PI-DIMP OA-DIMP 4) Maintain partner function - Now in the Vendor master record you can maintain Vendor partner function . or can assign partner at the Time of PO Creation ME21n, When GR will be done you can See partner Details. Regards, Vraj 2 of 4 8/4/14 8:17 PM
  • 3. Partner Function in Vendor master | SCN Like (1) Re: Partner Function in Vendor master Hi , Partners can be assigned to partner functions in vENDOR master record which can be determined in subsequent sales documents. For a customer some partner functions are made obligatory for processing of Purchasing documents, this is controlled in customizing. (refer Customizing guide) Partner functions are classified or grouped using partner types, eg. Customer, Vendor, Contact Person, etc. Partner functions in system are represented by two character code which can be alphanumeric, eg. vn etc. Partner function in SAP will determine the different partner which are used to process the PO with respect to Vendors. Without the Partner functions you cannot create the Transactions These are mandatory You can set up PARTNER DETERMINATION in SPRO>MATERIAL MANAGEMENT->PURCHASING->PARTNER DETERMINATION->Here in this path you will find all the Partner functions. Like (0) santosh kumar vemuri Dec 10, 2009 10:44 AM (in response to Guest ) Re: Partner Function in Vendor master Hi, Partner Determination process is used for designing the vendor master where your vendor act as goods supplier, Ordering Address, Invoice Payee(during business transaction ,how your vendor act). Lets says ,you have vendor and there are three office such as main office is in delhi, branch officeu2019s in Mumbai, Hyderabad and they supply goods from Bangalore, here goods supplier is Bangalore office and Ordering Address may be Mumbai,/Hyderabad and invoice payment to main branch to Delhi. So in this case you have to Partner Determination process In partner determination Process, you have following configuration steps 1. Create Vendor Account Group.OBD3 2. Maintain Number Ranges from Vendor account Group:XKN1, 3.Assignment of Number ranges to Account Group, OBAS 4.Partner Function: SPRO->MM->Purchasing->Partner Determination-> partner roles->Permissible partner roles per account group 5.Partner Schema: SPRO->MM->Purchasing->Partner Determination->Partner setting in Vendor master record-> Define partner Schema 6.Assgin partner schema to account Group SPRO->MM->Purchasing->Partner Determination->Partner setting in Vendor master record-> Assign partner schema to account Group. Regards, Biju K Like (2) Bijay Kumar Barik Dec 10, 2009 11:23 AM (in response to Guest ) Guest Dec 11, 2009 10:43 AM (in response to Bijay Kumar Barik) Re: Partner Function in Vendor master 3 of 4 8/4/14 8:17 PM
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