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Grade 12 THE ENTRANCE EXAMINATION REVISION Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions. 1. He failed in the election just because he ___________ his opponent. A. overestimated B. underestimated C. understated D. undercharged 2. They ________because it is a national holiday. A. don’t work B. won’t work C. haven’t worked D. aren’t working 3. She’s finished the course, ____________? A. isn’t she B. hasn’t she C. doesn’t she D.
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  Grade 12  THE ENTRANCE EXAMINATION REVISION  Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions. 1. He failed in the election just because he ___________ his opponent.A. overestimatedB. underestimatedC. understatedD. undercharged 2. he! ________because it is a national holida!.A. don t #or$B. #on t #or$C. haven t #or$edD. aren t #or$ing 3. %he s finished the course& ____________'A. isn t sheB. hasn t sheC. doesn t sheD. didn t she 4.  ()ould !ou li$e a beer'* ( +ot #hile , m ___________*A. in the actB. in order C. on dut!D. under control 5. %ome friends of mine are reall! fashion-conscious& #hile __________ are uite simple.A. some other B. some othersC. anothersD. the other  6. According to some historians& ,f +apoleon had not invaded /ussia& he _________ the rest of the #orld.A. had conueredB. #ould conuer C. #ould have conueredD. conuered 7. ,s that the man _________ has been stolen'A. the car of #homB. the car of hisC. #hose car D. the car of #ho 8. )hen someone ans#ers the phone& !ou sa!& ( Can , _________0lsie& please'*A. tal$ toB. sa! toC. tellD. spea$ to 9.  ( Ho# much do !ou earn& ar!'* ( , d___________*A. rather don t sa!B. better not to sa!C. rather not sa!D. prefer not sa! 10. Captain %cott s __________ to the %outh ole #as mar$ed b! disappointment and traged!.A. e3cursionB. visitC. tour D. e3pedition 11. he teacher made a difficult uestion& but at last& 4oe __________ a good ans#er.A. came up #ithB. came up toC. came up againstD. came up for  12. here are a lot of __________ buildings in the centre of the cit!.A. man! 5 flooredB. man! stor!C. multi 5 storiedD. multi 5 store! 13.  ( a$e !ourself at home.* ( ______________*A. 6es& can , help !ouB. han$s. %ame to !ouC. +ot at all. Don t mention itD. hat ver! $ind. han$ !ou. 14. 7l!pia$os ________ 8 5 8 #ith /eal adrid in the first leg of the semi-final in Athens.A. dre#B. eualledC. eualisedD. shared 15. he pop star _________ #hen the lights _________ A. sang 5 #ere going outB. #as singing - #ent outC. #as singing 5 #ere going outD. sang 5 #ent out 16. ,t #as not until she had arrived home ______ remembered her appointment #ith the doctor.A. #hen sheB. that sheC. and sheD. she 17.  ________ a novelt! in American retailing& fi3ed prices are no# universal in sales.A. ,t #as onceB. 7nce it #asC. hat onceD. 7nce 18. 4ane #ill have to repeat the course because her #or$ has been __________ A. unpleasantB. unnecessar!C. unusualD. unsatisfactor! 19. , don t $no# ,f _________ in m! essa!.A. is there a mista$eB. there a mista$e isC. a mista$e is thereD. there is a mista$e 20.  _________ !ou ever ________ the 9.%. before !our trip in 288:'A. Have 5 beenB. )ould 5 beC. )ould 5 have beenD. Had 5 been 21.  ()e re going to the seaside.* (Can ___________'*A. , come as #ellB. also , comeC. , too comeD. , as #ell come 22. he old man is both deaf and dump. He can ______understand us.A. harderB. hardC. hardl!D. best 23. Does that name __________ to !ou'A. ring a bellB. brea$ the iceC. foot the billD. fall into placeage 1  Grade 12  THE ENTRANCE EXAMINATION REVISION 24. ,t #as a great _________ to have a doctor living near us.A. convenientB. convenienceC. convenientl!D. conveniences 25.  ( han$s for !our help.* ( ____________*A. )ith all m! heartB. ,t s m! pleasureC. +ever remind meD. All it is for !ou 26. he greater the demand& __________ the price.A. higherB. highC. the higher D. the high 27. ,n the 1;:8s& pop art _______ to discover artistic sinnificant in the commercial artifacts of the consumer culture.A. see$ingB. to see$C. has soughtD. sought 28. )hat is a _________ li$e that cost'A. clothingB. clothesC. garmentD. clothe 29.  “ , thin$ #omen should not go to #or$.