27/10/14 Review

27/10/14 Review
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  Date:  27/10/14 Clip Name Shot Type Camera Movement Usable? Comments MVI_0638 CU Static Yes Out of focus (cinematic effect), clear bokeh, creates nice atmosphere. MVI_0639 LS to MCU Tilt (tracking birds flying above) Yes In focus, interesting camera movement when tracking birds. MVI_0640 LS Tilt Yes Lens flare from Sun, buildings come into focus whilst silhouetted. MVI_0641 LS Tilt Yes Similar to MVI_0640, framing slightly shifted to the right to capture more definition in building. MVI_0642 LS Tilt No Sun centred, although overexposed hence lacking definition in colour grading MVI_0643 LS Tilt Yes Majority usable, until reach building level. Tilt of sun positioned left, fills frame, creates gradient which could be overlaid or used as stand-alone footage. MVI_0644 LS Tilt No Experimenting with filters, colour grading too vibrant and is not consistent with rest of footage. MVI_0645 LS Pan No Framing not suitable, difficult to fit with purpose (too low in frame for double exposure). MVI_0646 LS Pan No Framing not suitable, filter used not consistent with colour grading.  MVI_0647 LS Pan Yes Framing suitable, changing filters gives an unusual multiplying effect which can be developed upon in After Effects. MVI_0648 LS Static Yes  Aeroplane trailing across sky, slight upwards trajectory, would be useful to isolate and multiplying in After Effects MVI_0649 LS Static Yes  Aeroplane trailing across sky, horizontal trajectory, would be useful for multiplying in  After Effets. MVI_0650 LS Pan No Framing not suitable, positioned too low within frame. MVI_0651 LS Tilt Yes Tilt from 00:16:10 creates nice colour grading and lens flare from Sun. MVI_0652 LS Pan Yes 00:10:06 nice framing from this point of sun low in sky. MVI_0653 LS Tilt No Overexposed. MVI_0654 LS Tilt Yes 00:04:02 correctly exposed, nice gradient of sun low in sky, buildings in foreground nicely silhouetted. MVI_0655 LS Tilt No Sun positioned slightly off centre, intended for this shot to be central. MVI_0656 LS Tilt (slight diagonal trajectory to create lens flare) Yes Rectifies positioning error in MVI_0655, correctly exposed. MVI_0657 LS Pan No Framing positioned too high, buildings in foreground not substantial enough in frame, cause distraction rather than draw focus.    MVI_0658 LS Pan (tracking birds ’  movement across sky) Yes Framing rectified from MVI_0657, pan also tracks silhouetted bird which flies across frame, adds focal point and matches movement. MVI_0659 LS Pan (tracking birds ’  movement across sky) Yes Pan movement across sky demonstrates gradient from sunset, eye focused once again on bird moving across sky, tracking this movement with the pan. MVI_0660 LS Pan (tracking birds ’  movement across sky) Yes Usable until 00:06:01, bird silhouetted, tracking movement with pan. MVI_0661 LS Pan No Movement jittery at start. MVI_0662 LS Tilt No Movement jittery during tilt. MVI_0663 LS Static No Not in focus. MVI_0664 ECU Handheld Yes Interesting, abstract subject matter which could be used as a textured overlay for footage. MVI_0665 CU Handheld Yes Shallow DOF, patterns created could be interesting for use in double exposure. Slight  jitter of handheld adds movement which adds to suitability for double exposure. MVI_0666 LS Static No Lens flare distracting due to lack of camera movement. Slightly overexposed.    MVI_0667 LS Static No Framing off, buildings situated too low in frame. Lens flare distracting due to lack of camera movement. Slightly overexposed. MVI_0668 LS Static Yes Time lapse of sun setting, colour grading particularly vibrant, exposure gives definition. MVI_0669 LS Static Yes Bird moves across frame adding interest, sun still visible although low on the horizon, causing vibrancy. MVI_0670 LS Static Yes Time lapse. Sun behind buildings, no longer visible, shows part of the transition from day to night. MVI_0671 LS Static No Testing exposure levels. MVI_0672 LS Static Yes Time lapse of moon, only slight movement. Good framing, and definition of moon achieved with zoom lens. MVI_0673 LS Static Yes Usable until 00:23:21, time lapse of moon, more movement across sky shown than in MVI_0672. MVI_0674 LS Static Yes 00:15:09 onwards plane trailing across sky, pink hues from sunset, could be combined with MVI_0648 & MVI_0649.
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