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  No No.Reg Nama Ketua1 PIG/101/2014 Dr. Siti Ruhaini Dzuhayatin 2 PIG/71/2014 Dr. Nurul Azizah, MA. 3 PIG/99/2014 Ely mansur, S.Pd., MAB 4 PIG/94/2014 M. Fahmi, M.Hum 5 PIG/89/2014 Arif Rahmatullah 6 PIG/84/2014 Dr. Nur Rofiah, Bill. Uzm 7 PIG/74/2014 Nurhidayah, M.Pd 8 PIG/61/2014 Jamal Mamur, MA 9 PIG/45/2014 Iman Subasman 10 PIG/19/2014 Nor Salam 11 PIG/12/2014 Muhammad Ansor 12 PIG/6/2014 Akhmad Khusaeri 13 PIG/5/2014 Indria Nur, S.Ag., M.Pd.I. 14 PIG/3/2014 Masni, MA 15 PIG/1/2014 Zaki Mubarok, MSI 16 PIG/95/2014 Yahdinil Firda N 17 PIG/92/2014 Nabiela Naily, SH, MA 18 PIG/91/2014 Dr. Hj. Mesraini, M.Ag 19 PIG/88/2014 Dr. Iskandar Ritonga, M.Ag. 20 PIG/87/2014 Inayah Rohmaniyah, M.Hum. M.A., 21 PIG/86/2014 Dr. Ahmad Amir Aziz 22 PIG/82/2014 Dra. Hj. Siti Musawwamah, M.Hu 23 PIG/81/2014 Nurul Marifah, M.Si 24 PIG/78/2014 Dewi Puspitasari 25 PIG/52/2014 Dr. Hasan Basri, MA. 26 PIG/46/2014 Siti Solechah, S.Sos.I., M.Si 27 PIG/39/2014 Mohammad Zamroni, S.Sos.,M.Si 28 PIG/32/2014 Dr. Mundzier Suparta DAFTAR PESERTA SEMINAR PROPOSAL BANTUANPENELITIAN ISLAM DAN GENDER TAHUN 2014  29 PIG/21/2014 Dr. Fatmawati, M. Ag 30 PIG/20/2014 Evi Muafiah 31 PIG/12/2014 Muhammad Ansor 32 PIG/5/2014 Indria Nur, S.Ag., M.Pd.I. 33 PIG/2/2014 Diah Handayani, M.Si. 34 PIG/41/2014 Hardi Putra Wirman, S.IP., MA 35 PIG/25/2014 Fauzi Muharom, M.Ag 36 PIG/56/2014 Dr. H. Wajidi Sayadi, M.Ag
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