* ( , __________*A. uite agreeB. a little agreedC. so agreeD. rather agreed 30. ut !our shoes on properl! or !ou ll ________ over.A. getB. turnC. fallD. bend 31. Barne! and friends gave children___________ pleasure. A. a great deal of  B. a large uantit! C. a large deal of D. a great number of 32. Do !ou have an! objections___________ this ne# road scheme' A. at B. #ith C. to D. for 33. Despite a lot of hardship& the Green Cit! roject #ill go___________ A. before B. for#ard C. advance D. ahead  34. ,<m sorr!= , didn<t brea$ that vase on___________ A. m! mind B. time C. purpose D. intention 35. , don<t feel li$e___________ to the cinema no#. A. go B. to have gone C. going D. to go 36. He has___________ mone! in the ban$. A. a large number of B. a lots of C. a lot of D. lot of 37. here<s a good film___________ to#n. A. at B. over C. on in D. in on 38. He isn<t going to learn %panish and___________ A. so isn<t she B. neither is she C. she isn<t too D. either she isn<t 39. he policeman e3plained to us___________ get to the mar$et. A. ho# B. ho# could C. ho# #e could D. ho# could #e 40. He<s al#a!s tr!ing___________ me. A. to avoid to meet B. avoiding meeting C. to avoid meeting D. avoiding to meet 41. r. Bro#n___________ in the arm! from 1;:8 to 1;>8. A. had served B. has served C. had been serving D. served  42. )ould !ou please___________ him spea$ about the ne# plan. A. let B. allo# C. as$ D. tell 43. Although she is un$ind& , can<t help___________ her. A. li$e B. li$ed C. to li$e D. li$ing  44. Although ?ic$! loo$ed prett! much the same after all those !ears& , noticed___________ changes #hich made her loo$ even more beautiful than , remembered. A. fair B. sensitive C. subtle D. joint 45. After hours of bargaining #ith the salesman& 4a$e bought the jac$et for a _________of the srcinal price. A. fraction B. piece C. part D. spot 46. he football match tomorro# evening #ill be broadcast___________ on ? and radio. A. simultaneousl! B. communall! C. uniforml! D. jointl! 47. lease fill in !our emplo!ment histor!& including !our___________ emplo!er as #ell as an! previous ones !ou might have had. A. private B. dail! C. constant D. current age 2  Grade 12  THE ENTRANCE EXAMINATION REVISION 48. ost museums in the cit!___________ Da! asses at special rates for both pupils and students. A. issueB. transmit C. print D. project 49. he #oman___________ someone had stolen her purse& but although the! searched ever!one in the shop& it #asn<t found. A. accused B. enforced C. claimed D. #arned 50. As , #as___________ of the change in the program& , arrived half an hour late for the rehearsal. A. una#are B. unconscious C. unable D. unreasonable 51. he Best ,nvention___________ this !ear #as given to 4ason e!ers. A. /e#ard B. Brand C. @actor D. A#ard  52. 7n Christmas 0ve& the___________ famil! gathers for dinner& usuall! at m! grandmother<s house. A. mere B. entire C. total D. complete 53. )hen the first Chinese restaurants opened in Greece& it #as ver! difficult to get fresh........of Chinese vegetables. A. provisions B. materials C. supplies D. ingredients 54. , find mending old soc$s incredibl!........ that<s #h! , al#a!s as$ m! mother to do it for me. A. hilarious B. tedious C. furious D. recreational 55. egan solved her computer problem uite___________ she happened to mention it to a friend #ho had had the same problem and told her #hat to do. A. occasionall! B. clumsil! C. accidentall! D. attentivel! 56. Bill Gates is probabl! the best $no#n and most successful___________ in computer soft#are. A. pioneer B. navigator C. generator D. volunteer 57. ! mother often___________ our mista$es& #hereas m! father is ver! strict and punishes us for even the slightest one. A. passesB. neglects C. avoids D. overloo$s  58. )hen , joined the arm!& , found it difficult to___________ out orders from m! superiors& but , soon got used to  ___________ it. A. call B. carr! C. miss D. ta$e 59. After nine months #ithout an! rain& the countr! #as facing one of the #orst______in the last fift! !ears. A. draughts B. floods C. eruptions D. droughts  60. 