2555 Lack of understanding for the prophecies.... Necessity....

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  WORD OF GOD... through Bertha Dudde 2555 Lack of understanding for the prophecies.... Necessity.... Only a fe people realise the seriousness of the ti!e and thereforethe co!ing e#ents can only $e !ade plausi$le to a fe. %s long asthey !erely stri#e for the ell&$eing of their $ody they ill only payattention to happenings hich are related to it and cannot and illnot understand a change of orld e#ents caused $y spiritualurgency. For spiritual e'periences are unfa!iliar to the! and all suchreferences are dee!ed insignificant and uni!portant if not entirelyrong $y the!. (o announce the co!ing happenings to the! at present ill ha#elittle success and yet they too shall $e arned so that no&one illli#e to see the day in co!plete ignorance. For hat they do notant to $elie#e as yet can suddenly appear credi$le to the! and!oti#ate the! to direct their mind towards God and call uponHim in distress. )piritual thoughts are often incon#enient to a person since theyonly under!ine his earthly life* as a result he discards the! henthey surface and thus he cannot co!e to realisation either. %s soon as a fello hu!an $eing ants to infor! hi! and con#eyspiritual gifts to hi! he declines or ignores the gift. %nd thus he illnot use the ti!e hich still separates hi! fro! the great naturale#ent so it ill take hi! $y surprise and co!pletely $eilder hi!.  %nd yet he cannot $e helped in any other ay $ut $y !entioningthe !o!entous change e#en though he is not fully capa$le orilling to take it in. For e#en the certainty that the prophesywill fulfil itself can already lead the person to suddenrealisation.  God+s lo#e co!es to !eet e#ery person and ,e sends hisad!onitions and arnings to e#eryone for ,e knos people+seaknesses and ants to help the! hen they are in trou$le. But !ost of the ti!e people on+t let the!sel#es $e helped$ecause they don+t think they need it. %nd yet they suffer i!!ensehardship for they ha#e no inner contact ith God they ha#edistanced the!sel#es fro! ,i! and therefore on+t listen to ,is#oice hich is speaking to the! through a hu!an !outh. (hey donot recognise it as God+s #oice and thus it ill not affect the!$ecause they close the!sel#es to its effect. -#ery day they li#e on earth in ignorance of spiritual life is a lostday and there are not !any !ore for the great earthly ad#ersityhas not yet co!e to an end and hu!anity is facing a $igger onestill hich is ine#ita$le for the sake of people+s spiritualde#elop!ent. t ill cost !any people+s li#es and $ring their opportunity forde#elop!ent on earth to an end. God ants to help the! hilethere is still ti!e and ,e sends ,is ser#ants and representati#es tothe! so that they ill speak in ,is na!e and re!ind the! toconsider their souls and stri#e for higher spiritual de#elop!ent. %nd if they listen to the! they can !ore easily endure hat illco!e to pass $ecause they ill realise that nothing that happenson earth is ithout !eaning and purpose and that spiritualde#elop!ent is the ulti!ate purpose of earthly life.... %!en/u$lished $y friends of ne re#elations of God 0 nfor!ation donload of all translated re#elations the!e&$ooklets at1  http1.$ertha&englishinde'.ht!l  — http1en.$ertha&

meningitis TB

Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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