25 Things Successful Teachers Do Differently

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  25 Things Successful Teachers Do Differently1. Successful teachers have clear objectives How do you know if you are driving the right way when you are traveling somewhere new?You use the road signs and a map (although nowadays it might be SIRI or a GPS! In theworld of edu ation# your ob$e tives for your students a t as road signs to your destination!Your plan is the map! %aking a plan does not suggest a la k of reativity in your urri ulum but rather# gives reativity a framework in whi h to flourish! 2. Successful teachers have a sense of purpose &e an't all be blessed with epi ) workdays all the time! Sometimes# life is $ust mundaneand tedious! *ea hers with a sense of purpose that are able to see the big pi ture an rideabove the hard and boring days be ause their eye is on something further down the road! 3. Successful teachers are able to live without immediate feedbac  *here is nothing worse than sweating over a lesson plan only to have your students walk outof lass without so mu h as a smile or a# Great $ob tea h+) It's hard to give ,--. and notsee immediate results! *ea hers who rely on that instant gratifi ation will get burned out anddisillusioned! /earning# relationships# and edu ation are a messy endeavor# mu h likenurturing a garden! It takes time# and some dirt# to grow! !. Successful teachers now when to listen to students and when to ignore them Right on the heels of the above tip is the on ept of dis ernment with student feedba k! 0tea her who never listens to his1her students will ultimately fail! 0 tea her who always listensto his1her students will ultimately fail! It is no simple endeavor to know when to listen andadapt# and when to say# 2o3 we're going this way be ause I am the tea her and I see thelong term pi ture!) 5. Successful teachers have a positive attitude  2egative energy 4aps reativity and it makes a ni e breeding ground for fear of failure! Goodtea hers have an upbeat mood# a sense of vitality and energy# and see past momentarysetba ks to the end goal! Positivity breeds reativity! . Successful teachers e#pect their students to succeed *his on ept is similar for parents as well! Students need someone to believe in them! *heyneed a wiser and older person to put sto k in their abilities! Set the bar high and then reatean environment where it's okay to fail! *his will motivate your students to keep trying untilthey rea h the e5pe tation you've set for them! $. Successful teachers have a sense of humor Humor and wit make a lasting impression! It redu es stress and frustration# and gives peoplea han e to look at their ir umstan es from another point of view! If you interviewed ,---students about their favorite tea her# I'll bet 67. of them were hysteri al! %. Successful teachers use praise authentically Students need en ouragement yes# but real en ouragement! It does no good to praise their work when you know it is only 7-. of what they are apable of! You don't want to reate anenvironment where there is no praise or re ognition8 you want to reate one where the praisethat you offer is valuable 9:;0<S: you use it $udi iously!  &. Successful teachers now how to tae riss *here is a wise saying that reads# *hose who go $ust a little bit too far are the ones whoknow $ust how far one an go!) Risk3taking is a part of the su essful formula! Your studentsneed to see you try new things in the lassroom and they will wat h losely how you handlefailure in your risk3taking! *his is as important as what you are tea hing! 1'. Successful teachers are consistent ;onsisten y is not to be onfused with stu k!) ;onsisten y means that you do what you sayyou will do# you don't hange your rules based on your mood# and your students an rely onyou when they are in need! *ea hers who are stu k in their outdated methods may boast onsisten y# when in fa t it is leverly3masked stubbornness! 11. Successful teachers are reflective In order to avoid be oming the stu k and stubborn tea her# su essful edu ators take time torefle t on their methods# their delivery# and the way they onne t with their students!Refle tion is ne essary to un over those weaknesses that an be strengthened with a bit of resolve and understanding! 12. Successful teachers see out mentors of their own Refle tive tea hers an easily get disheartened if they don't have someone a bit older andwiser offering support! You are never too old or wise for a mentor! %entors an be that voi ethat says# Yes your refle tions are orre t#) or 2o# you are off be ause=!) and provide youwith a different perspe tive! 13. Successful teachers communicate with parents ;ollaboration between parents and tea hers is absolutely ru ial to a student's su ess! ;reatean open path of ommuni ation so parents an ome to you with on erns and you an do thesame! &hen a tea her and parents present a united front# there is a lower han e that your student will fall through the ra ks! 1!. Successful teachers enjoy their wor  It is easy to spot a tea her who loves their work! *hey seem to emanate ontagious energy!:ven if it on a sub$e t like advan ed al ulus# the sub$e t omes alive! If you don't love your work or your sub$e t# it will ome through in your tea hing! *ry to figure out why you feel sounmotivated and uninspired! It might have nothing to do with the sub$e t# but your e5pe tations! 