6ou should _______ more attention to #hat !our teacher e3plains.A. ma$e B. get C. set D. pa! 61. %he ___________ on her computer for more than t#o hours #hen she decided to stop for a rest. A. has #or$edB. has been #or$ingC. #as #or$ingD. had been #or$ing  62. ,t s nice , am no# in ondon again. his is the second time , ___________ there. A. #ill beB. #ould beC. #asD. have been  63. , ___________ m! um b! coo$ing dinner for her. A. cheered upB. loo$ed upC. #aited forD. felt li$e 64.  (,f #e can t afford a car& #e ll just have to ___________ one.* A. do #ithB. put up #ithC. do #ithoutD. catch up #ith 65. ..has she behaved li$e that before. A. 7nl! b!B. )henC. @or D. +ever   66. A good essa! must ___________ contain enough interesting ideas and specific e3am but also have good organiation. A. in additionB. either C. not onl!D. as #ell 67.  (6ou should stop #or$ing too hard ___________ !ou ll get sic$. * A. or elseB. if C. in caseD. #hereas 68. Although he #as ___________& he agreed to pla! tennis #ith me. A. e3haustionB. e3haustedC. e3haustingD. e3haustive 69. ,n order to avoid boredom& the most important thing is to $eep on ___________  A. occupationB. occupiedC. occupantD. occupational 70. He carried anE ___________ driving license. A. artificialB. unfaithful C. untrueD. false age F  Grade 12  THE ENTRANCE EXAMINATION REVISION 71. As the drug too$ .& the patient became uieter. A. effectB. forceC. influenceD. action 72. -(Do !ou li$e the #eather here'* -(, #ish it ___________.* A. doesn t rainB. didn t rain C. #on t rainD. hadn t rained 73. 6ou___________ the #ashing-up. , could have done it for !ou. A. needn t have done B. hadn t to doC. couldn t have doneD. mustn t have done 74.  (+ever sa! that again& ___________'* A. #on t !ou B. do !ou C. don t !ou D. #ill !ou 75.  ___________ an!thing suspicious arise& please let me $no# at once. A. %hould B. )ould C. Can D. Did 76. om ( shall #e go out tonight '*-4ane (______________________*A. 6es& , can. B. 6es& #e are. C. 6es& #e go. D. 6es& let s. 77.  ___________ the #eather forecast it #ill rain heavil! later this morning.A. 7n account of B. Due to C. According to D. Because of  78. an! old people don t li$e change. he! are ver! set in their ___________ A. lives B. habits C. routines D. #a!s 79. ,t too$ man! hours of negotiation to ___________ a compromise.A. ma$e B. doC. reachD. arrive 80. he! sa! he inherited his mone! from a ___________ relative he had never met.A. fara#a! B. remoteC. distant D. slight 81. He found___________ to ans#er all the uestions #ithin the time given.A. that impossibleB. it impossibleC. it impossibl!D. that impossibl! 82. According to m!___________& #e should have enough mone! for the rest of the month.A. estimatesB. calculationsC. suspicionsD. e3pectation 83. he school #as closed for a month because of serious ___________ of fever A. outcomeB. outburstC. outbrea$ D. outset 84.  ___________ his advice& , #ould never have got a job.A. 03ceptB. Apart fromC. But for D. As for  85. 7#ing to various advances in modern medicine& certain diseases that #ere seemingl! incurable no#  ___________ treatment.A. !ield toB. consist ofC. interfere #ithD. stem from 86. he police are loo$ing for a man of ___________ height.A. e3traB. mediumC. middleD. special 87. he problem needs to be ___________ urgentl!.A. addressedB. dealtC. thoughtD. cleared 88. )hen the bod! #as found& the police ___________ a major murder hunt.A. mountedB. maintainedC. didD. made 89. Driving in ondon is supposed to be confusing but , didn t find it at ___________ difficult.A. firstB. allC. onceD. least 90. Anne:  a$e !ourself at home.- Jon :  ___________  A. 6es& Can , help !ou' B. +ot at all. Don<t mention it. C. han$s= %ame to !ou. D. hat<s ver! $ind. han$ !ou. 91. )e _____ for three hours and are ver! tired. A. are #al$ing B. have been #al$ing C. #ere #al$ingD. had been #al$ing 92. he policeman e3plained to us______________get to the mar$et. A. ho# B. ho# could C. ho# #e could D. ho# could #e 93.  _________________ from Bill& all the students said the! #ould go. A. 03ceptB. 7nl!C. ApartD. %eparate 94.  +ot until a mon$e! is several !ears old___________to e3hibit signs of independence from its mother. A. beginning B. does it begin C. and beginD. it beginsage I
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