Under The Supervision Of: - Submitted by: - Ms. K.MANWANI ISHEETA B.COM(HONS) 3 RD YEAR
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    Under The Supervision Of: - Submitted by: -  Ms. K.MANWANI ISHEETA B.COM(HONS) 3 RD  YEAR  ROLL NO-061 SEC-B  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Doing this project has been of immense benefit to me as I had the opportunity of getting involved in the issue concerning the company that is of high interest to me i.e. Hindustan UNILever Limited. The experience as very satisfying. !hile or ing on this project# I as confronted ith many such issues of HUL# hich provided me a deeper insight of it.Today# I perceive myself as a person ho has better noledge of consumer care products as compared to hat I had before this project commenced. This project or included application of various mar eting techni$ues. These exercises provided me ith a practical insight and ere of great benefit to me. %t the end I ould li e to than s my parents# friends and my mentor &'.(.&%N!%NI# ithout hose support it as not possible to complete my project.  CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the project “Skin !re produts of indust!n Uni#ever $imited%  is the srcinal or of IS EETA &AR& 'Ro## no( )*+ of ) S(,(( Co##e.e% #Delhi University. %nd the project had been underta en in my supervision.I also certify that no part of this project has been submitted for any other degree*diploma courses in any other university. MS.K.MANWANI ISHEETA GARGMent! S #n$t%!e C$n& &$te S #n$t%!e
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