0d$ust them a bit and you might find your love of tea hing ome flooding ba k! 15. Successful teachers adapt to student needs ;lassrooms are like an ever3evolving dynami organism! >epending on the day# theattendan e roster# and the phase of the moon# you might have to hange up your plans or your s hedule to a ommodate your students! 0s they grow and hange# your methods might haveto as well! If your goal is to promote a urri ulum or method# it will feel like a personal insultwhen you have to modify it! %ake onne ting with your student your goal and you'll have notrouble hanging it up as time moves on! 1 . Successful teachers welcome change in the classroom *his relates to the above tip# but in a slightly different way! Have you ever been so bored withyour house or your bedroom# only to rearrange it and have it feel like a new room? ;hangeignites the brain with e5 itement and adventure! ;hange your lassroom to keep your   students on their toes! Simple hanges like rearranging desks and routines an breathe newlife in the middle of a long year! 1$. Successful teachers tae time to e#plore new tools &ith the advan e of te hnology# there are fresh new resour es and tools that an add greatfun tionality to your lassroom and urri ulum! *here is no doubt that the students you aretea hing (far younger than you probably already use te hnologies you haven't tapped intoyet! >on't be afraid to push for te hnology in the lassroom! It is often an underfunded area but in this urrent world and limate# your students will be growing up in a world wherete hnology is everywhere! Give them a headstart and use te hnology in your lassroom! 1%. Successful teachers give their students emotional suppor t*here are days when your students will need your emotional support more than a pie e of information! ;onne ting to your students on an emotional level makes it more likely that theywill listen to your ounsel and take your advi e to heart! Students need mentors as mu h asthey need tea hers! 1&. Successful teachers are comfortable with the unnown It's diffi ult to tea h in an environment where you don't know the future of your lassroom budget# the involvement of your student's parents# or the out ome of all your hard work! n amore philosophi al level# edu ators who tea h the higher grades are tasked with tea hingstudents prin iples that have a lot of unknowns (i!e! physi s! How omfortable are you withnot having all the answers? Good tea hers are able to fun tion without everything tied upneatly in a bow! 2'. Successful teachers are not threatened by parent advocacy <nfortunately# parents and tea hers are sometimes threatened by one another! 0 tea her whois inse ure will see parent advo a y as a threat! &hile there are plenty of over3involvedheli opter parents waiting to point out a tea her's mistakes# most parents $ust want what's best for their hild! Su essful edu ators are onfident in their abilities and not threatenedwhen parents want to get into the lassroom and make their opinions known! Good tea hersalso know they don't have to follow what the parent re ommends+ 21. Successful teachers bring fun into the classroom >on't be too serious! Some days# fun) should be the goal! &hen students feel and see your humanness# it builds a foundation of trust and respe t! @un and edu ational aren't mutuallye5 lusive either! <sing humor an make even the most mundane topi more interesting! 22. Successful teachers teach holistically /earning does not happen in a va uum! >epression# an5iety# and mental stress have a severeimpa t on the edu ational pro ess! It's ru ial that edu ators (and the edu ational model takethe whole person into a ount! You an have the funniest and most innovative lesson onalgebra# but if your student has $ust been told his parents are getting a divor e# you will notrea h him! 23. Successful teachers never stop learning Good tea hers find time in their s hedule to learn themselves! 2ot only does it help bolster your knowledge in a ertain sub$e t matter# it also puts you in the position of student! *hisgives you a perspe tive about the learning pro ess that you an easily forget when you'realways in tea hing mode!  2!. Successful teachers brea out of the bo# It may be a self3made bo5! h I ould never do that#) you say to yourself! Perhaps you promised you'd never be ome the tea her who would let students grade ea h other (maybeyou had a bad e5perien e as a kid! Sometimes the biggest obsta le to growth is us! Have you built a bo5 around your tea hing methods? Good tea hers know when it's time to break out of it! 25. Successful teachers are masters of their subject Good tea hers need to know their raft! In addition to the methodology of tea hing)# youneed to master your sub$e t area! /earn# learn# and never stop learning! Su essful edu atorsstay urious!
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